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MINEGOZIIBE ANISHINABE — No evidence of human remains has been found during the excavation of a Catholic church basement on the site of a former Manitoba residential school.

Whaaaaaaaat? You’re telling me that the claim of dead Abo children being unceremoniously thrown into random spots on the ground is based on nothing. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Next you’ll be telling me that this isn’t the first time one of these embarrassments has occured. Oh wait, it isn’t, which is why the Gravocaust Slanderers have largely stopped demanding that the “graves” be exhumed, despite promising to do that within months of their “discoveries,” back in 2021.

Chief Derek Nepinak of Minegoziibe Anishinabe shared the results of the four-week excavation in a social media video Friday. He said the outcome takes “nothing away from the difficult truths experienced by our families who attended the residential school in Pine Creek.”

It takes nothing away from the “difficult truths,” experienced by “survivors,” of Pine Creek Residential School, other than exposing them as convenient, racially motivated lies. 

Which is kind of a big deal if you think about it for longer than one second.

Fourteen anomalies were detected using ground-penetrating radar in the basement of the church on the site of the former Pine Creek Residential School last year. Survivors had spoken about “horror stories” in the basement.

The First Nation, northwest of Winnipeg, hired an archeological team from the University of Brandon to do the excavation earlier this summer. It is the same team that assists police on archeological digs and excavations in the province.

Like I said, there is a reason why most of the Abo groups promoting their slander have refused to allow excavations. The methodology to “find” dead Abo children, using ground penetrating radar to search for “anomolies” and then declare them dead children, is so unscientific that it qualifies as outright fraud, especially when they refuse to exhume the “bodies” that they “find.” 

That’s precisely why the Abo tribes who are more savvy refuse to exhumations. I know that I’ve said that a few times, but it needs to be hammered home. If this was actually real, they would never in a million years refuse to exhume the sites, but it isn’t, so they don’t.

Nepinak said he is aware the results will feed into a denialist narrative of what happened at residential schools and urged people to continue supporting the search for truth.

“The results of our excavation under the church should not be deemed as conclusive of other ongoing searches and efforts to identify reflections from other community processes including other (ground-penetrating radar) initiatives,” Nepinak said.

Each search is unique and they should not be compared, he added.

Considering they use the exact same fraudulent “methodology,” they absolutely should be compared. There have been many residential school sites that have used ground penetrating radars to detect “anomalies.” There have been a tiny few that actually exhumed the site, and all of them found no dead bodies. Then there have been the majority which absolutely refuse excavations, despite initially promising otherwise, and call the people demanding excavation neon natzee Aryan Supreemacists.

Anyone with a functioning brain can see what’s going on. 

The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation has a record of 21 child deaths at the school and survivors have long spoken about the abuse there.

The community’s initial search also determined there were 57 additional anomalies found on the grounds around the church and old school site.

Nepinak said the excavation of the church basement is not the end for the First Nation. They will continue to engage with community members to find a path forward.

So the National Centre for Lies and Slander has false records. Abos invent some slander, it gets uncritically “documented,” and when physical evidence is sought out absolutely none is found except “anomalies.”

The Gravocaust Slander remains one of the most fraudulent anti-White slanders since Jussie Smollett.

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  1. Exterminating abo children didn’t happen in Canada, but it probably should have. I mean, if you’re going to get blamed for it anyway, why not derive the massive societal benefit you’re currently being denied?

  2. All cover for lawyers, judges, academics politicians and other intellectual fraudsters while looting the public treasury. I hope they all get turbo-cancers.

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  4. I smell a Hebe.

  5. The residential schools were nothing more than a liberal attempt at racial integration. Fat lot of good that did. Leave it to the kike maggots and the white traitors to hoax genocide in order to profit financially and politically. It will also be noted that, the jew rats and white left in Canada are attempting to weaponize the Abos, as a protected class that can be prodded to violence, as it suits the Talmud pedos and the white left, just as they have done for decades with African chimps in America.

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