We continue our series on the e-right with an uplifting video.


It starts off with some weirdo dressed as a French maid, followed by the gayest nigger I have ever seen going on about how men are supposed to be submissive little worker ants.

It’s all incredibly weird and offputting. Since the video is opposed to this, I haven’t found anything too objectionable yet.

We’re treated to a cameo by Nicocado “Aryan Death Machine” Avocado, no stranger to this site. He can be seen eating the deep fried remains of Jews in the above shot, although “HustleNexus,” the creator of this video, appears to confuse this with regular binge eating. Nico only binge eats regular food to train for binge eating the flesh of the Heebs.

But that is a forgivable mistake to make, so I won’t hold it against him. 

HustleNexus gets back on track with a clip of some whore shaking her ass in front of the camera. This is followed up by some streamer whore who has actually done porn being a softcore whore on camera.

So far so good. I’m certainly convinced that we’re surrounded by degeneracy. Surely HustleNexus is going to point us to some positive role models that we should be emulating instead. Five years ago you’d be treated to video of the Wehrmacht, but that won’t be allowed on modern JewTube.

Still, there should be some positive, if more mundane, role models to choose from. Maybe a regular blue collar guy with a wife and children. Maybe a great Roman leader of the past. Maybe – 

Maybe a steroid infused Azerbaijani-Australian famous for his extreme narcissism and keeling over at the age of 22.

For those of you who don’t know who Zyzz is, consider yourself blessed. He was an amateur bodybuilder who made himself a d-list e-celeb by posting a lot on 4chan half naked photos of himself. He would also say things like “u mirin,” and “u jelly,” when he wasn’t giving young men the timeless advice of “disregard females, praise aesthetics,” and saying “don’t care, plus you’re a woman,” to the girls.  

Zyzz was mildly entertaining, for about half a minute. He was also incredibly one note to the point of parody. He tried alleviating this by pretending to only be ironically narcissistic. Perhaps if he’d lived longer he’d have gotten into gay porn to “ironically,” suck some dicks. 

I don’t hate the guy, but like so many things on the modern internet, his posthumous fandom is even worse than it was back in the day. The video above is from 9 years ago, and three years after his death. Back then Zyzz was seen as a character and a joke, and Zyzz himself at least occasionally said something that were somewhat funnier than “u mirin.”

As a total aside, JewTube recommended me this video from six years ago. It was a fun trip down memory lane, and the nasty cunts attacking him almost make you forget what an evil, backstabbing little faggot Trump is. 

Anyway, back to Zyzz.

Know Your Meme:

According to his website[2], Zyzz graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business from the University of Western Sydney Parramatta after getting kicked out of Macquarie University in Sydney. However, he did not hold down a business job and instead worked as a personal trainer and male stripper. He chose to pursue the bodybuilding lifestyle after seeing his brother Said Sergeyevich Shavershian, known online as “Chestbrah”, become “shredded” through similar techniques. Both Zyzz and his brother ended up taking steroids over the course of their training, leading to Chestbrah’s arrest for steroid possession on July 14th, 2011.[11]

Aziz died suddenly on August 5th, 2011 at age 22. He was found in a sauna in Bangkok, Thailand. His autopsy revealed that he had suffered from an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. Reflecting his online popularity, news of his death appeared on several Australian news sites including The Telegraph Australia[12], 9News[13], and the Sydney Morning Herald[14], as well as BodyBuilding.com[15] and 4chan.[16] On August 22nd, The Daily Telegraph[20] writer Katherine Danks revealed that she was harassed on Twitter for covering Zyzz’s death. Following Zyzz’s death, his brother Said Shavershian (a.k.a. “Chestbrah”) served as his replacement in the National Road Trip reality show.

His brother put together this legacy video dedicated to Zyzz. I couldn’t make it past the first minute, despite running it on 2x speed. I’m don’t enjoy speaking ill of the dead, and I can forgive a lot considering how young he was, but if the guys’ body was equal to his charisma he’d be a skinnyfat midget with a hunchback. 

SunnyV2 made a better tribute video to him. I wish the guy had lived, but the meme should have died a decade ago. 


Actually, there is one more thing I want to say, somewhat in defense of Zyzz. Sure, he was kind of an asshole towards women, but in a much funnier and less nasty way than the redpilled manuresphere. 

There are a lot of spergs online who don’t understand the difference between a great looking guy saying “don’t care, plus you’re female,” to a girl who giggles, and unfiltered misogynistic ranting. To quote from Alex “Bike Fag” McNabb.


Misogyny is a red flag. I’m not talking about male chauvinism. Male chauvinism is unfathomably b a s e d. 

I’m talking about dudes that whine and bitch about women, and particularly those that whine and bitch about the quality of white women. Sexual grievance mongering is a key indicator that someone is an untrustworthy shitbag. People that do this are a liability, they’re back-stabbers, and they WILL try to hijack your politics into a “get me pussy” movement. These types will always act like you’re missing out on a key demographic because attracting more disgruntled incels to your coalition is obviously the best path to success.

Notice the pussy-getting classism they do by implying anyone that is married to a woman was just the “last Boomer on a helicopter out of Saigon” and “older dudes cannot possibly understand how bad the dating scene is”. This is all bad-faith bullshit from really warped, dysfunctional weirdos that would also be permavirgins in 1627. Discussions about “the state of modern women” is just bait from a nest of vipers trying to get their foot in the door.

Don’t listen to these freaks, root them out and kick them to the curb.

Getting back to the original video, we’re treated to this narration.

When degeneracy causes a nation to start – you know like – declining and the men become more weak and the men don’t have much to work hard for.

Guess who the narrator is. 

I don’t know who this man is either, but right after this we’re treated to an image that is so absurd that at first I thought it parody. 

Jaime, can we zoom in on the video title, please?

When I think “reject modernity,” I think science experiment physiques that could not possibly have existed five hundred years ago, or even fifty. When I think “true masculinity,” I think steroid abusing pill junkies wearing underwear in public, covered in oil, and contorting themselves to be judged on how pretty they are by other men. 

There’s some more narcissistic posing in true historical masculine fashion, this time by Zyzz. Then we’re treated to a monologue by Sylvester Stallone from one of the many cash grab Rocky sequels produced by Hollywood. 

Sylvester Stallone (Rocky): It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.

After that the Tvue Masculinity continues with, you guessed it, more steroid abusing men in bikinis gyrating for the cameras. This time Ahnold Schvatzenegger gets a cameo.

You may not believe this, but this is exactly what you would have seen if you went through any period of history aside from our decadent current age. Hop into a time machine, kick it back a thousand years, and head to some Austrian villa that Arnold’s ancestors lived in. All you will see are shirtless Hercules impersonators smothered in tanning oil walking around in bikini bottoms and posing all day. 

HustleNexus intersperses some sports. This is moderately fine, although basketball is a weird choice. This is not just due to the well known Diva-ness of the athletes, but also their freakish height. I didn’t know that rejecting modernity meant seven feet tall thirty year olds playing a sport made for children. 

After that we see Ronnie “inject that modernity rejection into my buttcheek pls” Coleman squatting literally humanely impossible amounts of weight – without steroids – just to look like a weird alien onstage in spandex and coconut oil.

Buddies’ glutes look like weird alien parasites that have attached themselves to his backside. This is what men historically looked like.

Reject modernity, embrace tradition.

How’s Ronnie doing these days?

I don’t enjoy watching him suffer like this, but calling him and his career “modernity rejection,” is so bizarre that I find it difficult to provide commentary. The guy destroyed his body to get a physique that could, with plenty of oil applied, make him look like an even weirder mutant than the steroid abuser beside him, thus enabling him and his bikini to win a competition where other men decide how pretty you are. I don’t know how to describe this in such a way where it comes across as traditional. Maybe if I just watch 4,000 more videos just like this one it’ll click for me.

The video arguably takes a turn for the better, finally getting around to showing pictures of soldiers, past and present. 

In a healthy society, I’d approve. Unfortunately, joining the modern military means signing yourself up to die or at least get PTSD for ZOG, so the real masculine move is to say no to that. 

Thus far we’ve seen “take steroids and die young,” coupled with “die for ZOG.” However, HustleNexus then spends a whole two seconds, not even, showing us some scientists.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this lasts less than two seconds. “Die for ZOG,” “take steroids, bro,” and random Hollywood garbage fills the rest of the video, but HustleNexus decided to include, as an afterthought, a quick nod to the men whose genius and sweat invented modern society. Nicola Tesla, Isaac Newton, and some others who he didn’t bother to label got this much recognition. Imagine how much screentime they’d have received if they were swole, bro.

After that we’re treated to Patrick Batemen, a fictional Jew serial killer from the movie “American Psycho,” based on the eponymous book written by a homosexual named Brett Easton Ellis. Of note, the clip of Christian Bale walking forward is many times longer than the flurry of pictures we just saw from the scientists.  

Not content with that, we get a shot from “Peaky Blinders,” a TV show that glorifies the Irish mob. 

Then the video ends with Zyzz gibbering about some sort of revolution while half naked and wearing eyeliner.

Even a few years ago you’d probably see videos glorifying rural country living, filled with White people. But this was much more inspiring.  

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  1. As far as I’m concerned, Zyzz is a cautionary tale.
    It’s sad that so many zoomers see him as an inspirational figure.
    The fact that modern bodybuilding (which McNabb pointed out a couple of years ago has extremely jewish origins) features so prominently makes my inner schizo wonder if stuff like this is a psyop.

    But honestly, I don’t think it is. At a surface level, it’s not too different from what was observed in Calhoun’s mouse utopia experiments, specifically the “beautiful ones”. The causes are arguably different, but the outcome is still the same – you end up with a bunch of socially maladjusted weirdos who obsess over their physical appearance to cartoonish degrees and do nothing but consoooooom until dying alone, a complete genetic dead end.

  2. Seems like they’re more interested in body building than civilization building. We really need to take the internet away from these people.

    1. More interested in body building than civilization building. I’ll be stealing this line.

  3. I watch early 20th century newsreel footage on Goytube. The young men of that era look nothing like Ah-nold. Instead they, and particularly the soldiers, are tall, hard and lean. Imho, young men today should be emulating their great-grandfathers.

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