You may have noticed the name change that this series went through. Originally the segment on the e-right was just going to be one piece long, but I realized that I simply have too much to get off my chest for one piece. In this installment we try making fun of an old friend, Vox Day, but get sidetracked at the sheer amount of derivative e-right content there is online.

But first, some good news. Remember that woman named Angelica, who went out for a solo night and was left in tears?

Undeterred by her terrible night out, she promised to keep going out by herself.

And she did exactly that, eventually meeting at least one person that she liked, albeit a female friend. I can tell you that the people you meet at bars tend to be great friends for that one night and little more than that, but still, good for her.

This woman has shown more balls to me than the entirety of the modern e-right. However, she did remind me of pretty much the one and only positive aspect of the old “PUA” movement. There was a decent focus on just getting guys to put themselves out there and talk to girls. Sure, it was dressed up with absurd nonsense like “maintain frame,” and “run your cocky funny routines on the 2sets of HB9’s,” “looks don’t matter,” and what have you, but at least if you start talking to a girl you’re attracted to good things can happen.

With only one exception, my biggest regrets with women are all not making the move on them. Asking for the number of the “special” girl? Hilarious story. Bitching out and not asking for the number of that beautiful yet shy girl who had “I love you,” written across her forehead back when I worked at the dollar store?

Wayne Gretzky once said that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. That’s a rare sports cliche that is actually helpful to people in their day to day lives, and certainly in dating. More on that later.

As for right now, we have a little more rejection of modernity to get through.

I didn’t want to have to do this, so I’ll make this brief. I miraculously stumbled upon – YouTube pushed upon me – another video with almost the same title as the one we saw in the previous piece. It even features Zyzz, the eyeliner wearing steroid addict who died at age 22, as the representation of REAL Masculinity. No, they’re not being ironic about this, they’re dead serious.

Dodo zip even includes about half of the same clips of degenerate behaviour as HustleNexus did in his video, maybe more. Most of the ostensibly pro-masculinity clips, such as shots from Peaky Blinders (an Irish mob show), Ahnold Schvatzhenegga, various weightlifters, etcetera, found their way into his video as well. 

Compare the above shot from Dodo zip’s video, to the one from HustleNexus below.

As if this couldn’t get any more generic, the two videos are almost the same exact length, have the Bateman walking insert within twenty five seconds of each other, and even have the Peaky Blinders shot following up the Bateman shot.

Above is HustleNexus’ version. Below is Dodo zip.

And in the corner you can see another 3-4 minute long video with almost the exact same title, glorifying a roid abusing bodybuilder as TVUE MASCULINITY, caps lock engaged.

I clicked on that video, and was greeted to the site of Nicokado Avocado, again. I decided that was enough, and in the lower right corner of the screencap above, we can see yet another 3-4 minute video with almost the same exact title, this time with some Andrew Tate and, I shit you not, Juden Peterstein “motivation” thrown in.

Hold on a second. Jamie, can you bring up the video title card from Dodo Sip’s video please?

I have no idea to what extent bots are involved here, but this garbage is all so cookie cutter that it feels like one guy would easily be capable of creating all of these videos in a day. They all use the same clips, they all have the same retarded message of “take steroids, watch Jordan Peterson, and that’s pretty much it.” I thought the one by “Rise And Grind,” with the Peterstein and Tate was a pure copy of another video I had already watched, until it diverged about 40 seconds in.

It’s not worth my time to show you all the reused clips, so I’ll flash the seemingly obligatory Peaky Blinders screencap and call it a day. But wait, what’s that in the bottom right corner? Could that be… yet another video with an almost identical title, inexplicably made by a different content creator?

It could and it’s accompanied by about a bajillion other videos just like it, some of which have millions of views. Think we’ve reached the last of them? Fuck you, here’s ten more.

Have you faggots rejected modernity and injected that tradition into your left buttcheek at a 45 degree angle yet?

The perfect streak of “Reject Modernity, Embrace Steroids and being online,” is ended with a GriffinMind video laughing at a woman who is upset because she desperately wants to find men and is lonely. We covered his particular brand of bullshit in the second piece, but his alpha male random cruelty to women was only a brief interruption to the MASCULINITY EMBRACE journey I was going on. I continued scrolling.

No, I’m not skipping over anything. This is what YouTube gave me, an almost unbroken list of the same exact garbage.

You’d hope that this is being done ironically, but no. Click on any of these videos and you’ll see that there’s no humour here. There is no self-awareness. They really think that Zyzz, eyeliner included, was a traditional masculine figure and they desperately want to emulate him and also Jordan Peterson, David Goggins (who?), and Andrew Tate.

Please take note, maybe scroll back up again if you don’t believe me, how almost every single video is made by a different content creator. This isn’t one guy spamming the same video with minor alterations, at least not under the same account name. This is, at the very least, different Google Accounts, and to some extent probably legitimately different people, spamming the same nonsense, and often to millions of views.

I stopped screencapping at this point, not because JewTube wasn’t still recommending me this garbage, but because we finally had enough other types of videos interspersed that the effect became less pronounced. And it’s not just this “Reject Modernity, Embrace Grotesque Steroid Infused Bodybuilding Masculinity,” it’s the whole thing.

Not even half of the screencaps, let alone half of the videos I didn’t screencap.

Every goddamn niche of the e-right is filled up to the brim with dime a dozen, cookie cutter clickbait bilge that gets crapped out on a daily basis and added to the ever growing pile of filth that is the modern, censored internet. There is so ****ing much of this garbage. It is a deluge. It is a pandemic. Search any bit of redblackpilled manletsphere content and you’ll find yourself overdosing on the McDonalds of internet discourse.

I searched “simping,” on YouTube. The top of the page shows eight videos. The Tate parasites feature prominently in at least three of them, maybe more. 

Scrolling down the page shows, in addition to the repeated shorts, four videos by three content creators: “SIGMA,” “Modern Dating,” and “Alpha Central,” all celebrating women getting rejected. They have titles such as “When Men STOP Simping For Women #40.” I didn’t think you needed to make forty videos on the topic, but what do I know. As we saw earlier, I’m a few hundred pounds of blubber short of being a true sigma male.

As with the “Reject Modernity, Embrace Masculinity,” garbage seen earlier, I’m not skipping over anything. This isn’t cherry picked, this is just what JewTube gives you when you search for “simping.” 

It just never ends.

The traffic antifas were terrible, and very much derivative of one another. However, characters such as NotJustBikes, or even Alan Fisher and Adam Something, didn’t have this level of spamminess to their content. It actually made it a lot easier to write about them, since typically they would put out videos explaining their retarded ideas in detail, not just scatterbrained, unfocused, clickbait garbage.

As an aside, I have no idea why YouTube keeps repeating many of the same shorts. Another reason why YouTube shorts exists purely to degrade the already dreadful 2023 internet experience. 

I briefly thought that I had got some of the screencaps mixed up and I was repeating them. But no, they really are this derivative.

That was “simping.” Let’s try “modern women.” I’m sure we’ll be treated to plenty of unique voices with their own varied opinions, personalities, and content styles. 

Turns out, nope. 

It’s all the same filth in every direction. And again, this is all different content creators putting out the same exact garbage.

Okay let’s try “redpill”

Starts off with Juden Peterstein and Andrew Tate. There are some videos made by shitlibs critiquing these fags, in a battle between two retards. 

I could have continued for another ten screencaps of the same garbage. But let’s move on to “MGTOW.”

Let’s see, we have Andrew Tate, and a bunch of videos pretending that women are furious at this hot new thing called “Men Going Their Own Way,” that I first heard of two decades ago. For some reason YouTube recommends more videos of wahmens being rejected.

Because remember, folx. Real men love seeing videos of women crying after they put themselves out there romantically. That’s definitely not something only for miserable and constantly online losers.

It’s hard to put into words the overwhelming feeling this puts upon me. It’s all spammy garbage. It’s all unfocused. It’s all terrible, but so incoherent that a true criticism would require a PhD. The only consistency is “I hate wahmens.”

Any individual video these totally interchangeable grifters make tends to be all over the place. They all churn out video after video, and to make it worse, some of their videos are just them reacting to the other manuresphere fags. One particularly unpleasant example involved this “Manosphere Podcast,” fag. He was going on and on about how waitresses make for great girlfriends. I found this hilarious, because I used to work at a bar, and the biggest whore I ever met in my life was a waitress there. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the clip. I was pretty sure that it was a part of some random GriffinMind video, where he was supposedly talking about something else. Since the clip was so hilarious I spent about an hour skimming through videos trying to track the original source down, not sure if it was from one of his videos nastily celebrating women getting less attractive with age, or if it was truly from GriffinMind’s videos, or maybe Alpha Central or some other interchangeable doofus. Eventually I gave up, because of the sheer amount of content they both put out. 

Note: If you can find the clip of the Manosphere Podcasts guy talking about waitresses, please let me know.

Above is Manosphere Podcasts, below is GriffinMind. They have almost five hundred videos put out between the two of them as of time of writing. 

Despite the sheer amount of content, they completely lack any videos actually breaking down what their worldview supposedly is, aside from “I hate wahmens.” Luckily, a few in the SmegmaMaleGrindset sphere do exactly that, which brings us back to Vox Day, the inventor of horoscopes for men socio-sexual hierarchy charts. 

Actually, we’re calling it quits here. We’ll get to that next time.

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  1. They are no different from antifa in the sense that they are promoted by YouTube and everything yet they think they are some sort of rebellious counter culture movement. They play right into the hands of big Jew, rejecting women and thus not ever having families. Also how exactly is getting swole going to effect real political change? Lmao

  2. This is strong confirmation of Dead Internet Theory. With the amount of those videos out there, there’s no way they’re getting millions of views because there’s no need to play the same “motivation” over and over and over again, and there’s simply not enough time to view all this shit.

    When Musk bought Twitter he claimed more than 20% of accounts were spam bots. I’ve seen analysis, don’t remember where, that showed an overwhelming proportion of the traffic for corporate websites like NY Times or Washington Post was coming from Chinese click farms. They pay to boost traffic not only to squeeze their advertisers, but also because they believe they can fake it till they make it.

    1. This is huge if true

    2. I got the same vibe. Looking at this stuff gives a sort of uncanny valley type feeling, where you can’t quite place your finger on it, but something seems not right.

  3. Ah yes, “Youtube” the same place that bans anyone to the right of Ben Shapiro and had a severe feminist slant since the early 10s is hosting, promoting and (presumably) paying tens of thousands of revenue shekels for SIGMA-MALE-GRINDSET-DO-YOU-ALSO-LIKE-LAUGHING-AT-DESPONDENT-FOIDOIDS-FELLOW-HUMANS content. Nothing to see here.

    And I know seem to kinda moved away from looking at this but but some coverage of Roissy (who is still held in high regard in many corners of this part of the net) and his part in the rise of the black pill/omega revolt/incelism memplex, which had it’s roots not only in the failure of the PUA con but also the later intro of HDB/RW ideas into that discourse would be warranted imho.

  4. the thing about these e-rightists is that they’re not political.
    They’re rude or obnoxious to feminists or blacks, or fags(or loving fags…) or they’re just stupid, but they’re not doing politics.

    1. You’re skipping ahead of me. I have a piece dedicated to that exact point coming up, specifically with regards to pornography.

    2. Being a permanently online sperg is the polar opposite of being political. The role the internet/social media plays in real political activism is nowhere near as big as most people think it is (McNabb’s inaugural episode of By The Numbers does a great breakdown of this).
      If you want to be politically effective, you do eventually need to go outside.
      You’re not going to save the White race by posting memes in between coom sessions.

  5. The common theme between the mgtow, the lgbtq, the greens, careerism, drugs, etc, is the anti-natalist slant.

    IOW, they want to steer you into literally anything, ANYTHING, that keeps you from starting a family.

    Ergo, just to piss them off, go start a family.

    1. I actually only realized just now that none of the “Reject Modernity,” videos feature trannies. Curious, no? You’d think that would be the number one thing to reject. How odd that they totally ignore it.

      – Shekelstein on another device.

  6. I think you’ve stumbled across the same problem this guy ran into.

  7. […] I Hate the E-Right Part 4 – The Deluge […]

  8. As you said, there are more empty cookie-cutter “man”osphere shitvideos than antifa shitvideos. The reason is obvious. Unlike antifas, the “man”/(((man)))ospheroids value “success,” i.e. money and poon. So what better way to make bank on jewtube than to flood the zone and get DEM CLICKS. If one shitvid makes $20, then ten shitvids will make $20,000. Hurr durr do the math morans.

  9. Vox Day is a clown. All his predictions are wrong.

    1. On the rare occasion that Vox Day has a good take on something, it is so blindingly obvious that anybody half as smert as he claims to be could arrive at the same conclusion on their own.
      The fact that Vox shilled hard for QAnon (to the point that he even wrote a fucking comic book about Q) should tell you everything you need to know about the value of his insights.

  10. Reading your last few pieces was like a struggle-session for me.

    I see this sigma male horseshit and think, “goddamn… I could have, and WOULD have, fallen for that stuff had I seen it a few years earlier, and had it not been so obviously gay”. There was a time in my life that I was very bitter at women, partly due to psyops like mattress girl (truly I think feminism as a whole was a psyop), and when I was like that I would have taken a sick pleasure in seeing these videos. I cringe at the thought that the jews had me that psyopped, and I want to forget that I was ever like that, but I have to face the truth. I hate these people because I see my old self in them, and I hate my old self.

    I am really thankful that I eventually became a White Nationalist, because it made me shed all of that misogyny nonsense pretty quick. However, I realize that it isn’t that simple for everybody. I can say from experience that being in that situation is simply the result of bitterness. If anyone reads this whom it may help, let me say that you are RIGHT to be bitter. However, you should NOT be bitter at women, least of all White women. The jews did this to you, not White girls, so do the right thing and direct your ire at them instead.

    1. Great comment. I’ll have much more to say on this topic in a later piece, after the vacation is over.

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