Lancaster Online:

Mike Peinovich walks confidently onto a stage as a large audience chants his name, their voices echoing off the weathered sides of a historic barn.

“Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike!”

He quickly shakes the hand of a man standing at the podium, pats him on his back and pulls a copy of his speech from his jacket pocket.

Quieting his supporters with a wave, Peinovich dives into a 30-minute speech declaring the establishment of a political party whose platform is to preserve and protect the white European majority in the United States.

Footage from the rally as shot be Media2Rise. You can support them here.

That rally announcing the creation of the National Justice Party, captured in a video posted online by its organizers, happened right here in Lancaster County 14 months ago. It was held in a historic barn on Millersville Pike just outside Lancaster city.

The gathering of some of the nation’s most notorious white supremacists here, which went largely unnoticed at the time by neighbors and law enforcement, suggests the group sees this traditionally conservative region as fertile ground for recruiting new members as the population grows more ethnically and politically diverse, experts said.

Sounds sexy. I heard that Emma Watson was supposed to show up but her shooting schedule got in the way. There were some concerns that her constant calling for Race War Now would have been bad optics, so it may have been for the better.

That the National Justice Party chose a small, suburban Lancaster County barn to launch its organization also raises scores of questions – some of which can be answered and some of which remain a mystery despite months of research and reporting for this story.

All of those questions, however, circle back to Charles Bausman, a figure with ties to the “Stop the Steal” movement who has spent much of his adult life in Russia. Bausman quietly settled in Lancaster, the home of his ancestors, in late 2018, months after penning a lengthy essay on the “Jew taboo” that drew international backlash.

Why does finkled propaganda need to be so retarded? We’ve been countersignalling the Stop the Steal grift from day one. Nobody at TRS, or the NJP has talked about Stop the Steal with anything other than condemnation. This website wasn’t around back then, but if we were we’d have been shitting on it daily. And yet they feel the need to make up these “scary” ties to get their finkled audience to understand us through their narratives.

Neither Peinovich nor Conte responded to requests for comment.

In an October 2020 interview, Bausman lied to LNP|LancasterOnline about his knowledge of the party rally and his association with other white nationalists. He said he did not know where the Peinovich speech was given and denied being in attendance.

Good man. Remember, don’t talk to the WMD Liars unless you have a specific purpose. That can be as simple as just fucking with them or something else.

When confronted with contrary evidence in an interview earlier this month, Bausman initially continued to deny the event was hosted on his property. But he eventually conceded that “one of (The Right Stuff members) said, ‘Can we use your barn for an event?’ and I said, ‘Fine with me.’”

Ah shame. Should have just kept playing dumb. Remember, journalists exist to be abused.

Aerie Perliger, a professor of criminology and justice at the University of Massachusetts who researches political extremism and far-right politics, said the August 2020 gathering of white nationalists in Lancaster County was an example of overlapping political grievances and racial tensions. As communities become more culturally and ethnically diverse, he said, some worry that will translate into political diversity, creating support for more liberal values that could jeopardize their conservative majority.

The danger, Perliger said, is that political polarization can help one group “dehumanize the other side or portray the other side in absolute terms that sometimes can justify even violence.

“If you believe the other side wants to see the destruction of America, if you believe the other side is not really part of your community, is not part of what America should be, it’s easy for them to marginalize other groups and in some cases even justify violence against other groups,” he said.

Thanks Arie. So nice to see what the Intelligent Critical Thinkers believe. Funnily enough I documented BLM Toronto founder Yusra K. Ali saying “Whiteness isn’t humxness, in fact white skin is sub humxn,” seen here. I also covered BLM twitter spaces where they openly call for the genocide of White People here, and the Waukesha BLM Christmas Massacre where a BLM activist intentionally drove his car into a parade of White People, murdering 6 and injuring 47 others here.

So let me translate Arie Perliger from Bullshitese to English.

Whitey is getting too uppity.

There you go.

Lancaster County political leaders and law enforcement, however, said they were shocked to learn the rally was held here.

“I unequivocally condemn white supremacy and this gathering in the harshest terms possible,” said Iber Guerrero Lopez, vice chairman of the Lancaster Township board of supervisors. “There’s absolutely no room for white nationalists in Lancaster Township, and quite frankly, to advance white racial superiority is a poor, pathetic, and an evil use of the first amendment.

“It’s a sad day when you find out that hate and bigotry were welcomed onto the property in question. Lancaster Township will always be an inclusive, welcoming and tolerant municipality; that type of disgusting ideology has no home here.”

Iber Lopez

Emma Watson had the best take on it.

“Would this little brown midget be condemning jew nationalists supporting Israel in Lancaster? I think not. It’s absolute rubbish how these little oompa loompas have the gall to make these anti-White comments. Some days I understand where Kendall Jenner is coming from, but then I remember that we have to keep tactically supporting Palestinians.”

Lancaster Online:

Diane Topakian, chair of the Lancaster County Democratic Committee, said she was disturbed to learn about the rally and the party’s beliefs.

“All Americans should be horrified by these beliefs. We must use every opportunity to oppose this rhetoric and be vigilant,” she said.

Republican Committee of Lancaster County chairman Kirk Radanovic voiced similar distaste.

“These comments are absolutely appalling and disgusting,” he said. “We join with our Jewish friends and neighbors to strongly condemn the creation of this party, and the comments at this event. We continue to be proud of the work President Trump did to support the Jewish community and our allies in Israel. Those who attended this event and those who will join this party, are not welcome in the Republican Party or in Lancaster County.”

Kirk Radanovic, Lancaster Republican Committee Chairman

As always, (Supr)Emma(cy) Watson has the correct take. In the same breadth that he condemns Whitey, he reaffirms his support of jew nationalism and the jew ethnostate. He also makes direct racial appeals to jews, which he will never do to Whites. Ms. Watson constantly stressed the importance of attacking jew nationalism in our exclusive interview, which we should be releasing sometime later today.

The Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation, when contacted for this story, was unable to provide information on whether the party or its founders are monitored by statewide law enforcement.

Go fuck yourself.

Lancaster County, particularly the urban core including the city and surrounding municipalities, has become increasingly diverse in recent decades, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

In 2000, Lancaster Township’s population was 84.1% white. Two decades later, in 2020, only 57% of the nearly 19,000 residents were white, according to census data.

Steve Sailer constantly brings up “passive voice.” You’ll see this a lot when they refer to White Replacement. See, demographics just change. It’s like the wind. You know, sometimes a city becomes more windy, and sometimes it gets filled with brown people. It’s just a fact of nature.

For some reason this force of nature never happens in the jew ethnostate. Instead they get abstract “conflicts,” and suddenly goyim stop living in the places they used to live in or die suddenly, like we saw in East Jerusalem last May.

Alexander Reid Ross, a doctoral fellow at the United Kingdom-based Center for Analysis of the Radical Right and author of “Against the Fascist Creep,” has been following the activities of Peinovich and other National Justice Party members for years. He said he sees the group as part of a broader effort to shift America toward right-leaning, populist governance like that of Victor Orban’s Hungary.

“They’re trying to create a populist radical right party in the United States that’s more hard line than the Republican framework,” Ross said. “I think they’re doing Lancaster because they’re trying to cultivate a rural following, because that’s effectively what (Prime Minister Victor) Orban did in Hungary … get a diehard following in rural areas and use that to subvert the liberalism of the urban core and then single handedly dismantle the institutions of liberal democracy.”

A solid and understandable strategy, as noted by (((Alexander Reid Ross))), which is why he’s so adamantly opposed. NJP is doing what I or any halfway not-retarded and honest person would do. Contesting local elections, especially in rural areas, is also a great idea, since it gives many opportunities to win elections, allows for further local organizing, and legitimizes the party on the state and then national stage as a legitimate force that can win elections.

Sadly, Lancaster just had their municipal elections November of last year, so it’s going to take a while before the people named in this article can lose their jobs.

Carla Hill, the associate director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, said the ADL has been tracking the party since August 2020 and had tracked many of its members before then.

She said the group espouses typical white-nationalist ideology; the party believes immigration must be curtailed or stopped to ensure whites retain a majority because that’s how the country was founded.

“Our concern would be this very vitriolic antisemitism that they express,” she said.

The ADL is a nonprofit research and advocacy organization founded in 1913 to combat antisemitism.

No actually the ADL was founded to get Leo Frank, a jew who raped and murdered a 13 year old White Child named Mary Phagan, off without punishment for his crimes. It’s a jew supremacist organization, it always has been, and it’s pretty rich to see them whining about White Nationalism, since it’s an openly jew nationalist organization.

I’ve just got so much felting left on my plate. The Manlets must be crushed, but then I’ll start the takedown of the ADL. After all, we can’t focus all our attention on people who are totally irrelevant politically.

Speaking of them…

Party founder Jordan, who writes under the name “Eric Striker,” once wrote in The Daily Stormer that “the Jew is the virus that launches many infections against our national body’s White blood cells … we must eliminate this virus before it brings about our Demise.” The Daily Stormer is a white-supremacist website that and message board that often includes advocacy for a second genocide of Jewish people.

Imagine being so offputting, and having such a lack of a filter that you cause secondhand contamination of everyone tangentially related to you. Then imagine you keep lecturing everyone else on “muh optics,” and telling them that some irrelevant e-boy twink is just seconds away from infiltrating the Republican Party.

Other members have made more explicit connections between their beliefs and the kind of antisemitism and white supremacy espoused in Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Greg Conte, the party founder now living at the Bausman farm, used his channel on Telegram – a messaging service created by a Russian entrepreneur – to praise American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell. In another message to his 1,400 subscribers, he wrote, “It’s sad that Hitler didn’t win.”

Based. Love ya Greg.

In a speech at a July gathering of the party, party founder Warren Balogh uses the phrase “hail victory,” which is the English translation of the Nazi chant “Sieg Heil.” Balogh attended the Bausman farm rally and was introduced on the stage alongside his father, Alan Balogh.

Can’t help but notice they brought up Conte’s 1400+ subscribers, which is actually 1,809, but then don’t bring up Warren’s 7,543 subscribers, Moike’s 9,353, or Strikers 14,429. These little cunts are trying to make us seem smaller than we are. Those bastards!

He called former President Donald Trump, who he admitted previously supporting, “the most Jewish president ever” who is “in the pocket of Jared Kushner and Zionist Jews.” Trump was a fake who did nothing to help the white people he vowed to support, Peinovich said.

The rest of the article is rambling. They mention some orgs that are in somewhat adjacent to the NJP. They don’t mention the Daily Rake.

Although they do say that this article originally ran in October, so we weren’t around then. We’ll make sure we become a fixture of this anti-White propaganda in the future.

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