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The crowdfunding platform GoFundMe says it has released an initial $1 million of the $6.2 million collected for a convoy of truckers and their supporters now heading to Parliament Hill to protest vaccine mandates.

How generous of them, to allow these truckers to get the money that they were donated. Then again, I did get some serious red-flags when I checked out the runners of this, and suspected it of being a grift operation. However, there’s no justification for giving them one million dollars, but not the whole $6.2 million. There’s also no justification for them calling these truckers terrorists, although we don’t have confirmation that they did that.

While organizers say their movement is about vaccine mandates and insist it doesn’t support extremist rhetoric, police in Ottawa say they’re concerned about the potential for unlawful or violent activity.

I covered that here, and it’s as absurd as you think it is. Our BLM/Antifa supporting privileged class is super concerned that these truckers might suddenly do a terrorism. If you think that’s me exaggerating…

Jess Davis, president of Insight Threat Intelligence and author of a book on terrorist financing, said that while she thinks the chances of violence on Saturday are low, those who donated to the GoFundMe page need to be aware of the risks.

Boy, that sure sounds like a threat.

“They were likely donating for what they thought was going to be a peaceful protest,” she said.

“If this turns violent … I think that there’s actually a very small chance that it will happen, but if that does happen, they will have funded a violent protest.

“The bigger piece here is Canadians need to understand that funding political violence of this kind is actually a criminal offence.”

So basically if antifa/blm show up as they always do, attack these people and they defend themselves, there’s a non-zero chance that the whole outfit will be declared a terrorist organization, and everybody who gave money will be held legally liable. I don’t think these threats should be taken seriously, but for them to even make these threats speaks volumes.

The Criminal Code also prohibits the provision of financial services to individuals engaging in terrorist activity.

“If the protest turns violent, then GoFundMe could be in a bit of a tricky legal situation,” said Davis.

“But much more importantly … GoFundMe now has a lot of reputational risk that it needs to manage in terms of supporting the convoy, any potential for violence and some of the other allegations about the individuals involved in terms of extreme-right ideas and racist attitudes.”

Thanks, catlady. BTW, after some quick looking up I managed to find an article she had penned arguing that Canada should take back ISIS terrorists and charge them with nothing.

Policy Options:

Aside from the need to mitigate this threat, there are two other core reasons to repatriate these Canadians. First, the atrocities these people supported, facilitated or committed against innocent civilians in a foreign country started here. They radicalized in Canada, and our security agencies failed to prevent them from traveling abroad despite our international commitments to prevent terrorism. To now expect the civilians whose country was terrorized by ISIS to take responsibility for our citizens, and to ask that they please do so in accordance with their international human-rights obligations is to shirk our responsibilities as a nation.

Second, Canada’s repeated failure to ensure the safe treatment and repatriation of our citizens detained in Syria, Egypt and Guantanamo Bay as part of the “war on terror” resulted in more than a decade of protracted and costly litigation, and two commissions of inquiry. Six men (ArarAlmalki, Abou- Elmaati, NureddinAbdelrazik, Khadr) who our security agencies were once relieved to have off Canada’s streets because of their apparent links to terrorism received apologies and multimillion-dollar settlements because the government’s (in)action ultimately contributed to their mistreatment at the hands of brutal foreign states. Sticking our head in the sand last time cost Canadian taxpayers dearly. There is no reason to think the result will be any different this time.

Canadians will also have to face the fact that these individuals, sooner or later, must be reintegrated into society.

Yeah she’s garbage, which is why the CBC gives her a mic to make implicit threats against these truckers. Back to the CBC.

[Organizer Tamara] Lich has ties to the Maverick Party, a federal party with roots in Alberta separatist circles. She took to Facebook earlier this week to urge her followers to report any bad behaviour to police.

“If you see participants along the way that are misbehaving, acting aggressively in any way or inciting any type of violence or hatred, please take down the truck number and their licence plate number so that we can forward that to the police,” she said.

Encouraging the people under your care to rat each other out to the cops is not exactly inspiring. Same for comparing having to get a vaccine with the lampshadocaust, and calling Justin Trudeau a “blackface wearing nazi.”

It’s a shame these truckers are whining about “nazi shutdowns,” and all that other finklethink, since the people opposed to them are such garbage people.

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