I am perfectly capable of writing enough articles to accomplish what I would like to accomplish with the Daily Rake. However, there are many people who have privately expressed interest in writing for the Daily Rake. I think having different guest writers can be productive for a number of reasons, and I’m quite interested in letting people in our thing write for the Daily Rake.

But I need to make a few things very clear. First, this is unpaid work. I’ll let the articles you write be put on the site, but remain owned by you. If at any point for whatever reason you want them taken down, I’ll do that for you as soon as possible.  I currently do not make a single cent from this website. However, even if I get funding through donations you will not be getting paid a single dime for writing for the Daily Rake. Everyone who writes here should write with that clear understanding.

Secondly, I have 100% final say in what goes onto the site. I can be very charitable, because I know how great it can feel to see something you have written up on a site you visit, and I don’t want to deny that to you. However, I reserve the right to refuse any sort of work for any reason. Even after publishing, I may make the work private, removing the public from seeing the piece, at any time. I can’t imagine that I would ever do this without telling you, since that’s not in my character, but I reserve the right to do this.

If all that sounds a bit harsh, I simply want to be as forthcoming as possible. Most of the people I have in mind have already DM’d me about writing for the site. However, I have nothing against anyone reading this contacting me and trying to get some work published. In fact I would love to see that. 

Don’t ever feel like you have wasted my time, even if you don’t think yourself talented enough to publish something. This is a daily news site, not every article needs to be the Mona Lisa, but even if it is true that I don’t feel your work belongs on the site, for whatever reason, I very much do not want you feeling like this request has been some sort of imposition on me. I would like nothing more than to hear from you.

You do not need to become a regular writer, in fact I would be surprised if that happens at all. What I’m expecting is a single piece, or maybe a few more on some topic of your choosing.

If you want to write, you’ll need to install telegram, which you can find here. You’ll need telegram anyway to be in our Writers Room. If you want to write for the site, or help out in some specified other way, then comment under this post on our telegram channel, which you can find here. There will be a short delay between when this post is released, and when the corresponding telegram post is made, which will be at around 9:00 AM PST. 

Hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. I’ve never messed with telegram but is there a way to sign up without a phone number?

    I’ve been wanting someone to deep dive on the specific jewishness of ayn rand and objectivism and the general scale of damage that has done in anglophone countries. I think understanding it would go a long way to undoing the damage. Sure it doesn’t really fit a daily Canadian news site and it’s not the funniest topic, but I’d really like to dive into the subject if you’d like to publish it.

    Though actually, attacking objectivism kinda falls under the same category as attacking any kosher right wing activities.

    1. I have no idea if you can sign up to telegram without a phone number. I suspect not. It’s not that big of a deal though, since you can hide your number, unless you don’t have a phone in the first place.

  2. This is a great idea, I wish I’d thought of it!

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