Boy it’s a shame that the Finklethink Convoy is organized by a perverted jew supremacist, because the shitlib whining is truly precious.


As anti-vaccine mandate protesters continue to gum up downtown Ottawa, many are wondering how long police will let the protesters stay — and how they might eventually move them out.

While many residents have been calling for an end to the noise and disruption caused by raucous demonstrations, observers are calling on authorities to avoid public displays of force.

“It’s in everyone’s best interest that they bring this to some type of peaceful closure,” said Jack Rozdilsky, an associate professor of disaster and emergency management at York University.

“That does not mean you do not have, in the background, the ability to respond with force if you need to, if the situation gets out of hand. But probably heavy-handed use of force at this point would not be constructive.”

Jack Rozdilsky

Thanks, Rozdilsky. Boy the Finklethink Convoy really brought out these weird and entirely unhealthy violence fantasies amongst these soyboys.

Asked during a Monday afternoon news conference whether police might end up clearing the protesters out, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly said that police have “all options” on the table.

“We have seen it as much as an hour ago online, as the demonstration goes into its full fifth day — clear statements and incitements to riotous behaviour, injury, the bringing of arms and weapons into the National Capital Region, specifically in direct support of or indirect support of the range of demonstration causes and activities,” he said.

I wrote about this anti-White activist police chief Peter Sloly here

Rozdilsky said that, over the next few hours, he’d like to see police try to contain the size of the protest and establish limits on protesters’ activities.

Participants in the protest convoy have been driving through residential neighbourhoods, blaring truck horns and chanting slogans. Their vehicles have been restricting access to downtown Ottawa, forcing businesses to shut their doors and disrupting service centres, a COVID-19 vaccine clinic and an elementary school.

Finklethink Convoy is like Trump in that the memes are way better than the actual event. I keep telling everyone, that this will not result in tangible policy. You should view this as trolling, and nothing more.

While the main crowd has gotten smaller since its peak on Saturday, some participants — including the organizers behind the GoFundMe page that has collected more than $9 million to support the convoy — have said their goal is to create a logistical nightmare for the government that forces it to repeal vaccine mandates.

Organizing truckers to do something like this is extremely productive. There is nothing the government can do about Truckers blocking roads in this way, for the first few hours. They are all allowed to drive to one city and honk their horns. Staying there gets a little bit dicier, and that ultimately shows why these kinds of things won’t succeed. The real discussion that the privileged class is having right now is given away by what this Rozdilsky cunt says.

“What if, for example, a police action takes place and inadvertently angers the crowd in a different way? And then the social identity of the crowd morphs into, ‘Now we’re here to stay to protest this police action,’ and they forget about what was being protested before?” he said.

Bingo. The only real concern that the privileged class has is if they are too naked in oppressing these angry truckers. If they get too heavy handed, then this could morph from being some finklethinked garbage, to something actually productive. Imagine the damage a bunch of truckers put out of work could do to the country if they started protesting White Replacement Migration, child trannies, tech censorship/oppression, outsourcing, the WMD Liars not being punished, the Residential School Gravocaust Slander, or any number of actually damaging issues.

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  1. Their position is incredibly tenuous, you’d think they wouldn’t push very hard.

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