People seem to love my Felting of Fuentes series. You can find the greatest hits here, if you don’t know what that is. I said in my very first piece on Fuentes that I always struggled to watch Fuentes, even back when I still supported the Deadmeme Stormer. I said much the same in one of my pieces in the Andrew Anglin is a Biological Failure series.

You see the problem with Nick Fuentes is that he is a complete and utter faggot. 

I’ve tried to focus on the Contradictory Beliefs of the Manlet Cult before, because that’s politically useful. Showing the audience that some group of people have contradictory beliefs is a shortcut to delegitimizing them politically. That’s why Emma Watson kept telling us how important tactical Palestinian advocacy is. In her words.

The heeb is immunized against all dangers. You may call him a marxist, communist, anti-White, fraudster, globalist, and it runs off his middle eastern beak like water from a raincoat. But call him a jew nationalist Israel supporter and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.” – Emma Watson

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Having said all that, I honestly struggle to have any take on Nicky Juan Fuentes that isn’t just “how do you not immediately think he’s a complete and utter faggot?”

Here we see yet another instance of the optical LOLcow vomitting all over itself. 

Okay I’m a serious revolutionary male. I am a serious, creative revolutionary genius. Do not condescend to me I am not your – I am not a little boy. I am not some cute person I am dangerous bitch. 

Do you know what, no. I am against sex. Completely against sex. Niggas be like Soyfacing. ‘Have you tried sex. It’s so cool it say – makes my dick feel so good. Did you know it feels so good? He’s never felt the touch of a woman and that feels really good it makes me feel like mommy patting my head. Huh huh I feel so good.'”

I just don’t understand how it’s possible to see Nick in motion and not think he’s a complete and utter faggot. I know I said that earlier. I know that I’m rehashing what I already wrote, but I honest to god do not get it even in the slightest. I am incapable of watching this fucking faggot for any extended period of time. He is downright repulsive to me.

Do not feel resentful towards me okay. I am an incel how dare you. You are cringe because you ache for sex. I am more incel because I don’t even want sex.

I’m beyond sex. (with a woman)

I’m above sex. (with a woman)

Sex (with a woman) is sort of uh, low frequency compared to me.

I wrote this because I feel that I need to explain to people why why I find it so difficult to write about the tradhomo twinkcels. I don’t just call Juan Fuentes a repulsive faggot as an own, I actually think he’s a repulsive faggot. I can’t stand the guy, and having to do the politically necessary work to find serious contradictions in the shit that he says is a painful experience to me. He’s not funny, he’s not charming, he has a high pitched soy voice which he uses to say annoyingly retarded shit. And what he most certainly is not is politically relevant. 

Nick Fuentes, Beardlet Soyson, and Jaden TwinkNeil have more chance of trooning out than they do winning even the most unimportant of local elections. They are the kinds of people who can only gain some kind of following online, since having an appeal to a very small percentage of people isn’t so bad when you are online, and therefore have access to hundreds of millions of people just in the USA. Good luck running for a school board as a “Science Denying Woman Hating Incel,” or whatever. Good luck trying to pull the homosexual Catholic grift on a bunch of middle aged actual Catholics with children. Good luck explaining to people that they should vote for you when your entire schtick is that you’re a wannabe republican, when they could just vote for the real deal.

People keep telling me that there must be some percentage of AFags who are high quality people, but I wonder how that could be. Maybe 5% or so, but how is it possible to watch Beardlet play some video games on a livestream and think that they’re just seconds from taking over the Republican Party? 

There comes a certain point in a movement where the audience gets so shitty that I question the value of appealing to them. We don’t want spergs ranting about White Woman in this neighbourhood.

I’ll probably cover TwinkPAC 3, like I did with their trailer. I’ll also give them a nice felting when they do something particularly retarded and gay, if it catches my interest. But I’m just not that interested in covering these twinks like they’re serious political actors, because they aren’t.

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  1. Nick loves zog, loves jews and most of all loves cock.

    He’s just a garbage GOP shill, always has been

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