As always, the response to the Finklethink Convoy makes me want to whole heartedly support it. And again, as always, the truckers themselves are good guys, but this is organized by a literal gay jew supremacist.


Ottawa police have launched an “integrated command centre” with their provincial and federal policing counterparts as a large influx of protesters once again descended on the nation’s capital Saturday.

Do we really need to call it an “integrated command centre?” Couldn’t we just say “the police are doing typical police stuff without evoking some sort of military LARP fest?

More than 4,000 protesters showed up Saturday as the demonstration against COVID-19 public health mandates entered its third weekend, according to an evening news release from the Ottawa Police Service (OPS).

The new command centre, launched in tandem with the Ontario Provincial Police and the RCMP, would “significantly” help with the response, Ottawa police said. The force did not share any other specifics about the command centre.

Dear god. 4,000 science denying bigoted peasants show up on the weekend to protest arbitrary Covid-19 bullshit. We need some integrated command centres, whatever that even means, to be set up. 

The force said its officers had been overwhelmed by the behaviour of belligerent protesters overnight.

Above is believed to be a picture of the Ottawa police defensive positions being overwhelmed by these bigots. Oh wait, hold on a second. Apparently it was just their “behaviour,” that the Science! deniers overwhelmed. Let’s see how they did that.

By bringing their own hottubs and chilling in them in the middle of the street. Yeah I’m curious how any of the Ottawa police force managed to survive this assault.

Ottawa police and bylaw officers have now issued more than 2,600 tickets and made 26 arrests related to the demonstration. The force declined to provide an overall breakdown of the arrests by charge, although two people were arrested for public intoxication.

Police surviving in their integrated command centres.

Oh my goodness, two people were intoxicated. That’s… not exactly a violent assault now it it?

Police said Saturday evening they had also intercepted a fuel transport destined for the downtown core.

Above is a scene that our reporters managed to snag from the imagery last night. We used to have three reporters, but two of them were caught by bolter fire and turned into a fine mist. 

Rest in piece Rebecca Greenblatt and Esther Shekelberg. Gone, but not forgotten.

A group of protesters also dismantled a metal fence around the National War Memorial, near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, on Saturday afternoon. 

The barrier was put in place by authorities two weekends ago after reports of protesters parking, dancing and relieving themselves on or near the memorial.

“Reports of” == we made shit up. The idea that these truckers would be peeing on the tombs of dead soldiers is so fucking retarded that I’m a bit surprised they even had the balls to invent it in the first place. I know, I know, these propagandists lie about everything, but you’d think they’d try to lie in a believable way.

Ford said the emergency orders would make it “crystal clear” that it’s illegal to block critical infrastructure, including highways, airports and bridges. Not complying could result in hefty fines and possible jail time.

The City of Ottawa has also sought an injunction, which the city solicitor says would “supplement” the provincial orders.

It was made at the same time the City of Windsor and automotive groups successfully received an injunctive order to end the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge, a critical international trade connection that links the city to Detroit.

The application also comes after a judge granted an Ottawa resident an injunction on Monday against the constant noise from truck and air horns.

I covered a bit of this before, but they’re definitely using lawfare against these truckers. Once again, all of this would be totally productive if there was an actual political party that had these people’s backs. As it is, you can make them choose between power and legitimacy, but without a political party to make them pay electorally, little will come of this.

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