Keep in mind as you see this that I personally, and probably you as well, have been censored by the (((ADL))) through twatter. And YouTube, but twatter is what’s relevant here. Yet, despite all that mass censorship, this is what is allowed to remain.

I’ll start with this image in particular, which was tweeted out many times over. And I’ll remind you of this.

When reading these anti-White tweets, keep CHAZ in mind. Also keep in mind that 37 people were murdered at the BLM riots of 2020 in the US, and these very same people wholeheartedly supported them.

Also keep in mind that Justin “daddy was pm” Trudeau himself attended a BLM struggle session, and has made numerous statements of support on many occasions. He did this in June 2020, despite lecturing all of us on being Science! denying bigots who aren’t doing our part to stop Covid-19 from spreading.

Trudeau at BLM “protest.” No Covid-19 was spread here.

Got all that? Great. Now let’s see some tweets. I’ve included the occasional cuckservative response. It’s all that’s allowed on twatter these days, but it’s still worth pointing out, and it’s exactly what you’d expect.

This Gurpreet Rai most definitely has some hate boner out for White People. And possibly a real ladyboner for us as well.

Having these people tweeting out sexy pictures of White Men is actually not as weird or unusual, from them, as you might think. I think it’s a certain fetish of theirs.

A great example of the cuckservative response top, and the anti-White hate speech below. DR3 on steroids.

“Let me fight back against this anti-White hate propaganda by attacking Iran.” Take that LibURalS.

Reminder of the five White People murdered in the Jan 6th actually peaceful protest. Where a bunch of gun owners went to the nations capital without their guns and were murdered by the police in cold blood.

Tamara Lich was also one of the organizers. I covered her first here, and now I find out she’s been LARPing as an Elizabeth Warren style fake injun.

For the record, no BLM “protesters,” who blocked highways were beaten by the police, let alone gassed and arrested. That never happened.

Once again I simply need to bring up the CHAZ LARP from 2020.

“No other group could have gotten away with an occupation for two weeks.”

I laugh every time I see it.

I’m going to arbitrarily stop here. The seething is hot and heavy. It reminds me a lot of the Rittenhouse Verdict, and in fact one of the tweets even mentions that specifically. Although this one might not be in response to the Finklethink Convoy.

Unfortunately, unlike the Rittenhouse Verdict, where a White Teenager was given justice for defending himself against three antifa pedophiles, okay two pedophiles and one run of the mill loser, the Finklethink Convoy isn’t quite as cut and dry. I support the truckers, but the leadership is cynical and self-serving.

(((Benjamin Dichter))) the gay zionist organizer.

Needless to say, the (((ADL))) approves of these messages.

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  1. Deport proponents of anti-White hate. Censor them. Confiscate their assets.

  2. Nobody who unironically uses hashtags has anything of value to say.

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