Update: National-Justice has a great article on Cottle here.

Apparently there is this wannabe tranny named Aubrey “Kirtaner” Cottle who has been bragging about doing this for the past few days. This is taken from his own YouTube channel.

In case you thought that wasn’t incriminating enough, it posted this next video just three days ago, as of time of writing.

I was about to write “nothing says rebellious like attacking people on behalf of the government,” only to find almost that exact comment posted on the video itself.

Great minds, I suppose. 

Needless to say, this Aubrey “Kirtaner” Cottle guy is a total mess, but my searching on KiwiFarms leads me to believe that he might just be making all this up. It’s definitely true that GiveSendGo was hacked. It’s also true that someone, possibly even the GiveSendGo organizers themselves, wrote “Hi Kirtaner,” on the page. I’ll update this article when I can re-find that screencap.

Having said all that, numerous sources who know Aubrey Cottle going back to 2007 have stated that the guy has delusions of grandeur that rival absolutely nobody. 

A professional con artist who’s only verifiable achievement is making journalists believe his backstory. He’s an internet neckbeard desperately trying to eek some popularity out of a lie he told.

The guy has owned a site called 420chan since 2007, and apparently it hosts child sexual abuse material. Shocking, I know.

It is of course completely possible that this guy did in fact hack GiveSendGo. From people I’ve talked to it wasn’t exactly a Herculean effort. The site had known security vulnerabilities based on them using some Amazon plugin that they hadn’t patched in six years. 

Then again, this definitely served the purpose of our privileged class in their goal to shut down the Finklethink Convoy. For example, I wrote earlier today about a woman, Marion Isabeau-Ringette, who was fired from her government job based on nothing other than leaked info that she had donated $100 to the Finklethink Convoy.

I think it’s highly likely that CSIS, which is essentially Canada’s CIA, did this hack, and put it out there so that some blowhard retard would take credit, thus legally allowing them to use the data obtained from this hack. I’d slightly lean towards that, but again, it could have been Cottle. I just don’t know.

What I do know is that Aubrey Cottle is a disgusting, degenerate weirdo. 

Just in case anyone was on the fence about that.

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