Here’s a great article from the Federalist from 2019.

The Federalist:

Hungary has recently implemented a new-and-improved policy to encourage people to have more children: Couples will receive $30,000 if they have three more kids. But this program is probably going to fail at raising Hungary’s birth rate, just like previous programs.

Oh okay bro. That seems a bit strong. I don’t want to put words in these people’s –

Despite the enthusiasm some conservatives such as Tucker Carlson have expressed for it, this policy, like many of Hungary’s other “pro-natal” policies, is Potemkin pronatalism. It won’t increase Hungary’s birth rate.

So this policy won’t increase Hungary’s birth rate flat out. Okay, got it.

The idea that pro-natal policies can’t work is a complete and utter fabrication. It’s similar to how censorship advocates pretend that censorship doesn’t work, sometimes. Frankly, these arguments don’t need to be taken seriously, and while some pro-natal policies are, I’m sure, poorly thought out, they obviously do work.

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  1. State support caused single motherhood to bloom. And the billions handed over to the abos goosed their population. But no way can the government support White family creation – no sir.

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