Many of you may remember my piece on Rob Port, the koshervative who was raging about the NJP and Robert Paulsen actually fighting back against the anti-White murder of Jupiter Paulsen, as well as the anti-White denial of justice following her murder.

Well his partner in crime, C.S. Hagen, a fellow Inforum propagandist, is out with another whinefest on the NJP.


FARGO — Smiles are rare these days for Robert Paulsen.

As a father, he carries a heavy burden. His 14-year-old daughter, Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen, was killed on June 4, 2021.

He’s angry. He needs help, but he said the only support he’s received lately has been from local white activists and the National Justice Party.

Robert Paulsen

This Robert Paulsen character sure does seem like a sympathetic figure. And this National Justice Party sure does seem like a swell group of goys. It’d be pretty hard to be opposed to these gentlemen.

Formed in August 2020 by a white nationalist organization, the National Justice Party is a racist, antisemitic group that includes known white supremacists, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights nonprofit that tracks hate groups . The party claims to advocate for white civil rights .

C.S. Hagen, anti-White propagandist.

And yet somehow, C.S. Hagen manages. I guess that’s what happens when you live in an alternate reality where the SPLC is an organization that deserves being treated seriously.

In the past six months, National Justice Party members have publicly gathered in Ohio, Wisconsin, and recently in Fargo on the anniversary of Jupiter’s death, to protest cases they claim are “anti-white” killings by Black people.

Jupiter’s father is white and her mother is half white and half Hispanic, according to Paulsen. Jupiter’s accused killer, Arthur Prince Kollie, is Black.

I’m getting beyond tired of these anti-Whites and their little jabs at White People. Notice, as always, the refusal to capitalize the W in White People, while they capitalize the B in Black, and the H in Hispanic.

Morgan Moon, an investigative researcher with the Anti-Defamation League, a global anti-hate group, keeps tabs on the National Justice Party .

The ADL was founded to get a jew, Leo Frank, who raped and murdered a thirteen year old White Child, Mary Phagan, off without any jail time after framing two negroes, one of which was literally retarded, for the crime. They now brand themselves as an “anti-hate group,” because “jew supremacist organization,” might be bad optics.

The party often claims that white people are under attack, and the party spreads the conspiracy theory that the news media and the government are working to replace white people with people of color.

Yeah that weird conspiracy theory that is obviously true.

And which is already believed by at least one third of the population.

Paulsen said he understands that the National Justice Party and others may be using his personal tragedy to push their agenda, but he wants justice.

“They’re trying to show how whites are getting oppressed. Well, we are all oppressed. I am a little concerned because, you know, there is that fine line. A lot of people call them white supremacists. Well, I am totally against white supremacy,” Paulsen said.

Paulsen, a professional welder, said he’s worried tensions may erupt when Kollie, 23, steps back into the Cass County Courthouse for his trial that’s slated to begin Sept. 6.

“I’m not trying to start a race war, although it is coming. I have no faith in the system,” Paulsen said. “They (National Justice Party members) are the only ones who continue to press, and I am like ‘Go ahead, maybe you guys can rattle some cages.'”

“I am not a Nazi, and I am not a white supremacist,” he added. “When you don’t have anybody trying to help you, you turn to whoever you can.”

North Dakota does not have the death penalty, but Paulsen said he wants the death penalty or the maximum punishment for his daughter’s killer.

It really is amazing how this disgusting anti-White soyim doesn’t really try to hide that Robert Paulsen is a sympathetic character. Or at least, he accidentally shows him to be one. In the world of the golem, a White Man whose daughter is tortured to death, only to have the system work to free her killer, is someone to look down upon. Robert Paulsen is just a welder peasant, undeserving of rights and justice. And Jupiter Paulsen was just an oppressor fourteen year old, who Arthur Kollie had to defend himself from using his violence of colour.

“I just work, go home and try to take care of the family as best I can and keep my mind off those things,” he said. “I don’t get to have that phone call with her anymore. I miss her jokes. I miss everything about her. It is hard on everybody.”

Jupiter Paulsen

Paulsen said the National Justice Party is planning gatherings for later dates in Fargo, but he won’t participate. He didn’t go to the June 4 walk, he said. Justice for Jupiter, however, should be a rallying cry everyone can get behind, he said.

Trying hard to hold back tears, Paulsen talked about the pain he felt when he was in the courthouse, watching the man accused of killing his daughter smile at him from across the room.

“The bailiff stopped me before I could do anything. I have to sit there and take it, and when he’s talking on the stand, he looks at me again and smiles. He knows what he did,” Paulsen said.

In 2017, Paulsen gave his family a choice: to move from California to Texas or to North Dakota — and they chose Fargo.

“You leave a state that has these things happen all the time and go to a Peace Garden State and it happens to you,” Paulsen said.

The murder of a child is one of those moments that causes people to quit the koshervative plantation. Robert Paulsen had his child tortured to death, and is being taunted by her Black career criminal murderer. He is now being denied the barest semblence of justice from an illegitimate and anti-White legal system in Fargo, North Dakota of all places.

As Robert Paulsen said, you expect these things to happen in California, but not Fargo. But that’s why they have the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, a jew nationalist organization that tries to flood White countries with third world refuse, working overtime to destroy White People all over the World.

On June 4, the one-year anniversary of the attack on Jupiter near Party City, 4340 13th Ave. S., the National Justice Party led the Jupiter Memorial Walk and Daisy Drop, trying to retrace her final steps in Fargo.

Led by local resident Pete Tefft, who describes himself as a pro-white advocate , and National Justice Party chairman Michael “Enoch” Peinovich, a group of about two dozen people protested at the Cass County Courthouse and by Amvets Post 7 at University Drive and 10th Street South.

Outside of Amvets, a small group of counterprotesters stood across the street from the National Justice Party’s demonstration, and the two sides raged at each other.

The “two sides raged at each other,” is an interesting way of saying that some obese blobs of human garbage showed up to impotently whine at the NJP protest, but mostly just shut their fucking mouths in their presence. Nothing made the NJP look better than these antifas, who lost their headquarters BTW, being the spiteful mutant opposition. The only people who can publicly protest for the denial of justice to a White Family whose child has been murdered are these dysgenic freakshows who barely even mustered up the energy to say anything despite coming out to “counter-protest.”

Vanessa Clark, one of the counterprotesters outside of Amvets, said the National Justice Party was using Paulsen’s tragedy as ammunition for the “party’s white supremacist agenda.”

“Using her death to literally yell ‘white power’ in our streets is a disrespect to who she really was. Her dad cannot say he’s against white supremacy while teaming up with them. Her death is tragic, but that doesn’t excuse anyone for platforming white supremacists and neo-Nazis,” Clark said.

If Kollie’s case becomes politicized, more protests are sure to arrive, Moon said.

“They (National Justice Party members) want the attention and it’s something to be wary of, but also they’re putting out this belief about the ‘great replacement,’ beliefs that are dangerous,” Moon said.

Here’s a picture of the lovely Vanessa Clark.

That was taken from this story, where she and her fellow antifa spiteful mutants interrupted a town hall where people were criticizing the anti-White hate propaganda that is “Critical Race Theory.” She took her big beautiful body down to the town hall and ripped off an “All Lives Matter,” button from an elderly White Man. Later, Fat Positive Vanessa showed up to the NJP protest in Fargo and stood there and said nothing.

I congratulate the National Justice Party on causing this amount of butthurt amongst our enemies. And as they said in the article, this better not be the last time that Fargo sees the NJP. 

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  2. While it is unfortunate to hear Mr Paulsen continue to trot out tired and ineffectual anti-racist platitudes, there are certain things he said which are white pilling – specifically, “I have no faith in the system,” and “When you don’t have anybody trying to help you, you turn to whoever you can.”

    The winds are starting to blow in our favour, brothers.

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