In sports, there will always be a winner. I appreciate the delight and gratitude of champions who revel in their moment. It is important to celebrate a victor’s journey and I absolutely love the heroics of an underdog and those who faced insurmountable barriers and challenges.

It is formidable when a winner shows sportsmanship and extends kindness in that moment of glory. Conversely, it is despicable when a winner looks down on others from atop the podium. 

Tennis legend Billie Jean King, who I consider the patron saint of women’s sports, famously said: “I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.”

This is going to be just fantastic. Let me take a minute and soak this in. This delusional rug munching vagina-person praising itself for it’s self-awareness.

You see, Billie Jean King was a pretty good female tennis player. Not the best, which we’ll get to later, but very good. She’s most remembered for handidly beating Bobby Riggs, a retired English tennis player who described himself as a “male chauvinist,” who said things like “a womans place in in the kitchen and the bedroom”. They played a tennis match dubbed the “battle of the sexes,” in the ’70s. King destroyed Riggs in a courageous and stunning blow against Penis Supremacy that was so naseauting it spawned a 2017 movie that nobody ever heard of with exactly that title.

As many can understand, since this serves the narrative of Globo Homo Schlomo, the conversation stops there, but there has always been more than a little wrong with the so-called Battle of the Sexes. After all, this was the same Bobby Riggs who absolutely destroyed the actual best female tennis player at the time, Margaret Court, earlier that same year in a match that has been dubbed the “Mother’s Day Massacre.”

Sure is weird how Riggs utterly demolished the best female tennis player, and then gets destroyed by Billie Jean King in a match where the betting odds had him as the hands down favourite.

Nor does footage from the match itself do Riggs any favours, as we can see unforced error after unforced error from Riggs, including many double faults on serves, which he was known for almost never doing.


The ESPN program Outside the Lines[49] made an allegation that Riggs took advantage of the overwhelming odds against King and threw the match to get his debts to the mob erased. The program featured a man who had been silent for 40 years for reasons of self-protection who claimed that he had worked at a country club and heard several members of the mafia talking about Riggs throwing the match in exchange for cancelling his gambling debt to the mob. The program also stated that Riggs’ close friend and estate executor Lornie Kuhle vehemently denied Riggs was ever in debt to the mob or received a payoff from them.

Billie Jean King is a monument to delusion, which is why I find it pretty damn hilarious that she’s quoted in this article as saying “I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.”

Anyway back to this CBC garbage.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine thrust sports to the political forefront. We have seen athletes be so public and sincere in their grief. And still many continue to navigate through systems of racism and sexism — systems that are also damaging and violent. 

Just this past weekend, four-time Grand Slam tennis champion Naomi Osaka was heckled while competing at the prestigious BNP Paribas tournament in Indian Wells, Calif. Someone in the crowd yelled out, “Naomi, you suck.” Osaka immediately went to the umpire, who dismissed the complaint and refused to eject the heckler. Osaka eventually lost the match.

Hold on, they even include a video of this. I’m screencapping this because it’s too good.

The caption they include under the picture is somehow better than the still itself.

Rattled by a derogatory shout from a spectator, Naomi Osaka went on to lose 6-0, 6-4 to Veronika Kudermetova in the second round of the Indian Wells Masters tournament.

Some random guy yelled “Naomi you suck,” and this rattled Naomi so hard she lost in straight sets. Okay, was there any particular reason for this Naomi?

After the match, Osaka said she was emotional because she had recently seen a video of Serena and Venus Williams being heckled by fans at Indian Wells in 2001.

Naomi apparently stopped talking, as if what she had just said made the slightest amount of sense. Our investigative journalists have concluded, no, it most certainly did not.

Afterward, she took the mic and addressed the crowd. She thanked them repeatedly through her tears (read: champion behaviour.) But she also specified that it wasn’t the issue of being heckled — it was that she was being heckled at the same tournament that in 2001 Venus and Serena Williams were booed and racially abused.

Anyway this CBC propagandist goes on to flat out repeat what it already said in the caption, because this emotional breakdown was so delicious that it needed to be read out twice.

At that tournament, their father and coach, Richard Williams, had been unjustly accused of orchestrating a result in the semifinal between the sisters, having Venus Williams withdraw because of an injury. Serena Williams went on to win the tournament but was still booed. Richard Williams was called the n-word. As a result, the Williams sisters boycotted the tournament for 14 years.

Based Indians. Doing the jobs that American’s won’t do.

Osaka said that the memory of the Williams family getting booed played repeatedly in her head. For those arguing that she should withstand the pressure and heckling, there is more at play because of Osaka’s own experience as a racialized woman in tennis. And why should Osaka have to manage the terrible behaviour of a wretched and unkind person? Why wasn’t the woman who heckled her disciplined for disgraceful behaviour and contributing to systems of toxicity in tennis? 

I mean, okay.

The lack of resolution shown by the match umpire was the first breakdown in any advocacy for Osaka’s well-being. For racialized athletes, heckling is not simply a form of disrespect, it is marinated in sexism and racism as well. For  Black and Brown women athletes, their identities are intrinsic to who they are, and criticism of them needs to be understood with this nuance.

Racialized is a term these anti-White propagandists created so they didn’t have to say “non-White,” in the hopes that they could be just as anti-White, just hidden under a layer of obfuscation and bullshit.

During this same weekend, the wondrous Serena and Venus Williams –

Look, when your writing comes across as identical to mine there’s a problem here. I would have written “the wondrous Serena and Venus Williams,” as a parody, but no please, by all means, this is the language a serious adult uses.

– were attending the Critics Choice Awards to present to those who worked on the film King Richard. It is a movie about their father, the journey of the family and the world of tennis. But amidst the celebration emerged another ugly event, again from a woman. 

Jane Campion

Jane Campion won Best Director for her film, The Power of the Dog. As a white woman from a very respected and established New Zealand family, this was an award she clearly cherished. The beaming and grinning Campion approached the mic and accepted the award and gave her love to the other nominees — all men.

If you’re wondering why the W in White People isn’t capitalized, that is an official CBC policy. Beyond that, Jane Campion being White is, in this case, irrelevant. Except the author of this propaganda, Shireen Ahmed, is merely looking for yet another opportunity to attack White People, in this case, Jane Campion.

Campion then looked at Venus and Serena Williams and said: “Venus and Serena, you are marvels … however, you don’t play against the guys like I have to.” 

What a splendid way to cut down two Black women and also infer that your struggles have been greater than theirs. I understand that Campion is a storied filmmaker and may exist in her own bubble, but is she ignorant to the horrible abuse and maltreatment that the Williams sisters have faced from tennissports mediafans and other tennis personalities? Their clothes, their hair, their bodies, and even their celebratory dances have been critiqued and belittled

We may need to add Jane Campion to the Based Wahmen collage.

On Monday, Campion released a statement in which she apologized to the sisters for what she called a “thoughtless comment.” 

I may have spoke too soon.

Some may feel the need to defend Campion and argue that her issue wasn’t about race, it was about gender. But Serena and Venus Williams cannot separate their race from their gender nor should they ever be expected to.

I’m almost too baffled to respond to that. They can absolutely separate their race from their gender, because those two things are entirely different you absolute clown.

The faster that all women understand this, the better off we will be. I would have loved to be happy for Campion and her win. But I remain unimpressed with her foolish acceptance speech and how she needlessly stepped on the Williams sisters. The applause in the background — equally belittling — cements my feelings. 

Footage of Emma Watson laughing at the Williams sisters, in a very White Supremacist way, started circling twitter before Emma did a one woman terrorist attack on twitter headquarters to suppress the footage. But I get that Shireen Ahmed doesn’t want to bring that up. Women’s achievements, in this case Emma Watson’s QuadKill at Twitter Headquarters, are only to be celebrated if those wahmen aren’t White. 

The ever-grinning Campion self-congratulated disrespectfully at the expense of two Black women — arguably two of the greatest athletes in history. This is not winning with dignity, in my view it is racist behaviour so superbly masked in ways only that rich, white women dare to do.  

Not only have Serena and Venus played against women, but they have also played against entire systems of racism, cruel media, unwelcoming tennis culture, and that includes men, too.

There is a way to rise to the top without stepping on Black women or anyone else for that matter. Campion chose not to take this path. She may have won, but she was in no way a champion. 

I actually showed that last little bit to Ms. Watson right before she went off to go fight for the Azov Battalion in Ukraine. The part where the dumb Ahmed broad thinks she’s being clever by sort of rhyming Campion with Champion.

We snapped that pic just as she hijacked a passenger airliner flying to Poland, on her way to the Azov Battalion. You can’t hold Watson’s support of the Azov Battalion against her. She’s headstrong that girl. Had murdered 40 Israeli children by the time she turned 14. I tried to tell her that the Azov Battalion are funded by jews and the US State Dept, but she got distracted by the swastikas and Black Sun’s and now she’s over in god knows where alongside the Shadow of Ukraine

Emma Watson relaxes in a hottub at the Ottawa Trucker Protest

She was only briefly in Canada for the Finklethink Convoy protest. I love the girl, but she’s just so easily tricked. What can you do?

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