Well Big Fag Pierre has been doing his whiny rampage throughout Canada recently, and he’s been releasing some of the videos on his YouTube channel. Yes, once again, he has a YouTube channel, and yes, once again, here’s a quote from the uncensored Pierre.

And when people speak up the (((powerful))) clamp down. They silence and slander anyone who dares dissent. Including with laws censoring what you see and say online.

The guy is a complete and utter fraud, but I’m going to be looking at his fake fight against censorship today, courtesy of this two minute video.

Pierre Poilievre: But seriously about this bill, C-11, which would give the CRTC the ability to determine what you see and say online. It would give privilege to certain types of content that would then appear in your newsfeed and on your YouTube channel, because of manipulating the algorithms using bureaucratic powers behind the scenes.

Oh for fuck’s sake. So basically nothing is going to actually change then. All this bill does is codify the already existing censorship. I mean this faggot is whining about “manipulating the algorithms,” and “controlling what you see on your newsfeed and YouTube.”

I feel like I went back into a time capsule to six years ago when I was in my early-mid twenties. This is all old news. My YouTube channel has already received two strikes and it’s tiny and I’ve been somewhat self-censoring. We already live under a massive censorship regime. And even beyond that, we’ve also got massive state censorship through these “human rights tribunals.” Does this faggot mention that? Of course not, because his job is to get out in front of your anger at censorship by trillion dollar multinationals or Stalinesque star chambers and make sure that goes nowhere.

These powers exist nowhere else in the free world.

That may be technically true, but is misleading. There are plenty of other countries in the “free world,” that have state censorship laws. Most of Europe, for example, and England may well be worse than what we have here. And yes, that covers what you say online. 

Furthermore, Trudeau now has a proposal to bring in something called a Digital Safety Commissioner. This is someone who would have the ability to take down content that he doesn’t like on the internet.

JFC get this faggot off my screen. These people already exist. Here’s what the Twitch’s head of content moderation looks like.

He’s a tranny who thinks that he’s also a deer. On this perverts whim, you will be censored.

Vajaya Gadde

Here’s another. Twitter top lawyer Vajaya Gadde, who has taken it upon herself to engage in mass censorship on her whim. To echo the FTN guys, these are the people telling you about the “Rules Based International Order,” the people who pretend to have terms of service, but really just censor you for whatever they feel like.

Now let’s be clear. Oh it’s about to get a lot worse if this passes, in fact they had an online consultation, and the twitter corporation, not somebodies individual tweet but the company itself, say that these powers remind the company of what already exist in North Korea and Iran.

Wow, this career politician is really handing it to the elites. Just like that time that he whined about Joffrey Trudeau not supporting George Soros’ pro-Zelensky jewhad hard enough. I mean, that’s also ridiculous, but it’s what he’s there to do.

That is what Trudeau wants to institute here in Canada.

Oh noes, goyim, those evil Liberals and their hatred for freedom and free speech. Conservatives would never even think of –

Oh LOL, just kidding. Poilievre himself voted to make the Proud Boys a terrorist organization. He is also going to vote for this bill. He’s not really a libertarian, his owners just want you to think that, since it’s his excuse for not getting you policy.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone. He said he admires the basic Chinese communist dictatorship.

Chynnnnnaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Of course, servatives are mad because China is censoring (((Harvey Weinstein’s))) Hollywood. They’re not mad for any legitimate reason. 

That is the mentality that goes into these things. Now, why does he want to do that? Well of course he’s afraid of criticism. He doesn’t want to debate, because he knows he can’t win a debate. In fact, he’s terrified of debating me in the forthcoming election.

Yeah about that afraid of debate thing.

Keep in mind that the truth is no defense. And keep in mind that Pierre Poilievre supports this completely. We’ll see soon as he votes for that bill.

So what he figures that he will do instead is try to censor me and other people like me by shutting down social media platforms so every piece of debate has to go through the liberal media in Ottawa, which he has bought off, and which are loyal entirely to him so that they can regurgitate his talking points, rather than letting the people speak freely.

This is so ridiculous. His job is to pretend that the attacks on free speech come purely from the government, so as to trip you up and call you some sort of authoritarian neon-natzzee when you demand that these trillion dollar multinational corporations not be allowed to engage in mass censorship. All of this garbage about bill C-11 is just nonsense designed to distract.

Fuck this piece of shit for pretending that he has ever or will ever face censorship. If you have a twatter account and YouTube channel in the year 2022, you’re controlled opposition. Period. Over. End of story.

Ladies and gentlemen, I pledge to stand up and fight back against C-11, and a Digital Safety Commissioner. In fact, a Poilievre government will repeal that law and fire that commissioner and reinstate freedom of expression for all Canadians.

All Canadians, or just Nose-Canadians, Pierre? We’ll see how dedicated he is to the fake populism when the anti-semitism law comes to pass, although I’m sure I’ll find plenty of examples of him voting against freedom of speech in his past.

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