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So the RCMP almost charged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over his sleazy visit to Muslim leader Aga Khan’s island in 2016 but decided it wasn’t in the “public interest” to do so. That just demonstrates how irrelevant the force has become in deciding what is in the public interest. Stopping government corruption is always in the public’s interest. Charging Trudeau would definitely be in our interest.

It’s easy to forget, with Justin being such a faggot, that he’s also an evil piece of garbage who has so many scandals that it’s difficult to keep track. And those are just the official scandals, not even the run of the mill everyday parasitical and evil behaviour of the Trudeau government.

It’s also easy to forget, what with the RCMP being such a clown fiesta, that they are actually a military with more and better equipped infantry than the Canadian Military. And they are 100% a political police force, that colludes with the crown to, behind the scenes, engender whatever political outcomes they want for various crimes, or non-crimes.

Teflon Trudeau keeps on ticking. It’s just amazing.

No it’s not amazing. It’s called the CPC and NDP, which exist purely to get out in front of people’s response to our privileged class, and make sure that we don’t get any policy. As I’ll detail with my Heather Jung story, the CPC and NDP are willing to explicitly lose seats just in order to make sure no Uppity Goys get representation accidentally through them.

You may remember when the details of the incident broke in 2017. It made international news. I should know — I [David Krayden] was the Ottawa bureau chief for a US publication and I called it Khangate before anyone else could think of it. I didn’t think Justin could squirm out of this one. But he did.

Here was Trudeau vacationing and using the helicopter of a billionaire who had received $330 million in funding from the federal government. It certainly looked like a clear case of conflict of interest.

The Aga Khan scandal is one of the greatest examples of what I mean when I say official scandal. So officially the problem was that, after giving over $300 million of our taxdollars to this creeps “charity”, Trudeau got a private vacation worth over 200k from Aga Khan. That’s bad, but the actual scandal is that Trudeau stole $300+ million from us to give to this fake charity. And if you want to know what they’re all about, here you go.

Aga Khan Development Network:

KFC’s approach to development reflects a commitment to:

  • Embrace complexity. Poverty is complex, so AKFC works on multiple fronts to improve quality of life.
  • Build self-reliance. Communities know best what barriers stand in their way.  AKFEC listens, and provides the support they need to break down those barriers.  
  • Invest in the long term. Change is generational, and so is the Fondation’s[sic] commitment to the places where it works.  AKFC invests in local, permanent systems of education and health as well as institutions like universities and hospitals to drive development for generations to come.
  • Work in partnership. No one has all the answers.  AKFC collaborates with individuals, communities, governments, local and international businesses, academic and civil society institutions, and other AKDN agencies to coordinate efforts and learn from each other.
  • Foster gender equality. The institution’s programmes ensure that women, men, girls, and boys reach their full potential, share in decision-making, benefit from resources and services, and enjoy equal status.
  • Promote pluralism. Diversity makes society stronger.  AKFC is committed to inclusive development, where everyone has opportunity – regardless of age, gender, beliefs, ethnicity, or background.

Having read that, do you even know what the “fondation,” is for, other than giving retards who still make spelling mistakes in the age of computers a sinecure? It’s a generic Globo Homo Schlomo org, that, to the extent it’s not just purely a grift operation for stealing your taxdollars, is a political organization, and not a charity. Here, let me show you the their “In Canada,” section.

In Canada

In Canada, AKFC undertakes a range of initiatives to engage and inform Canadians about global development; channels skills and expertise to support its programmes in Africa and Asia; and promotes learning and knowledge exchange within the Canadian development sector.  Canadians can participate through a variety of channels, including exhibitions, conferences, youth workshops, and seminars – and through work and volunteer opportunities in Canada and overseas.  Many of these activities draw on the global expertise of other AKDN agencies and are undertaken with financial support from the Government of Canada and in partnership with Canadian academic and civil society organisations.

It’s so generic and meaningless that my eyes start glazing over halfway through one single paragraph. This is apparently what demands $300+ million of your taxdollars to be stolen for.

Trudeau, at the time, was nonplussed over the whole matter, performing with all insouciant eight cylinders.

At a news conference in Peterborough, Ontario, Trudeau was asked if his holiday trip was a mistake — but ‘mistake’ is not in Trudeau’s vocabulary when applied to him. When asked if Canadians cared about his Aga Khan visit, Trudeau refused to answer but said, “I’ve been engaging with Canadians for the past few days and the issues that interest them are the issues that affect them and their families.”

Yes, and Trudeau would soon hear about them.

Trudeau was in the midst of a “meet-the-people” tour that turned into a massive media embarrassment of its own as people in the audience did not ask softball questions, promise to name their first child after Justin, or deliver sycophantic speeches of praise. They complained about Trudeau’s policies and the prime minister was often at a loss for words.

Oh yeah, that’s where Peoplekind came from. For those of you who don’t know the backstory, this faggot went on a People’s Tour, or whatever, that ended up being such a disaster even the CBC admitted as much. During one of his many stops, he interrupted some Asian high school girl who asked a question involving the world “mankind,” and he responded.

Unbelievable Dipshit PM: We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind. It’s just more inclusive.

Here, you can watch the whole thing for yourself.

And of course, everybody mocked him for this. Frankly, it was so ridiculous that even normie conservatives had some pretty funny memes.

He then did the “I was just pretending to be retarded bit.”

The opposition Conservatives, with Rona Ambrose at the helm at the time, did their best to bring the scandal home. She tweeted: “Justin Trudeau acts like the laws don’t apply to people like him … Trudeau knew what he did was against the law. All he had to do was say no, but he couldn’t resist the billionaire lifestyle.”

Rona Ambrose

They did their best, they tweeted. And yet somehow, tweeting wasn’t enough. I know that CONservatives are there to con you and serve their donors, but imagine supporting these faggots, and tearing your hair out at what limp dicked losers they are.

It is interesting that the RCMP admitted there were reasonable grounds for filing fraud charges against Trudeau but someone didn’t think the law was clear enough. That is highly questionable.

Howard Anglin, who advised former Prime Minister Stephen Harper on conflict of interest rules, said during the Aga Khan controversy that the Conflict of Interest Act is “black and white.”

The former ethics commissioner agreed and said Trudeau had violated four sections of the Act.

The RCMP is a political police force. It needs to be said over and over again, and shouted from the roof of the highest building in the world. The RCMP is a political police force, really, a military, that has complete and utter contempt for any sort of actual laws as written, and selectively enforces whatever they feel like. 

That wasn’t enough for our national police force? So are we seeing an RCMP under political influence in this investigation?

It would sure as hell seem so. By saying it was not in the public interest to charge Trudeau, the RCMP have — inadvertently or not — revealed their own political intent. And the public should tell them they would have been very interested in seeing Trudeau charged.

Remember, these are the same people who joked about a horse trampling an indigenous woman during the Freedom Convoy protests. Seems to be some politics going on here.

I covered the Ottawa Hero Force quite extensively two months ago. Let’s not forget them bragging about “putting jackboots,” on those unarmed protesters necks. And of course, stampeding the old lady mentioned earlier.

Trudeau spent hundreds of billions of dollars supposedly fighting COVID-19, but more than a third of it had nothing to do with COVID-19, says a Parliamentary Budget Office report.

So what is the lesson here? Trudeau is still at it. He will spend your money as he sees fit. He will demand that you drive electric cars and spend $3 per litre for gas — wait for it, it’s coming — while you’re waiting for the millennium to arrive. Meanwhile, he can fly across the country in his Challenger jet and laugh at all the environmentalists who still think he is one of theirs.

It’s actually worse than that. Trudeau went the extra mile, and has a second passenger airliner. So he has two passenger airliners, the second just for equipment, that he uses to go from one side of the country to another, so that he can lecture you on how you’re using too much carbon, you earth-bigot.

And oh BTW, these planes are almost entirely empty. They seat 400 or so, but there’ll only be 10% of that onboard. After all, we can’t have our privileged class traveling without perfect luxurious comfort now can we?

I’m amazed at how much I hate these people.

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