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A B.C. lawyer who represented a father jailed for opposing his child’s medical gender transition is facing a Law Society of British Columbia tribunal for misgendering.

I still have to port over my work on that case. That’ll be done later tonight.

However, the hearing into two citations against Vancouver’s Carey Linde – expected to be heard May 16-18 – will be closed to the public. As well, the tribunal’s file will be sealed, and any decisions the panel makes will be “redacted of confidential information that is protected.”

Ironically, the tribunal Zoom pre-hearing held Thursday, where these decisions were made, was held behind closed doors. Just as the hearing, which at one point was open to the public, was about to start, media and other members of the public who were on the Zoom call were removed. 


I wrote about this before. Just as we were really getting excited for this the zoom call gets Ovened by Lindsay LeBlanc, who is yet another White Woman LARPing as an Aboriginal.

I think Zena Olijynk, the Canadian Lawyer Mag author of this piece, may be incorrectly using the term “ironic.” It’s not really irony. The LSBC just wants to keep what they’re doing from the public. There’s not really anything else going on.

Later, after the prehearing concluded, LSBC Director of Communications and Engagement Jason Kuzminski said in an email it was decided the prehearing would be held in camera at the initiative “of the tribunal member conducting it.” He noted that the law society itself did not ask for the prehearing to be closed, though it had earlier asked for the disciplinary hearing scheduled for next week be closed.

Jason Kuzminski

I love how even Jason Kuzminski, an LSBC higher up, points out that the catladies didn’t ever request to make the pre-hearing private. I don’t know if they actually had the authority to do so, but they booted me and everyone else. I think they planned on making it public the whole time, and just wanted to waste our time.

If you’re curious, this is his pre-hearing, or the part of it that’s viewable by the public. Here it is, in all its six minutes of glory.

The reason for the request to hold the disciplinary hearing on the two citations against Linde in private “is to protect confidential information related to protection orders and publication bans that Mr. Linde is alleged to have breached,” Kuzminski wrote in his email.

Backstory here. No, actually it’s because what they are doing is wrong and unpopular, and they want the least amount of people aware of this. 

In a news release earlier this week. Linde said the request for what he called a “gag order” is “a most unusual step.”

To be clear, I am aware that the legal arguments the Law Society of BC are putting forth can never just be “yeah, we’re trying to oppress him. So I’m not fact-checking the reporter here, I’m just cutting through the BS.

Linde has been cited for alleged breaches of professional conduct. They relate to him speaking out about a trial that has received international coverage.

The father involved in the case, known as “CD” was attempting to prevent his child “AB” from undergoing a medically induced gender transition. Last year, CD was jailed after allegedly repeatedly breaking a publication ban on the case.

I was there in that courtroom when he was sentenced. It’s the kind of thing that’s so angering that I have to get up and pace around every five minutes when writing it down. And yes, I’ll have to omit plenty of names for legal reasons.

According to the society, Linde is being cited for providing information about a person’s gender identity, physical and mental health status or treatments during a recorded interview with a U.S. media outlet, when there was an order preventing the release of that information, contrary to one or more of rules 2.1, 2.1-1(a), 2.2-1, and 7.5-1 of the Code of Professional Conduct for British Columbia.

He is similarly cited for giving a recorded interview to a news outlet about a person’s medical and personal information without making his participation in the interview conditional on the interviewer’s agreement to adhere to the applicable publication bans and anonymity orders.

The cliffnotes on that trial are as follows. The father, who I need to legally refer to as CD, was prevented from giving the public any information at all on his daughter who was “being transitioned.” He and the mother were divorced, and he found out about this in his daughters seventh grade yearbook. He fought to stop them from destroying his child through “puberty blockers.” 

In an attempt to hide this from the public, Judge Michael Tammen publicly ordered a complete publication ban on pretty much everything to do with this trial. The justification was that this “was for the protection of the child.” Yes, the child abusers pretended that showing pictures of what was being done to the child would case harm to the child. 

And breaking the publication ban, mildly, is one of the legal technicalities they’re trying to get CD’s lawyer, Rob Hoogland, strung up on. That and pretending that his boomer-tier meme is a serious threat of violence.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Francesca Marzari had issued a publication ban in favour of the medical professionals involved in the case who, like AB, had been the subjects of “substantial online commentary.”

Marzari then granted a protection order in favour of AB, restraining father CD from misgendering AB, deadnaming the child (referring to the child by the name associated with the gender identity being transitioned away from) and attempting to convince his child to abandon treatment.

“Justice” Francesca Marzari is third from the left in the top picture. Here’s another from her.

She’s an insane feminist and former member of some radical feminist organization called “West Coast LEAF.” What LEAF stands for isn’t made clear on their website, but I found elsewhere it means “Legal Education and Action Fund”.

West Coast LEAF:

West Coast LEAF envisions an equal and just society for all women and people who experience gender-based discrimination.

We recognize that gender-based inequalities threaten the safety, well-being, and human rights not only of women, but also of Two-Spirit people, trans people of all genders (not only women), intersex people, gender non-conforming people, and/or non-binary people, and others. West Coast LEAF is committed to an inclusive vision of feminism that defends the right to be free from discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression.

West Coast LEAF recognizes our responsibility to work for the full realization of the rights of Indigenous peoples. In the context of historic and ongoing colonial violence and injustice, West Coast LEAF understands that fulfilling this responsibility requires a deep and continual commitment. We respectfully acknowledge that our office is located in Vancouver on traditional, ancestral, and unceded Coast Salish homeland, including the territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), and səl̓ílwətaʔɬ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations. We understand that many of us are uninvited guests to these territories. As an organization that includes many settlers, we take responsibility for learning and seeking long-term transformation in our relationships with Indigenous peoples and land.

West Coast LEAF promotes substantive equality, an approach that recognizes and celebrates differences. Rather than treating everyone the same, substantive equality ensures that historically disadvantaged people can actively participate in society and access justice. We strive to ensure that the equality principles in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which advance the rights of all disadvantaged and marginalized groups, are fulfilled.

And this is who is now on the British Columbia Supreme Court. A deranged feminist weirdo who abuses the power of the court to facilitate the abuse of children.

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