It’s been a rough week for Fuentes. First, his longtime gay crush Jaden McNeil chooses a girl over him and his dying “movement.” Then he lashes out about it on telegram, resulting in McNeil going on the Kino Casino and doing a tell all. This exposed him to a large audience, which, predictably, did not like what they saw.


Everyone who’s anyone has been getting in on the action, farming the dying Manlet Cult for whatever clicks they can get. From the Tradthot of Christmas Past Lauren Southern, to the usually reticent TRS guys. But it hasn’t stopped there. Nominally “left wing,” movements have decided to dunk on Fuentes just like the rest of us.

Let’s go ahead and read some of these headlines.

White nationalist ‘America First’ group plunges into chaos after high ranking official gets a girlfriend.

This Racist Youth Movement Is Melting Down Over Virginity.

‘Having sex with women is gay’: White nationalist incel movement is going to bizarre extremes to…

Someone made the joke that Fuentes and the Manlet Cult was the real unite the right all along. After all, literally everyone hates them, from boomercons to Christians, ethnonats, alt-lite types. 

Well we can change that from Unite the Right to Unite Literally Everyone, because even queerly is dunking on this fag.

It’s not the first time the kosher-left has dunked on this guy. Below is a video from my YouTube channel, but I believe the laughter in the background is Sam Seder.

I don’t know if he’s still with The Young Turks, but they’ve gotten in on the game as well.

I haven’t watched any TYT content in years. Even before that, the only things that I saw were short clips. All I know of them is that they took $20 million from (((Jeffrey Katzenberg))) and are losing followers. I’m sure this is the best content they’ve produced in years. 

Above is yet another felting, this time from the DailyDot. Yes, they unironically refer to Fuentes as a “cum hunter.”

I searched their site, and it’s not the first time they’ve dunked on him. The below article is from just after his hilarious interview with Sydney Watson on The Blaze, where he vomited all over himself and then declared this a victory.

In one of my previous articles someone left a comment to the effect of “if Nick Fuentes didn’t exist, the left would have to create him.” I agree. I know I keep harping on this point, but if we take optics to mean appeal to normal people, Fuentes has the absolute worst optics of anyone I’ve ever seen in politics. He may be one notch about the literal pedophiles in NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association, but that’s it.

Jaden McNeil said Fuentes tried to get him to watch all these shows with him…

Who knew repressed homosexuality combined with ironybros combined with retard rallies combined with incel freak shit isn’t what the normies like? 

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