It’s been a while since our last CuckFight 2022! installment. In that one, from almost a full month ago, I whined about missing the first servative leadership debate, and promised that I’d watch the next one. Well unfortunately I missed that one as well, because I just didn’t care enough to remember to watch that garbage.

Out of idle curiosity, I looked up that clown fiesta and found this.

CTV News:

Poilievre, meanwhile, said Canada can both balance economic interests and defend our democratic values and principles when confronting China. Similar to the English-language debate, he called on Charest to unveil how much he was paid to work as a consultant for Huawei after leaving provincial politics.

Yeah. Attaboy Poilievre. You take it to these “Elites,” who aren’t going hard enough on Chyna Baaaad. That’s what people want. When our churches are being burned to the ground by a slander that’s now getting felted from all angles, make sure that you talk about how central banking is great, it just needs to be less democratic.

Anyway, on to the Career Politician Who’s Bravely Fighting Against The Elites, and his new endorsements.


Two Conservative MPs have defected from Brampton, Ont. Mayor Patrick Brown’s team to support Pierre Poilievre, his main rival in the party’s leadership race — a move that leaves Brown with just two MPs backing his candidacy.

Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown is this clown’s main rival now? What happened to Jean Charest? That guy was a clown as well, but Brown? This is a guy who had to quit being mayor of Brampton, Ontario because he was revealed as being a disgusting pervert sexpest by multiple women. And that’s it, that’s his entire story.

Apparently, after consulting with Wikipedia, I may be mistaken. Not on the sexpest part, but he did hold an MP seat in the federal legislature during the aughts. Then he was the leader of the Ontario Provincial Progressive Conservatives for a while. Then he sent dick pics or something like that to a bunch of girls. This makes him the runner up in the rigged CPC leadership election.

The two departures have dealt a blow to Brown. Just two sitting MPs now support the mayor’s candidacy: Calgary MP Michelle Rempel Garner and MP Doug Shipley, who represents Barrie, Ont., the area Brown used to represent in the Commons.

Michelle Rempel Garner

Here’s Michelle Rempel Garner. And here’s what she tweeted out on June 8th, 2021.

I forgot about this, but Patrick Brown was going on about how he, in addition to being a creepy sexpest, wanted to diversify the conservative party or something like that. You can find it all in the article I linked previously. As far as I’m concerned, being endorsed by Michelle Rempel Garner is all the condemnation one needs. Although really, being allowed to run for CPC leadership is all the condemnation one needs.

Chisholm Pothier, a spokesperson for Brown, told CBC News the mayor is “very confident” that he can win the race.

“We like where we’re at, we like our numbers and there’s a weird lack of confidence coming from the Poilievre camp with their over-the-top attacks,” Pothier said, citing some of the social media squabbling that has become a hallmark of this race.

“This isn’t a game for the faint of heart. An endorsement from anyone and two bucks gets you a cup of coffee and one vote. We just lost two votes. We’ll make them up somewhere else,” he said.

Earlier in the article they mentioned that Charest has 16 votes, so I’m not sure why Patrick Brown was referred to as the main rival. The guy who had barely any votes now still has barely any votes. It almost feels like nothing happened.

Actually, nothing did happen. And even when CuckFight 2022! is over, nothing still will have happened. Because nobody up here represents you.

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