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The Canadian Human Rights Commission was ordered to properly assess a discrimination complaint by a former employee of a major bank who claims his boss told him he had “no hope” for promotion unless he joined their “group” of gay and bisexual men.

He was told only males who were gay or bisexual were promoted in the office, he claims.

I can’t find any pictures of this Aaren Jagadeesh, the poor hetero who was discriminated against. Instead I’ll just be posting pictures of disgusting trannies and other mentally ill anus enjoyers.

The commission had improperly dismissed the employee’s discrimination complaint based on sexual orientation, in this case for being straight, the Federal Court of Canada ruled. A new investigation and reassessment was ordered.

Aaren Jagadeesh worked as a financial services representative for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Toronto. He was repeatedly turned down for promotions.

At a one-on-one meeting with his manager on Sept. 15, 2015, Jagadeesh said he was told that every male manager in the office was gay or bisexual, and, unless he joined this “group” there was “no hope” for him, court heard.

Pictured: Prime banking talent according to CIBC scouts.

Nikocado Avocado is one of our greatest Race Warriors. But he does have a sordid past as a CIBC regional coordinator.

I’m so sorry you had to see that.

Jagadeesh claims the manager said this was why young male employees with little or no qualifications were promoted; told him to “be smart and learn”; and then allegedly asked Jagadeesh what he thought of him.

Learn what, how to take it up the ass?

I’ve heard that one of the strongest fetishes in the AIDS community is “having sex,” with a straight man. So what his manager was probably telling him was that he needed to let him rape him if he wanted a promotion. Disgusting stuff.

Jagadeesh said he replied that he thought of him as just his manager. He claims he told his boss he was willing to work with anyone but he was not gay or bisexual.

Did he just friendzone his faggot boss? He did, that son of a bitch really did it.

Jagadeesh believed “the encounter” with his manager about sexual orientation “was the primary reason for his discrimination and explained why, despite his qualifications, experience, and excellent performance, he was denied workplace accommodation for his disability, and not offered any alternative position,” Justice Janet M. Fuhrer said in a court ruling.

My… Fuhrer? Could be.

Jagadeesh was fired on May 10, 2016. He filed a human rights complaint the following April alleging discrimination by CIBC because of disability and sexual orientation. He alleged that young employees received promotions, awards, and favours because they were sexually exploited.

Man these people are gross.

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, with the AABF wrapup taking longer than anticipated. As a result I’m struggling to find the energy to be outraged. But make no mistake, this is an outrage, with these faggots getting into positions of power and then sexually exploiting/raping young men. They are basically homo Harvey Weinsteins. 

An investigator with the human rights commission was assigned to look into the complaint.

CIBC officials were interviewed — but not the manager who allegedly made the remarks about only gay and bisexual men being promoted. That manager, the investigator was told, was on “extended leave of absence.”

The investigator declined to proceed further on the complaint of sexual orientation discrimination, but did assess his disability complaint and found that CIBC had adequately accommodated him.

Last November, the commission dismissed the complaints.

Representing himself, Jagadeesh appealed to the Federal Court, seeking a review of the commission’s decision. He complained the investigator had selectively ignored evidence to avoid dealing with the sexual orientation complaint.

These “Human Rights Commissions,” are Globo Homo Schlomo star chambers. They are set up by these people for them at your expense, as SWC has already proven. As a result, they are functionally unable to find a heterosexual victimized by anus enjoyers. They didn’t find this normal man the victim of sexual orientation discrimination, because they support what was done to him.

Fuhrer, in a decision released in September, ruled that the commission’s investigation and decisions were not procedurally fair to Jagadeesh. Fuhrer said the lack of thoroughness in reviewing the grounds of the complaint meant the decision must be set aside.

Jagadeesh also clashed with CIBC over how much the bank should reimburse him for the cost of his successful court challenge and returned to court last month.

Jagadeesh had represented himself and said he spent $438.10 in expenses, while CIBC said it had spent significantly more than $5,000 to defend the case. Apparently then understanding he could claim for his time as well as expenses, he asked for $6,646.57 while CIBC said he should only get $500.

“Self-represented litigants are eligible for a moderate allowance above the costs of their direct disbursements to reflect the time and effort they devoted to preparing and presenting their case,” Fuhrer ruled on Nov. 19.

She ordered CIBC to pay him half of what he asked for: $3,332.30.

Well Justice Fuhrer doesn’t look quite as based as I would have anticipated. Then again, she’s literally just ruling according to the law, so I don’t think she ought to get much credit for this. Still, that’s far more than what some judges would do.

Hanna Lange-Chenier, a spokeswoman for the commission, said she could not discuss the case or reveal its status.

“The law prevents us from commenting on any complaint in our system,” she said.

Hanna Lange-Chenier

This case was from December, 2019. Covid-19 has pushed back a lot of cases, but I can’t see any news stories about the second investigation that was ordered. I’m very interested in what happens here. In any case, it serves as a useful window into these nasty perverts. Never take any of their whining about discrimination seriously. When you give them power they turn into Harvey Weinstein’s on gay steroids. 

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  1. Justice Janet M. (“Mein”) Fuhrer. Must be a hard job presiding over these kinds of “diversity v. diversity” cases.

    I too would have sent it back to the HR Commission, where they have the time and talent to figure out who systemically discriminated against whom….

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