Organizers of a family-friendly drag show at a Victoria café have cancelled the event after the café owner says staff were inundated with homophobic and transphobic phone calls.

The monthly Sashay Café drag show was scheduled to go ahead this Saturday at Caffe Fantastico. 

Café owner Ryan Taylor said staff received many hateful calls, but one call on Tuesday turned especially aggressive when the caller threatened to “shoot up the place and everyone in it.”

Family Friendly drag show eh? That reminds me of something.

And something else.

What evidence is there that this was a truly family friendly show? Well the CBC and the perverts organizing it said so, bigot.

Taylor said staff had been logging calls, which he said expressed homophobic sentiments and mischaracterized the event as “trying to groom children to be gay.” 

This is from the “sexy summer camp,” aimed at children.

Can you believe these bigots believe that children are going to be getting groomed by boy hungry pedophiles at the family friends child grooming show? What a reedonkulous notion. That would never happen.

The rest of the article is just them whining about being victims. No real evidence is given of anyone being seriously threatened. It’s possible that these creeps got spooked by some threats, but it’s possible that they’re just playing the victim, as always. I can’t say for sure either way.

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  1. “Pride” is the NGO public face of the government’s anti-natalist policy. As you can see on the Victoria Pride website, all three levels of government are “rainbow revolutionary” supporters (https://victoriapridesociety.org/partners/).

    So an anti-natalist NGO front group offering a “family friendly” anything is beyond bizarre.

    They may want to rape your kids, but they will settle for normalizing the idea of sterile pointless buttsex. Bye bye future families…!

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