Reduxx has learned that members of a German pro-pedophilia group were present and demonstrating during one of Europe’s largest Pride celebrations in Cologne.

According to a post on the website K13online, members of the pedophile community called Krumme-13 congregated at the parade, colloquially known as Christopher Street Day (CSD), on July 2, and displayed a flag representing “minor-attracted persons” pride.

Shocking pedophobia from this fucking White Male.

It hasn’t been long enough since my precious neo-vagina was exposed to the vicious pedophobia of the Trans Exclusionary Radical Pedophobes, TERPs, over at Reduxx. Last time I checked in they were whining about the pedo origins of “gender identity,” with Dr. John Money. They are once again, like clockwork, wearing their bigotry on their sleeves as they lead the charge to be on the wrong side of history.

The post uses the acronym LGBTIQ+P and demands the “official inclusion of pedophiles” within the LGBT movement. Describing the symbolism of the MAP flag, Krumme-13 says that the colors “connect pedo-, hebe- and/or also partheno-/ephebophiles,” which are sexual paraphilias that distinguish the preferred age ranges for sexual abusers. The baby blue and pink stripes in the MAP flag which symbolize a sexual interest in young boys and young girls, respectively, correspond with those seen in the transgender pride flag.

It really is shocking how easy it is to find pedophobia on the internet. We need to get that pedophile “gay rights activist,” cop to start giving us in the pedo community legal privileges in the form of hate crimes. Almost all Minor Attracted Persons that I know are frequently the victim of hate crimes and other expressions of the normals being uppity.

Krumme-13, along with other German child sex abuse advocates, call for the inclusion of pedophilia as a protected “sexual identity” in accordance with Article 3 of Germany’s Basic Law, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of certain characteristics, including race and sex.

“In 2023 there will be CSD [parades] again in many cities. K13online is already calling on the German pedophile scene to actively participate in one way or another in the [demonstrations] of the LGBTIQ+(P) communities,” a post reads.

Luckily, many in the AIDS community have already taken up our cause. Allyn Walker had to lose its job just because of the great work it did for us in the boyrape community, but the tide is turning. As long as we can keep the filthy pedophobes with only the Republican Party, always there to throw the fight, we shall remain on the right side of history.

Krumme-13 is spearheaded by pedophile lobbyist Dieter Gieseking, who has filed a total of three petitions with the Bundestag, or parliament, calling on members of the political parties SPD (Socialist Democrats), FDP (Free Democratic Party) and the Greens to agree to an amendment to Article 3 which would protect pedophilia as a “sexual identity.”

Gieseking frames his campaigning as an effort to defend “children’s rights” and to protect “sexual minorities” from discrimination. The two most recent petitions submitted to the government were lodged on February 14, 2021.

In a 2018 interview for the program Veto, Gieseking repeatedly refers to pedophilia as a “romantic relationship,” and insists that children can seduce adults. “On the forums and in my experience there are many times, for example, when a boy of let’s say 12, actually initiates the relationship,” he says.

In his experience?

Let’s take a look at ol’ Dieter Gieseking.

For some strange reason I find it believable that he would in fact be a pedophile.

Gieseking also made several references to the Netherlands, a country known for its prominent pedophile activism and which currently hosts the majority — 66 percent — of all CSAM sites in the European Union. He told the interviewer, Holger Kreymeier, that Germany should follow the Netherlands’ lead and lower the age of consent to 12 years old. Dutch pedophile activists have been campaigning for a lower age of consent for several decades and were nearly successful in 1985, but were prevented by intense public scrutiny.

“That is just the current zeitgeist, in the past studies have shown the many benefits (of sex with children) for children… The problem is that victim protection and child protection organizations have sprung up and influenced mainstream media,” he added. Gieseking speaks of the multinational pro-pedophile campaigning that occurred through the 60’s – 80’s in nations such as the United States, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands as a better time for the “zeitgeist.”

Jaime, can we please see that graphic again?

Just remember, no matter how insanely unpopular these pedos are, conservatives sole job is to get out in front of your response to them, and make sure that goes nowhere and you get nothing. It might seem impossible, but with koshervatism, these people can and will get everything they want, including unsupervised access to your children.

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  1. If they put the question to the general population.

    What should be done with pedos?
    A: we should unethically use the power of the state to violate their holy god-given rights to practice their sexuality.
    B: they should all be taken out behind the wood shed.
    C: no change from status quo.
    D: give pedos rights.

    The vast majority of people would choose the most hardcore option without blinking an eye, no matter how you worded the question.

  2. “It might seem impossible, but with koshervatism, these people can and will get everything they want”
    It will start with debate. That is how it always begins, and conervatives will take the bait and debate the issue. The strongest defense against systemized pedo normalcy is its taboo. It is arguably our only defense, for once debate occurs and the conversations becomes normalized, the system will begin to divide political advocates into camps. Anti-Fascists understand the power of taboo’s very well, which is why Nazis are denied any platform. Giving a platform weakens the taboo. In our case, platforms allows people to hear what we have to say and many agree to it, causing expansion of our worldview. In the case of nonces, it allows the conversation to occur, weakening the taboo and allowing the system to begin legislative pressure to normalize pedos. All that is stopping the flood is taboo. The system has an entire set of institutions, judges, corporations, politicians and NGO’s ready to roll out pedo normalcy, but cannot do so while the issue remains a unified bipartisan taboo.

    The debate itself can never happen, and any conservative willing or planning to engage in such a discussion must be accused of being a pedo. We have to take a leaf out of antifa’s book on this one. No platform for pedo discussion. No debate of the issue. It must be denied and anyone engaging in it should be accused of being a pedo, even if they are in opposition. In most cases, especially if they are. The system will have no problem using shitlib hatred of conservatives to create an association of anti-pedoism with their percieved conservative nemesis. All it would take is one debate between some pro-pedo sycophant to engage in a debate with someone like Ben Shapiro and shitlibs will side with the pro-pedo. The taboo is our only defense. Debate erodes the taboo, and then it becomes enforced by the system. The system wants to manufacture tolerance, but cannot do so if the debate itself remains taboo.

    1. Very much correct.

    2. @InfoDigger: You are completely correct.

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  4. As far as I’m concerned, the LGBT alphabet soup is a catch-all term for degenerates that would be dealt with in a serious society.

    In that context, pedos absolutely belong in that group.

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