I’ve been getting more and more involved in local politics, and a big part of that is cataloguing just how fake and gay it is. I didn’t even know that the BC Premier, John Horgan of the NDP, was stepping down until today, almost a month later.


B.C. Premier John Horgan has announced his plans to step down before the next provincial election.

The two-term NDP premier made the announcement Tuesday, saying he had every intention to run for another term but decided he couldn’t continue after undergoing “rigorous” treatment for throat cancer within the past several months.

John Horgan was most famous for trying to be hip with the keedz and saying the following during a debate.

Yeah, he really said that. That’s not a deepfake, it’s him. And now he’s being replaced with some other whore from the NDP. By far the most likely candidate is David Eby.

BC Liberal Caucus:

VICTORIA (July 19, 2022) – As he gets set to announce his ambitions to be the next Premier of British Columbia later today, it’s clear the NDP’s soft-on-crime Attorney General and low-on-results Housing Minister David Eby cannot be trusted.

David Eby

I’ve written about David Eby before. He’s the piece of shit who persecuted Rob Hoogland on behalf of the perverts who were unfortunately successful in mutilating his child. The BC Liberals are going to call him “soft on crime,” but that’s not really true. He’ll throw the book at a father trying to save his child, but also let some negro gang members off with a slap on the wrist so they can go and terrorize your community. 

We start with the his fake claims to be doing something on housing. 

“As Housing Minister, David Eby has consistently failed to take action to make life more affordable for British Columbians. Since the NDP came to power in 2017, Eby has presided over the biggest decline in housing affordability in a generation. The NDP promised to build 114,000 units of new housing, but after five years they’ve only completed a shocking six per cent of their goal,” said MLA Todd Stone. “With an astounding 74 per cent of British Columbians now giving up hope of ever owning a home, David Eby has only recently acknowledged the lack of housing supply is a major reason why B.C.’s housing market is the most expensive in North America — this despite villainizing housing developers for years. David Eby’s track record shows he is unable to get results, whether it’s on the housing crisis, tackling crime, or his staggering and unprecedented losing streak in the courts as Attorney General.

His losing streak in the courts bears further investigation. That could be him intentionally throwing cases against antifas or organized crime. It could also be him doing bullshit persecution of innocent people on behalf of Globo Homo Schlomo to an extent that even the courts have to reign him in. It could go either way.

As for the housing, all of this is true. 74% of British Columbians have given up on owning a house. This is an insane statistic that’s just sort of accepted nowadays. Our parents owned a house, but we won’t. This isn’t actually normal, but it’s been that way for so long that people have learned to accept it.

According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), B.C. will need to build 570,000 additional homes by 2030 to deliver any sort of affordability to the housing market — far more than the NDP’s promise of 114,000 affordable homes which has only seen 7,219 units of housing opened since 2017. In usual fashion, instead of being accountable for decisions made under his watch, Eby recently fired most of the NDP-appointed board members of BC Housing after an Ernst & Young report found serious failures with the NDP’s housing programs. Meanwhile, a National Bank report says it now takes 38 years to save for a down payment on a home in Vancouver under the NDP.

It’s a real mystery why houses are so expensive. 

Oh right, my bad. I forgot that immigrants were “building housing wealth,” by pricing you out of the market. Just like how migrants “improve labour efficiency,” by… lowering wages for everyone. Think of all the housing market gains that you can see with more migrants. I mean, you personally won’t be able to buy a home, but think of all the value that the housing market has.

The BC Liberals solution to this is flooding the market with homes, which no one actually wants, because it destroys the character of communities. No one wants mass produced houses in their formerly sleepy cove. The solution is just to not have immigrants. That and international speculation on houses.

David Eby also drew criticism for co-authoring a disgraced 2015 study that suggested Asian homebuyers were the root cause of the housing affordability crisis. In this study, Eby looked at a small sample of 172 homes to count the number of “non-Anglicized names” and blamed these individuals for skyrocketing Lower Mainland home prices. This deeply flawed study promoted racist tropes and likely contributed to a rise in anti-Asian hate in British Columbia with Vancouver named the anti-Asian hate crime capital of North America. Recently, the study’s claims were thoroughly repudiated by Associate Chief Justice Austin Cullen of the B.C. Supreme Court.

What’s this I see now?


I highly doubt this study was Deboonked, as the Liberals claim, because it sounds obviously true. Immigrants raise housing prices. That’s just what happens. And of course the BC Liberals are taking you not being able to buy a house, and using this to whine about how the NDP is too mean to Asians. 

“Under David Eby and the NDP, crime severity is up, anti-Asian hate crimes have spiked, no-charge assessments have skyrocketed,

Hate crime charges are political charges. No one believes that the BC NDP has it out for Asians, David Eby included. 

and Vancouver now sees an average of four unprovoked stranger attacks a day. People feel more unsafe than ever,” added MLA Karin Kirkpatrick. “After years of inaction and incompetence, instead of finally addressing some of the top issues in our province that he is directly responsible for, David Eby thinks he deserves a promotion to Premier.”

It’s more inaction than incompetence. As we see in the BC Liberals own Finkle-piece, David Eby is an antifa in the mold of Chessa Boudin. He’s trying his best to let as much criminal scum out of jail as possible.

Before becoming Attorney General, David Eby authored a manual on “How to Sue the Police” and penned other radical activist materials critical of law enforcement.

“At a time when people are struggling to make ends meet with rising unaffordability and our healthcare system in crisis, British Columbians are looking for someone who puts forward common sense solutions and gets things done, not empty NDP promises and radical activism. Unfortunately, it’s easy to see how, as Premier, David Eby would revert to his radical roots once he is out of John Horgan’s shadow. His failure to address the crime running rampant in our cities is clear evidence of this,” concluded MLA Trevor Halford. “The NDP is all talk and no action — on affordability, on crime, and more. Lots of bold promises with no follow-through. While David Eby’s record is too radical and abysmal to be Premier, his candidacy epitomizes the NDP government’s record of flashy promises and no results.”

Just look at him.

David Eby is so bad “on crime,” that a bunch of mayors wrote a letter to him demanding he stop being such a faggot and start actually going after repeat offenders. Eby has refused, because that’s not what he’s there to do. He’s the dollar store Bill Ayers, and he’s probably going to be the BC NDP’s new leader.

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  1. If you want migrants to drive up the price of housing then choosing Chinese is a lot smarter than squatemalens…

  2. For all his faults, Horgan was one of the last NDP MLAs with any old school blue collar labour background. The liberals really damaged the skilled trades apprenticeship system in BC back in early 2000s. Horgan started rebuilding it, but that good work will at best stall, and more likely be undone from a newer, far more dangerous woke angle under the newer NDP.

    The libs under Falcon won’t be any better but they’ll skip the proggishness. Too bad Ellis Ross didn’t become liberal leader. That would have been far more interesting.

    BTW what was your old site?

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