I was recently forwarded the following image. This is a sign you’ll see at Stonehenge.

And I’m sorry, what was it that is written at the top of the sign?

Nothing says English Heritage than a non-English, and not even White person holding a sword while dressed in Medieval garb. Truly these people are in fact more English than the real English because of some bullshit about how being English is about inclusiveness or believing in Capitalism or something like that.

On the English Heritage site we can see the blurb from the sign.

English Heritage Site:

Stonehenge is a masterpiece of engineering, built using only simple tools and technologies, before the arrival of metals and the invention of the wheel. Building the stone circle would have needed hundreds of people to transport, shape and erect the stones. These builders would have required others to provide them with food, to look after their children and to supply equipment including hammerstones, ropes, antler picks and timber. The whole project would have needed careful planning and organisation.

Most of the things on that site are refreshingly White, as should be expected from something literally called English Heritage. They even have some parts that are explicitly about “our ancestors,” etcetera. However, the poz most definitely seeps in.

I couldn’t find the exact sign shown at the top of this article, not on their website at least. But in any case, it truly is amazing how the anti-White agenda simply does not stop. Remember, teaching Aboriginal children how to read in schools that they demanded that we build for them and fund with our tax dollars is “cultural genocide,” but pretending that negroes built stonehenge, oh that’s just diversity and inclusiveness, goy.

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  1. The sole means of contacting the freaks, outside of England, is a bot thing.

  2. […] dailyrake.ca/2022/08/08/kangz-be-buildin-stonehenge-and-shieeet/ […]

  3. Soon niggas will be complaining that wyte pipo used them as forced labour to build Stonehenge an’ sheet, and demanding compensation as inter-generational victim survivors.

    And the CBC will just roll with that rift – “every medieval negro matters”, etc.

    So tiresome….

  4. It’s just humiliation. There’s no other reason for it. It’s just there as a reminder to say “Fuck you, White people!”. I’m so used to seeing it that I had a real “ARCHITECTURE” moment and thought “they didn’t wear that back then”.

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