Fifteen days ago I sat down with Monika Schaefer and interviewed her. I wrote up the overview almost two weeks ago, and you can see the entire hour and a half long interview below.

I’ve been putting off doing this because transcribing video is such a time committment. Ideally I’d get some software to transcribe the talk for me, but everything I’ve tried has failed me in the past. Still, enough whining, let’s just get right into it.

We started off exchanging pleasantries, and I, being me, was somewhat disorganized and took a minute to get my notes. After that, we had a very enjoyable back and forth where we both made fun of the lampshadocaust. We both went into how ridiculous the stories are, as well as how often they change.

Me: … and so it’s one thing for these people, someone connected to say the ADL or B’Nai Brith or whoever, to go in and say “okay that story’s not true, but the whole thing is true.” They’re okay with you doing that, especially when they are the ones doing it.

Monika: Yeah.

Me: But they’re not, obviously they’re not okay with someone saying “no the whole thing is slander.”

Monika: And how many other court cases actually get thrown out if the witness is found to have lied on one item. They are thrown out because they’re not credible anymore. But someone with this story it doesn’t matter how many of their lies have been exposed and proven. And in fact they themselves admit “oh well yeah that didn’t really happen.” But they still keep this six million story. This six million – the cult number of six million that died in gas chambers.

But at different times the story was they were put onto conveyer belts, an electric current was put through, or they were killed in electric vans. At different times the story changed. And then they couldn’t pin down a location that it actually happened at. I mean Auschwitz is sort of the place that many people think of as the main place, but even there they couldn’t pin down where it was. So then they changed the story for that one as well. They said “oh it happened at these two farm houses just outside of the camp.”

But it’s like, what do you mean? Just suddenly magically we’re gonna put these six million, well they said four million died at Auschwitz and the other two elsewhere. But then they officially reduced those numbers to one million.

Me: Yeah, multiple times.

Monika: Yeah, multiple times. But even according to the jewish so-called “historians,” (it’s one million). And yet six minus three is still six.

About five years back there was a huge push among zionists to collectively deboonk the false claim that five million non-jews were murdered in the Schlomocaust. Except that was their claim. So they were fact-checking themselves and deboonking their own atrocity propaganda.

But the entire story is idiotic, something I’ve made fun of before.

The Lampshadocaust has followed a development very similar to software. Instead of simply being a thing that happened, it’s like it keeps getting “patched,” as the goyim keep finding new bugs and glitches in the story that need to be patched out. Something that would have gotten you thrown in jail for fact-checking in version 2.2.1 of the Lampshadocaust is now marked deprecated and obsolete as of patch 

And of course the numbers are whatever we say they are goy!

Here we see Professor Frank McDonough, one of the most respected (fake) historians on the lolocaust just spontaneously agreeing with a rabbi who changed the count of dead jews from six million to twelve million to eighteen million during the same twitter thread.

I have to wrap it up here. The next part, coming far sooner than this ever delayed piece, will be about Monika’s personal journey from a very normal and trusting young girl to the Monika that we know and love today. 

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