Many of you reading this have probably read my piece covering the initial protest in Akron, Ohio organized by the NJP. I was shocked, truly shocked to my core that these bigots of Whiteness would go do a “peaceful protest,” that was a clear threat of violence against the trannies of colour community in Akron, Ohio.

But at the time, while visibily shaking with rage at the audacity of it all I consoled myself with the realization that it was over. There would be no more of these vicious blackphobes threatening our democracy with their voices of rage.

Or so I thought, until our collective consciences were penetrated by the long dick of Whyte Supremacy. El Yol, who I am not personally but feel a spiritual connection to, documented these goyim walking around with guns and body armour.

In a perfect world all local news outlets would send not a single white reporter to cover this.

You said it Ms. Yol. Racial discrimination makes me sick. We also need to do it constantly to White People.

Sadly, anyone who’s not wyt would be in a precarious situation.

Another reality based take from El. In downtown Akron, the people most likely to kill you are the unarmed White People wyt peepol, and not the armed Customer-Americans roaming about.

They are armed, wearing body armor, and not afraid to show force. #Akron #AkronPd

I took the liberty of screencapping that video. It’s unedited, so these natzees have no way of deboonking the clear and obvious fact that they were all decked out in body armour and toting AK-47’s. 

Like, I don’t even know what to say. The video clearly shows these White Men armed to the teeth and with body armour to boot. That these filthy goy-natzees try to deny this just shows that they live in a completely different universe to the rest of us.

Luckily, El Yol zooms in at the end of the video, giving us an extremely clear and undeniable shot of two natzees wearing body armour and holding up AR-15’s that say “Stop anti-White Hate” and “Double Standard.”

Body armour clearly visible.

I don’t know if El Soy was the woman who filmed this, or if she simply got a hold of the footage from the brave Karen who risked serious life and limb to hit that record button on her phone. 

This video provides us with some context. We start off with the Whiteness Enjoyers, lead by Mike “new Hitler” Enoch, boldly slapping the fat cock of White Supremacy all over the innocent brown face of oppression.

… the incentives in the same way. So anybody who wants to come up and yell at us, call us White Supremacists, calls us racists, get angry at us, come and do it.

I have to admit, at this point, I had lost much hope. Would no one answer the call? Was there no one brave enough to stand on the morally superior side of international finance capital?

And then, just as my spirits were at their lowest, she appears. As if placed by Yahweh himself, she appears.

And the bigots in the video can be heard unironically saying:

Guys, we’ve got to pack it in.

… while they nervously laugh at their own impotence.

We did it reddit! WE REALLY DID IT! Or rather, she did it.

Praise be to Yahweh the volcano demon. Praise be to George Soros. And praise be to the Akron Catlady, who stood up against these White Men demanding justice when no one else would. No really, no one. Not a soul.

There were other antifas in the area just a block away, but they shut their fucking mouths and didn’t bother showing up. It was only Akron Catlady 38, also known as “LGBTFriendlyRedditor57,” who showed up. And for that, I salute her.

But seriously, imagine spending a Sunday showing up all by yourself just to counter-protest a clear and obvious example of racially motivated denial of justice.

At least she helped out with our optics for us.

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  1. Maybe she thought that Mike was packing some body armor. Unfortunately we all know he’s not packing any body armor, but that Mike’s crippling addiction to ranch does not do very good things for his figure.

    1. But he’s wearing the right colors for his complexion, and his hair is perfect. That is what REALLY matters. Think of Moike as an old school opera singer. When you give so much, as a brilliant and courageous White Advocate – you need to get something back. If Ranch Dressing helps Moike be Moike – Godspeed that zingy, tasty, creamy, playful condiment!

  2. […] Brave Catlady Stands up to Aryan Supremacists in Akron, Ohio When No One Else Would […]

  3. White cat-lady doing the peaceful protesting that blacks won’t do.

  4. Dumb cunt whore

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