It occurred to me only after I left that perhaps better than copy-pasting the note you have all seen about me being away for the weekend, it would have been better to simply announce myself leaving in one quick dedicated article. Well, we can’t turn back the clock, and what’s important is that I have returned. I’m all in one piece, minus a groin that decided to commit seppuku after one ill advised rolling session.

Generic BJJ pic I found on the internet, not from the weekend.

Other than that one snafu it was a fantastic weekend. I got to hang out with a bunch of great guys, meet a bunch more, and head on out to a few great events. If this all sounds quite vague, that’s done intentionally. I can’t spoil anything from the trip until the organizers make an announcement, but I needed to make this announcement to preempt a bunch of questions about where I went this weekend. We’ll get there, it’s coming. I know that’s cryptic, but just stay tuned.

In the meantime we will resume our regular scheduled content.

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