We left off with me reproducing the intro to whet your appetite. The original plan was simply to reproduce the entirety of the remaining forty page paper in this followup article. But then I had the same problem I’ve been having while reviewing Miller’s book “In His Own Words.” The paper spawns discussion. 

It’s also quite long, and I didn’t want people to ignore it. Luckily, Mr. Nonymous has broken his work up into three main sections. First “An introduction to the problem,” followed by “Faith in the Chain of Command,” and finishing with “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!”. While it may seem duplicative, I’ll be covering the much expanded introduction in this piece.

1. The Absolute State of CAF Internal Communications

If only you knew how bad things really are…
– Anonymous 4chan poster

Every week, mass emails are sent to every CAF member and DND civilian on their internal email system, and they are a good dip stick of what the top brass (tin, because we’re broke) care about. They are called defense team messages, and they have anywhere from 10-25 headlines/links within. I acquired a set of these messages sent from January to June of 2022 and made the below list of headlines which I thought were telling (keep in mind these are merely an excerpt of each email). Take a look and see if there is anything you notice about these (aside from spelling mistakes and encoding errors), noting there are some duplicates that were used in multiple weekly messages:

No amount of praying and begging would get this next section formatted properly in WordPress. Beyond that, he provides links to all of these emails, which I couldn’t reproduce without an extremely time consuming process. Instead we’re going with screencaps.

A. Nonymous doesn’t even bother providing direct commentary on these emails. And honestly, what is there to say? The Canadian Armed Forces appears indistinguishable from the University of British Columbia’s Social Justice Institute at this point.

A. The Hardy Boys and the Corporal who didn’t care anymore

For a military organization, there sure is a lot of time and space devoted to counter-productive bullshit. Yes, it’s bullshit and I’m tired of pretending otherwise. These emails do have some worthwhile or at least non-bullshit material most of the time, usually right near the bottom of the message, but it is drowned out by the aforementioned nonsense. Below is a (poorly done) screenshot of one such Defence Team Message, broken into 2 pieces. Pretend you are a corporal who just received this in their inbox. That’s a joke by the way, I’d imagine most corporals have these set to auto-delete on receipt…


I’d imagine it went something like this. You saw the 60 Seconds with XYZ, and figured you could use those 60 seconds for something else. Or maybe not, fair enough. Then you saw the health services survey, and likely decided to politely, but firmly decline. Finally, you saw Asian heritage month and closed the email. Already on the 3rd heading, they’re virtue signaling with race-based propaganda, so why bother reading more? That’s unfortunate, because way down near the bottom of the message, there was a link talking about how four military members lost their lives in a motor vehicle accident. Would you consider that event to be, perhaps, of more importance than coronavirus bullshit or pay outcomes for civilian employees? Well, you considered wrong in the eyes of the author.

Referencing the list of headings above, do you see how people would get tired of such nonsense very quickly, even those who are unaware of the nature of this diversity stuff? Fortunately, those headlines are mostly from the weekly messages. That’s right, they also send topic specific messages when pertinent. As you can well imagine, most of these topics can fit within the women-gender-nonwhite-LGBTABCD-racism sphere of conversation.

You, the imaginary corporal, would be forgiven for thinking that the CAF exists solely to convert money into pride flags and women-only events. Imagine closing one of these emails, then looking outside the window at a parking lot full of dead-but-alive military scrap vehicles. What sort of organizational priorities do you perceive at this point? Statistically, as an imaginary corporal, you are most likely 25-30 years old, male, White, and heterosexual. Based on the firehose of bullshit in your inbox every week, it would be somewhat clear to you that unlike the CAF’s email servers you are neither wanted nor appreciated, and you would understand that the CAF cares more about dividing its people into categories than it does leveraging them to accomplish its mandate in unison, whatever that mandate has become. Isn’t the point of the uniform to make everyone the same? Didn’t you learn in public school that race doesn’t matter, and that a person is to be judged by their merits, rather than their skin or genitals?

Women in the military you say?

Were it so sexy. Sadly the reality is far less physically attractive, and far more insane.

B. Down the gender-neutral Rabbit Hole

These are just emails, of course, but they are backed up by a variety of CAF and government sources and corroborated by real life events. Let’s check out a few, shall we?

Guide on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Terminology

Noslangues link. (source: Defence Team Messages)

I recommend taking a look at this, a government dictionary of diversity stuff. Here is an excerpt from a heading for ‘race’:

“Definition: A group of people who are arbitrarily categorized according to common physical characteristics, regardless of language, culture or nationality.

Notes: The concept of race has long since been used to establish differences between groups of people, often according to a hierarchy. It focuses on identifiable physical characteristics, such as skin colour, hair texture and facial features.

There is no scientific basis for the concept of race.

Refusing to talk about race could imply that racism and its consequences do not exist.”

Wait, WHAT? Race doesn’t scientifically exist (false), but refusing to talk about it [the thing that doesn’t exist] could imply that racism and its consequences do not exist? This reads like an awful facebook-tier meme from grandma, but this is an official government website. If you check the second definition for ‘racism’ (they have two) it states that it is ‘An ideology that establishes a hierarchy between races or ethnic groups’. An ideology that establishes hierarchy between different types of things that don’t exist? Anyways, please take a look and suffer on your own time, my brain already hurts; Clearly, I am not cut out for elite mental gymnastics.

A. Nonymous certainly is, but the above gibberish about race is a clear example of midwitism. Simple people can see that obviously race is real. Intelligent people can destroy the idiotic race denialist psuedo-intellectualism. But there exists a certain class of midwits who combine their relative lack of intellect with Obedient Personality Disorder and go on bloviating about how race is a deboonked idea.

Canada’s anti-racism strategy

Canadian Federal Government: (Source: Defence Team Messages)

Remember how race was defined as a social construct that doesn’t exist scientifically, just moments ago? Aside from the fact that the assertion is ludicrous, it is also scientifically false; Trusting the science© just isn’t the same since Thalidomide was deemed safe and effective™. This fake definition comes up as the first definition in the glossary, even before the introduction. “Race isn’t real, now read 70+ pages about how we’re going to address discrimination based on something that isn’t real” I’m not going to rehash this, let’s jump to the introduction and see what lovely morsels they have for us. I’m going to paraphrase some:

-foreign born non-Whites earn less than foreign born Whites

-Black men earn less than White men

-Natives are 4.9% of the population but 23.1% of criminal offenders

-There were 2,073 police-reported hate crimes in Canada in 2017 – a 47% increase over the previous year

-Hate crimes targeting Jewish and Muslim populations were the most common type of hate crime related to religion

-11% of individuals with a non-Christian religion indicated that they faced discrimination based on their religion in the previous five years compared to 1% of Christians.

The first two can be thrown out immediately. It is illegal to discriminate against people in Canada based on race, unless they are White. Earnings gap is therefore a personal choice, nothing more.

Not sure I agree with that last part, the bold being mine. IQ and earnings are strongly correlated. These people don’t necessarily choose to not graduate high school or not be functional engineers. Instead, they lack the grey matter.

That’d be kind of like saying that since the NHL or NFL are not legally allowed to discriminate against women, that women are not in the NHL purely due to choice. No, it’s because they suck at playing hockey. Frankly, women suck at most athletic endeavours, which is why trannies in female sports is such a big deal.

See “Lia” Thomas, for the greatest example.

The third one is complicated, and you can interpret it however you want. Are Natives more prone to criminal activity? Are their living conditions worse? Too bad, they have the choice to move out and work for a living, just like everyone else.

Hate crimes, eh? Hate crimes against non-Whites are easy to flaunt when hate crimes against Whites aren’t even considered hate crimes! Don’t believe me? Here, check out this article by the Washington Post.

Likewise, this applies to religions as well. Remember those church vandalism incidents during the summer of 2021, in the wake of the mass child grave that still hasn’t been proven to exist? Remember how the RCMP diligently investigated them? Yeah, uh, they didn’t do shit because Christianity bad, or something. Meanwhile, Rabbi Shekelberg paints a swastika on the Synagogue at night, and the pity points roll in.

To my knowledge there has never been an anti-Christian hate crime prosecuted. We had 70 churches arsoned or otherwise vandalized in the first month of the Gravocaust, with not a single anti-Christian hate crime charge.

One of the very first article series on this site was covering the desecration of a church in Vancouver less than an hours drive from myself. As can be expected, despite the explicit antifa membership of the cunts responsible, no hate crime charges were laid by the VPD, to no one’s surprise.

The conclusions of this anti-racism strategy are entirely predictable: In order to stop racism, they will indefinitely look for racism. Because they have a financial interest in finding racism, they will continue to discover racism, even if it is invented.

Ask me anything – Asian heritage month

Canadian Federal Government Website: (Source: Defence Team Messages)

May is Asian heritage month, a time to celebrate the contributions of Asians. That’s fine, I guess. No, you don’t get to have a White heritage month because of reasons; go fuck yourself. So, what will this event consist of? The description is, uhhhh, helpful I guess?

“The Ask Me Anything series provides you with an opportunity to increase your perspective—to learn from the lived experiences of individuals who are bravely sharing their stories to help educate and move the public service towards a culture where equity is embedded.”

Good for them, except what are they talking about? Lived experiences, does that imply that the mayonnaise coloured among us have neither lived, nor experienced anything? Bravely sharing what stories? Educating us towards equity? I could go on a tirade about equity. In fact I will later, but I will try to focus for the moment. This description is awful, forget what I said earlier, and forget the description altogether; It doesn’t matter, we all know what this is about. Let’s see who the panelists are:

-Alfonso Ralph Mendoza Manalo, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy Advisor, Race-based Data Collection Policy Advisor, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

-Marilou Moles, Senior Advisor, Integrated Planning and Coordination in the Afghanistan sector, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

-Jennifer Hong, Co-chair of Visible Minority Advisory Council (VMAC), Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)

The first and last ones are self-explanatory. Their jobs are to find things to blame White people for. They don’t do actual work, they don’t lift sandbags, or clean halls. They don’t analyze business data for cost effectiveness, nor do they drive tractors. Their jobs are to bitch about racism, blame [White] people for it, and make the organization change at their whim. They have a financial incentive to find (invent) racism. Imagine a sewer treatment plant that just recirculates the same turds to justify its existence. In fact, Alfonso appears to also work to the end of obfuscating or altering police data [race-based data collection advisor] to presumably hide 13-do-50 or similarly inconvenient truths.

What does Marilou do, then? She, uhhhh, runs a lifestyle and fashion blog which “…she uses to support local businesses, showcases Black, Indigenous, and People of Color-owned businesses/artists.” Here it is.

So, we have two race-baiters, and one lady who apparently runs a successful blog. What does this have to do with Asian heritage month again? The authors have gone out of their way to talk about how Asian and diverse and Asian and non-White and Asian they are, and how their Asianness showcases Asian heritage month (for Asians), but have they actually showcased the merits of Asia or their own personal merits? Maybe they have, but it certainly isn’t mentioned here. This is the problem; nobody should care objectively that they are Asian in this context. Are they diligent and good people who contribute positively? Nobody objectively cares where a desk fan is made until it demonstrates its ability to move air. Frankly, this is an insult to Asia and its people. I know a variety of Asians, of varying types.

None of their cultures consist of bitching about racism and blaming whitey for everything, though you would be forgiven for assuming that after seeing this abomination. Granted, I didn’t attend the virtual event, so my ability to pass judgement is limited, but I hardly think that my judgements of the invitation are far from the truth.

This section ends with a detailed look at the Edmonton Pride Parade, and the CAF engagement with it. Spoiler: it’s exactly what you think. But we’ll get to that next time. I still need my Covid-19 recuperation time, although I’m getting noticeably better.

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  1. I have a lot of questions to ask these race baiter types… I don’t think they’re interested in answering any questions from a white man.

  2. Race baiters – what a bunch of clowns. Shooting their mouths off while dressed in White man’s clothing, using White tech, living in White-designed houses, and using Whites’ power grids, health care, transportation systems, etc. Part of me wants a grand social collapse, just so I can see the look on their retardedly smug faces when the water doesn’t run after they turn on the taps!

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