Yesterday Darrell Brooks was found guilty of all 76 charges. This was an appropriate verdict as far as the jury was concerned, and the speed at which they delivered this, with less than two hours of deliberation, indicates how fed up they were with this murderous anti-White BLM terrorist making a mockery of them, their town, and our legal system. Our legal system ought to be mocked of course, but on our  terms, and for our reasons, such as the complete lack of hate crime or terrorism charges for Darrell Brooks.

This video that I made back in late 2021 shows much of Darrell Brooks’ clear anti-White racial animus. It’s really not up for debate that he did this to White People because they were White, and he drove thirty miles out of his way to murder them.

Mike Enoch was making the point on TRS, and continuing to do so on telegram, that the legal arguments against the prosecution throwing hate crime charges at Brooks were bunk. Considering how much the jury absolutely hated him, I think it’s unquestionable that he would have been convicted of hate crimes, so I’m not sympathetic to these “have to undercharge to secure conviction,” arguments. And besides, he should have been charged with hate crimes according to the letter of the law anyway. It’s not like these don’t exist in Wisconsin.

NBC News:

A Wisconsin man was charged with a hate crime after allegedly cutting his neighbors’ internet cable because he thought they were in the country illegally and don’t deserve the service, according to a criminal complaint.

On Sept. 22, a worker came to install internet in the Eau Claire apartment upstairs from Shannon Pearson. Pearson, 48, who admitted to drinking alcohol earlier that day, told officers he “was upset because the upstairs occupants were in the country illegally” and “should not be able to get cable.”

J.L. and M.A. are not in the country illegally, according to police.

Hate crimes against who? Mexicans? If Shannon Pearson was angry about some random Mexicans being imported into his country by (((international finance capital))) then he should have joined the NJP instead of cutting their cable lines. But compare this to the clear and obvious racial hatred Darrell Brooks displayed towards White People. Mike Enoch showed this to the police officer at their latest Waukesha protest, and talked even more on the latest TDS about the Waukesha PD trying to charge people who put up pro-White flyers in Waukesha with hate crimes.

Unfortunately I forgot to save the actual pic, instead getting this parody from NJP Propaganda Dispensary. I’m kicking myself for not having it, but we already saw Brooks’ anti-White posts in the video above. Here are a few as a reminder.

Looking through this brought up the classic comparison to James Fields, who did nothing wrong, but was convicted because he is White.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Under the budget proposal, DOJ would create a new Crime Victim Services grant program, expand Sexual Assault Victim Services grants and increase reimbursement for county victim/witness assistance.

[Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul] wants to fund a 24-hour hate crime hotline to help increase the number of times these crimes are reported so law enforcement can better address hate crimes in Wisconsin.

“We are not able to effectively combat crime if crimes go unreported,” Kaul said. “One area of underreporting includes hate crimes.”

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul

Not only does Wisconsin have hate crime laws, but their current Attorney General, Josh Kaul, is actively seeking for more hate crimes to be reported. Or at least he is officially, but he doesn’t seem interested in any hate crimes against Whitey.

Before anyone points out that he’s a DEMONrat, note that the Republicans are not making an issue out of this. They’re totally complicit in denying you and these White victims of murderous anti-White terrorism the small amount of justice that can be gained through the laws that are already on the books. This goes from Senator Ron Johnson all the way down.

Of course, real justice for Darrell Brooks can only come from an organized crowd of uppity citizens. In the meantime we can support the NJP.

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