We start off with a video from a few days ago. Transcript below.

The reason why I’m announcing that I’m running for President is that I want the FCC to look at my money. If the FCC was looking at my money there would be a possibility that Adidas wouldn’t have went into JP Morgan and froze my account. And put a $75 million hold on four different accounts.

I went from being a multi-billionaire to not being able to use my Apple Pay. Four nights ago I couldn’t use my Apple Pay. Because somehow Adidas was able to legally go in and freeze my money. And when I see this I think so if this could happen to me, this could happen to other Americans.

This could happen to an American that didn’t even steal anything, that didn’t even hurt anyone. This could happen to you for just saying the wrong thing out loud, for expressing yourself.

My understanding is that he hasn’t been banned from Apple in any way. He couldn’t use his Apple Pay because the accounts that were linked to them were frozen by JP Morgan at the behest of Adidas. And yet, Kanye West claims that those four accounts were his.

This is an exceedingly believable claim, despite it being completely illegal. Either there’s some fine print that allows Adidas to control those accounts, or Adidas and JP Morgan just flat out broke the law in doing this to Mr. West. The third possibility is that West made all this up, but I find that highly unlikely.

Apple Insider:

The matter would likely not fall under the Federal Trade Commission either. Most likely, if the bank is acting improperly — and it’s not clear that they are — it would fall under the purview of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) that regulates national banks.

I searched for an article that might disprove this, and found nothing. The closest was this snarky piece that pointed out the FCC wasn’t the regulatory body for this kind of thing, that would be the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OOC). To the best of my knowledge, they have less than zero interest in performing the duty they ostensibly serve, and are deliberately asleep at the wheel over JP Morgan freezing close to $100 million of a customers money because a different customer told them to.

Switching topics, Kanye West went to Mar-A-Lago with a trip that included everybody’s favourite Catboi Tranny Porn Enjoyer, Nick Fuentes. What he had to say about Trump was very insightful, even if it does nothing more than confirm our biases.

Kanye: I think the thing that Trump was most perturbed about was me asking him if he wanted to be my Vice President. 

Making the Potato the second in command?

Yeah I imagine he wouldn’t take too kindly to that. I hope Jared Kushner gives him permission to publicly whine about it.

So Trump is really impressed with Nick Fuentes. And Nick Fuentes, unlike so many of the lawyers, and so many of the people he was left with on his 2020 campaign, he’s actually a loyalist. And when all the lawyers said ‘forget it, Trump’s done,’ there were loyalists running up in the Whitehouse.

The Catboi Cocksucker Juan Fuentes himself.

I don’t have anything else to say about Mr. Fuentes that I haven’t already said. He’s a narcissistic and annoying faggot with no real political beliefs. It’s funny that he was “loyal” to Trump long after the Washington Insiders jumped ship. Everyone who is a serious dissident abandoned Trump after the 2018 mid terms, when he promised to do away with birthright citizenship before simply deciding otherwise. 

JFC this isn’t a parody.

Fuentes and the Catboi Cult were in a difficult position. For years they had attacked serious dissidents as unserious “wignats,” for not supporting Orange Zionist. They also have literally zero sway or power in Washington, which means they had nothing else to glom onto. Combine that with Fuentes’ abandonment of the theoretically promising America First Candidates program, and Fuentes was in a terrible position being left with nothing after Orange Faggot lost in 2020.

It’s a hard spot to be in. I called them the homosexual Republican Party outsiders, and for good reason. They had no credibility with normal people, not just because of their politics but because of the extremely weird behaviour of the nicksuckers and Fuentes himself. Fuentes participated in the Grift the Steal shitshow, threw another TwinkPAC, and that was the last I heard of him before everyone laughed at the Cum Hunting revelations. 

I thought he was totally done for, but I guess Trump wanted to bring him back for one last grift together. It’s sort of like a king at the end of a war that is already lost promoting a retarded, ass kissing lieutenant to general because everyone else is either dead or has abandoned their post.

My question would be, ‘why when you had the chance, did you not free the January 6ers?’

I make a lot of jokes at West’s expense, but I do think he has pretty good instincts. You don’t need to be a genius to point out that Trump is a complete piece of shit whose last major act in office was stabbing his own supporters in the back after grifting $300 million off of them. “I’ll be there with you,” turned into this.

Trump doesn’t have a good answer for this, because there isn’t one.

And I came to him as someone who loves Trump, and I said ‘go and get Corey [Lewandowski] back, go and get these people that the media tried to cancel and told you to step away from.’

Pointing out over and over again that Trump is someone who demands loyalty and gives nothing in return is the best way to make him less popular. That’s the kind of narrative that Dave Chappelle used, but it’s not the kind that the kosher-left likes, since it denies them the moral highground.

He basically gives me this would be mob-esque kind of story. Talking to some kid from the South Side of Chicago tryin’ to sound Mob-y or whatever.

This is great, more on this later.

And he goes into this story about all that he went through to get Alice Johnson out of jail, and how he didn’t do it for Kim, but he did it for me.

Before we go any further, let me explain who this Alice Johnson is.


Alice Marie Johnson (born May 30, 1955)[2] is an American criminal justice reform advocate and former federal prisoner. She was convicted in 1996 for her involvement in a Memphis cocaine trafficking organization and sentenced to life imprisonment. Since her release, Johnson has become an advocate for criminal justice reform in the United States, often invoking her personal experience. The month after her release, in July 2018, she called for an end to mandatory sentencing.[25] In September 2019, she met with Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee to promote greater access to expungement and prisoner education and reduction in barriers to reentry, and to express concerns about the cash bail system.

Alice Johnson

In other words she’s a BLM/Antifa activist, who was in prison because she sold drugs. Donald Trump brags about getting her out of jail, but he refuses to lift a finger to help the hundreds of wrongfully incarcerated political prisoners that he himself demanded go down to the Capitol after literally saying “I’ll be there with you.”

But then he goes on to say ‘Kim is a garbage human being and you can tell her I said that.’ And I was thinking like ‘this is the mother of my children.’ 

West does some Christian stuff that is annoying, but mercifully brief, before continuing to laugh at Trump.

When Trump started basically screaming at me tellin’ me I was gonna lose. I mean, has that ever worked for anyone in history.

Milo *laughing*: You’re gonna lose, tell him you’re gonna lose.

Kanye West puts on a masterclass in dealing with the King Of Israel. Elon Musk hit some of these same notes when he casually dismissed Trump as being an old loser, but West hits them all. First, point out that he does nothing for his supporters, while doing things for their enemies. Second, bring up his fake macho personality. Third, brush off his attacks on your person by chuckling.

What will come of this meeting with Blormph, the Catboi Purrer, and Kanye is unknown, but if he’s already trashing him this hard it doesn’t look good for the Orange Faggot. Fuentes will continue to be an annoying faggot with no political victories, but I’m starting to look forward to the Kanye West presidential campaign. I think he’s going to burn down a lot of the system’s legitimacy with him, and his handler, Milo, has his work cut out for him.

As an aside, when I uploaded those two videos to YouTube I got the following video recommended to me through YouTube News. In it, we see YouTube making sure that they want to raise voices of Blackness and blah blah. Keep in mind, this is the same company that recently gave me another strike – the first one expired if you’re wondering about the image below saying “this is your first strike” – for uploading a video of Kanye West speaking.

I’m not living or dying with Kanye West, but it’s going to be a fun little happening to watch from a safe distance.

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  1. Trump 2024 is DOA, he just doesn’t know it yet — there’s no way the GOP will allow Trump to be nominated.

  2. Speaking of faggots, there’s not one “celebrity” that I know of who came out and supported Kanye.

    Bunch of pussies and the world will never change long as those who know don’t do anything about it. As an asideThe most Sickening Inmates on planet earth are the ones who don’t have anything to lose except they might offend a few “friends” who deserve it – then you mention the Parasite Race with some proof of their sickness – and they actually say they don’t care. I’ve had that happen and I had a next door neighbor Ugly drone with jew wife say to me “WE JUST GOTTA GET THRU THIS” when I gave him some knowledge with my virology mol bio background on the Cornholio-19 scam – I had a surge of my Irish violence hit my brain and I had to struggle to hold back.

    Enjoy your soft couch in Slave Planet Obnoxious Kike Usury World – but that gives me the right to call all of you a bunch of Pukes. Eunuchs all of them.

    1. Whipsnade I honestly struggle to understand most of the comments you leave.

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