I didn’t know, but today is the anniversary of the Holodomor. For those of you who don’t know what that was, (((Bolsheviks))) in the Soviet Union decided that they were going to murder millions of Ukrainians. 

They ostensibly did this purely for economic reasons. Of course, the communists were funded by financiers like (((Jacob Schiff))), who gave the inflation adjusted equivalence of billions to them. Now, theoretically these people should be on opposite sides of the ideological divide, but it’s like they had something in common. Something I can’t quite put my finger on.

If only someone could find out what the connection between Jew communists and Jew capitalists was that would be incredibly helpful. It’s like, they have to have something in common, I just can’t figure out what.

Anyway the Ukrainians were getting uppity and nationalistic, so the solution was to starve millions of them to death. Similar to the attacks on “gun owning ruralites,” or “Science! denying vaccine skeptics,” today, which are codewords for “uppity White People who we don’t like,” the engineered famine served much the same purpose for the (((leadership))) of the Soviet Union. 

Leiba/Lev Bronstein, aka Leon Trostky.

Above we see Lev Bronstein, who is more commonly known as Leon Trotsky. Many of the Jews in the Communist Party in the Soviet Union felt the need to hide their Jewness from the public. This was because they didn’t want anyone to think their jewness informed their politics. After all, they were just really concerned about abstract economic theories. 

The image above is a quote from Mr. Bronstein, allegedly sent to a group of Ukrainians who were starving and asked for help. Bronstein essentially laughed at their goy-faces and told them to eat their children. Unfortunately, I made that image meme years ago, and can’t verify the original quote. What I can verify is that the (((New York Times))) sent a (((Pulitzer))) prize winning “journalist” to go to the Ukraine and then pretend that everything was fine, and it was just a natzee conspiracy theory that anything bad was happening at all.

Holodomor Education:

  • However, Walter Duranty of the New York Times was permitted into Ukraine. He reported that there was no Famine, except for some “partial crop failures.” Duranty set the tone for a good deal of Western press coverage with “authoritative” denials of starvation. He referred to the Famine as the “alleged ‘man-made’ famine of 1933.” However, according to a British Diplomatic Report, Duranty, off the record, conceded that “as many as 10 million” may have perished in the Soviet Union and that “Ukraine had been bled white.”
  • A number of other reporters, such as William Henry Chamberlin, Harry Lang, Malcolm Muggeridge, and Gareth Jones ignored the travel ban and reported on the Famine. Nonetheless, articles by such men as Duranty overshadowed the work of these honest men, clouding public perceptions.
  • In 1932 Walter Duranty received the Pulitzer Prize for his reporting. Despite his obviously and deliberately misleading accounts of the Famine, which denied the fact that it had caused widespread death, Duranty was not stripped of his Pulitzer despite a public campaign for it to be revoked. In 2003, a Pulitzer review board decided to allow Duranty to keep his award due to the fact that “… there was not clear and convincing evidence [in his earlier writing for which he received the prize] of deliberate deception.” The New York Times did issue a public acknowledgement of Duranty’s failures as a journalist [www.nytco.com/company/awards/statement.html].
  • Commenting on the failure of Western journalists to cover the Ukrainian Famine accurately, thoroughly, and with the vigour it deserved, Eugene Lyons, a correspondent for United Press International, concluded in 1937 that, “The Kremlin, in short, ‘had gotten away with it.’”

Walter Duranty

Walter Duranty was a goy, but a buttgoy here and there is no matter. Joseph Pulitzer was a Jew, the New York Times has always been run by zionists, and they will never remove his Pulitzer prize. His reporting may single handedly have swayed public opinion enough to allow World War 2 to happen. That was an unpopular war as it was, but allowing the (((Bolsheviks))) to get away with it could well have been the deciding factor in letting our Zionist Occupied Government get involved without mass riots. The assassination of Huey Long by (((Carl Weiss))) certainly didn’t hurt.

[Respected goy journalist] Malcom Muggeridge: When they were discussing the question of recognizing the Soviet Union, the United States government recognizing the Soviet Union, the articles of Duranty were considered very valuable evidence on the side of recognition.

Just like the founding act of the ADL – the sexual assault and murder of thirteen year old Mary Phagan by the Jew Leo Frank – deserves a deep dive article or even series, the Holodomor deserves a deep dive. That’s for another time.

Because today (((Mike Pushkin))) is Big Mad about the goyim with White Lives Matter getting uppity in downtown West Virginia. Who is Mike Pushkin? Who cares! He’s just someone who had the equal but opposite reaction to seeing these good old goys exercising their right to protest all over America.

Places in America such as Illinois, pictured above. Or Idaho, pictured below.

We even had some fellow Leafs protesting in Toronto of all places.

I’m in contact with one of the goys in this shot, and he sent me a few messages.

I’ve never done anything like this, so it was a bit new. Lots of hate, almost no love toward us, outstanding feeling knowing action was taken.

Yeah, it was only metrosexual and overweight cat ladies. Some nogs in high end cars were calling us “pussies”. Naturally they stayed in their cars…

We had this tiny woman run by calling us “fascists”, and “assholes”. She did so as she was running away. Total coward, and probably a lifelong profligate.

I sent him the Akron Catlady from the NJP protests for comparison.

His response?

Hahahahaha, same body type.


I’ve said some extremely negative things about the WLM guys before. I don’t take back anything that I said in that piece, even if my tone was overly negative. Good propaganda is like good comedy, it takes more than your heart being in the right place.

But I’m liking what I’m seeing more and more. And I’m certainly enjoying the response to this from the usual suspects. As our brave anonymous Torontonian real life shitposter alluded to earlier, it is a thrilling rush of energy to be in one of these dens of scum and villainy proudly being not wanted by the shrieking BLM catladies, and staying there anyway and enjoying the negative juju.

It reminds me of my sortie into the World Of Monkeypox. 

It’s a lot of fun. But always remember to bring a camera for both your own amusement and safety.

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