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The plot only thickens when you look at Balenciaga’s parent company, Kering, which also owns Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and more. Kering’s CEO is billionaire François-Henri Pinault, who owns the famous Christie’s auction house. The website features many different types of art, including a series of art pieces by brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman. This series includes child sex mannequins that are extremely disturbing.

One piece of art, which costs $140,000, is called F*ck Face. It’s a male toddler with an erect penis in place of his nose and an anus in place of his mouth. The piece of art shows the boy walking with a large brown t-shirt on and purple sneakers. Another piece of art with the same title F*ck Face shows an adolescent girl standing completely naked with the same genitalia in place of her nose and mouth. She’s wearing nothing but a pair of black sneakers.

The Balenciaga Saga is getting so long that I’m going to have to make a compilation piece. Our last article saw them officially withdraw their fake lawsuit, but if you want to know more about the CEO of Kering, the company that owns Balenciaga, go here. In short, CEO Henri-Francois Pinault won a Buttgoy Of The Decade award from the ADL, and is very politically active. He also presides over a company that puts CSAM easter eggs in its ad campaigns, and another that sells child sex mannequins for hundreds of thousands of dollars. These two things are related.

Henri-Francois Pinault

All of which is odd, because he has a very trustworthy face.

There’s another piece of art called Zygotic that shows 5 naked girls who look to be preteens; their bodies are connected and they share legs and arms. They have long, wavy brown hair and are wearing nothing but black sneakers.

Yet another disturbing image shows a young child with two heads, and their faces are joined by what appears to be a vagina. It’s titled Two Faced C*nt and it sold for more than $111,000. There are many other pieces of art by the Chapman brothers that show severed body parts, blood, and gore.

Here’s the “artwork” in question. This is one of the most unappealing works of “art” I have ever seen. And it’s only one of because I saw more of these two “artists” work on Pinault’s ADL-approved site when doing research.

To add to the absurdity, they do in fact have an explicit content warning. Apparently the naked children with penises and anuses on their faces isn’t sexually explicit content. As such, I was filled with dread as I clicked on that selection, although the result, seen below, isn’t any more disturbing and gross than the others. Or at least not much more disturbing.

You may be wondering who this is for. After all, such disgusting works of art should not be able to find a buyer. But if you scroll back up two images prior you’ll see that this piece sold for 25,000 pounds. The piece right next to it on the list, the weird child orgy thing, sold for 150,000 pounds in 2013. Here’s a closer look at that.

Either there are some really sick fucks out there who have way too much money, or this is criminal money laundering. I’ve heard a lot of the artworld is the latter, but I think there’s a good argument to be made for both being in play here. After all, the ADL wants to enable perverts so they always have dirt on people. Try selling a swastika on Christie’s and see how far you get before having your product removed.

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  1. The company the Balenciaga CEO owns is called Christie’s auction house, as the name implies is just a reseller. There may not be a connection to the artists themselves. The “artists” who created it are called Jake and Dinos Chapman, apparently their father was English and Mother was Greek Cypriot. They many more such “artworks”, including one where it appears to be a small statue of a child on a crucifix. They apparently made something on Hitler as well. There’s another piece where it appears that figures of white bodies are strung up and tied to trees while naked!


    1. Sure, but I can almost guarantee they’d censor you for selling political themed art with the wrong politics.

    2. I don’t think most auction houses would sell demonic shit like this. This is easily one of the most satanic things i’ve ever seen. The artists and honestly everyone involved should be legally executed. Or illegally. Whoever kills these “people” will be a folk hero and will be forever Loved By God. I feel like I just saw shit i can’t unsee.

  2. […] to have us censored. Hell, even I did this to some extent, pointing out that the pedo-advertising Balenciaga was one of the major corporations boycotting Twatter, and the CEO won a lifetime Goycuck award […]

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