This story is from February 2021, and was originally written about on an older site.

Globo News:

The Edmonton Public School Board is condemning a “white alliance” student group connected to Strathcona High School that appeared on social media over the weekend. The Scona White Student Alliance Instagram page made its first post on Sunday, Feb. 14, where it announced that “white lives matter,” a phrase that has been tied to white nationalism and hate groups. “Strathcona High School has been increasingly anti-white rather than pro-black for the past few months,” the post said. “We are all equal and race should be ignored, we must judge each other by our actions, not by the color of our skin.”

Globo News didn’t print the entire statement, so I took the liberty of screencapping it and reproducing it below. You can’t find the instagram page today since it has been deleted.

“White Lives Matter! Strathcona High School has been increasingly anti-white rather than pro black for the past few months. We have been forced to sit in our classes and listen to some clowns ranting how terrible and racist are all whites. Enough is enough, us students don’t wish to be thought any of that social justice rubbish, we just want to be treated equally and be respected. Black people shouldn’t be treated superior to white people, nor the other way around. We are all equal and race should be ignored, we must judge each other by our actions, not by the colour of our skin.”

Congratulations to whomever wrote that post. I applaud their courage and bravery. It takes a lot of guts to stand up against oppression, and for that I am thankful. 

For anyone reading this, it would have been better to stick exclusively to the “I am being attacked for being White angle,” though. Giving examples is great, and makes things far harder for anti-Whites to deny. Failing to bring up that the school has a “Black Students Alliance,” something the Global News propaganda piece doesn’t tell the audience, was a missed opportunity.

But again, don’t take this as anything other than constructive criticism. Everyone should be praising these kids. 

The Edmonton Public School Board said it was “made aware of this social media account over the weekend,” but told Global News Tuesday that it did not yet know who created the account. “The school has reported the account and has made Edmonton Police Service aware of it as well,” a statement from the board to Global News said. “There is zero tolerance for hate-filled accounts and posts like this.”

Let me make something very clear, I can’t find any evidence of police action being taken against these kids, and they couldn’t be charged with anything. These anti-Whites called up the Edmonton Police Service hate crimes unit, and filed a report. It would not surprise me if the police decided to use your taxdollars to intimidate these kids into shutting up, although they may have simply humoured the insane anti-Whites responsible for this. Also, there’s nothing to investigate, as the post literally says “we should all be treating everyone equally.”

Whatever happened it’s the thought and the intimidation that counts. A bunch of White Students were fed up with extreme anti-White hate propaganda in their schools, and their principal, Hans Van Ginhoven, literally filed a police report against them and the Edmonton Public School Board is coming out and condemning them.

Trisha Estabrooks, the school board chair, said Tuesday that she believes the post highlights the need to fight “systemic racism in our education systems.”

We can’t shy away from having these tough conversations in our classrooms, in our schools, and in our broader society,” Estabrooks said. “This is an opportunity to have those tough conversations.”

Edmonton Public School Board Chair Trisha Estabrooks

Everything that this anti-White catlady says is labouring under its own premise. It says “we need to have these tough conversations,” while it is trying to figure out which students got uppity so they can be silenced, punished, and made an example of to others. Someone who does this cannot be allowed into a position of power over White children. If I was a White Student in an Edmonton School I would not feel safe with this insane, incensed NPC in a position of power over me.

Students at Strathcona High School spoke out against the account on Tuesday afternoon. “It’s really disheartening to see,” said student Ethan Loyer. “I was kind of personally upset because that’s not how I want to see our school represented.

By students they mean two annoying faggots that everyone else finds utterly intolerable. As always, the idea that they represent the student body is absurd, as is the idea that 18 year olds, or even 13 year olds, aren’t aware of what to say on the rhetorical casting couch.

“I think there should certainly be consequences for their actions,” he said. “I do not think that’s a fair way at all to represent their school. Especially seeing our school’s logo being used on the account.” “The person who was behind that was a coward,” said Grade 11 student Semi Wohlgemuth. “Guaranteed they would probably not say that in real life.”

“Stop hiding behind anonymity so the privileged class can punish you, coward.”

I’ve seen this argument many times from NPC’s and the actually privileged. It’s always dishonest and not worth responding to. While I myself have criticized the limitations of anonymous activism and have not tried to hide my identity, average everyday people speaking out against oppression may do well to hide their identities. If you’re a whistleblower, whether that be for anti-White hate propaganda in your school, or atrocity/war propaganda from the intelligence services, don’t be affected by any human detritus whining about you making it hard for them to oppress you. In fact, take that as a compliment.

Estrabrooks said a similar Twitter account had also been started but has since shut down. She said it is “disappointing” that the Instagram was still active as of Tuesday afternoon. “The fact that it existed, the fact that it is harmful, the fact that it is blatantly racist, even if it had a small spread, doesn’t take away the fact that this was done, and it has an impact.”

“Muh Disappointment.” “Muh Harm.” “Blatantly Racist”. I swear to god there has been one anti-White propaganda piece ever written, and the rest are just copying from it.

The school also sent an update letter from its principal Hans Van Ginhoven to parents at the school Tuesday after an initial one was sent on the weekend. “Today, there were conversations throughout the school about who we want to be, how we can do and be better, and ensure our BIPOC students feel part of this community,” the letter Tuesday read.

“This is ongoing work and with your support, I know we will make steps in the right direction.” The letter also said that the school “engaged Edmonton Police Service to look into this account.”

Hans Van Ginhoven on the left

Again, the Edmonton Police didn’t press charges, because there was nothing to justify charges. But that’s not the point, the point is that a whistleblower blew the lid off their anti-White hate propaganda in schools, and they are tripling and quadrupling down on being anti-White and trying to use the police to threaten minors. Then they have the audacity to pretend that they’re having “conversations,” when they are explicitly trying to get some uppity White students thrown in jail for speaking out against the anti-White hate propaganda they’re pushing.

The letter also said that the school “engaged Edmonton Police Service to look into this account.” Edmonton police commented on one of the posts through one of its official accounts and said the Hate Crimes Unit has been “made aware” of the group and would be following up.

Remember the “skidmark of hate?”

Again, this is the police intimidating the kids, even though they don’t actually have any way of prosecuting them for this legally protected (and popular) speech. They may have visited the students and intimidated them in person. I would certainly not put it past them.

Another post on the account showed a video of Black activist Martin Luther King during his famous “I Have A Dream” speech in 1963, where King pushed for the end of racism.

It’s a bit off the mark, but I get it. I don’t expect 16 year olds to be political masterminds born with rhetorical genius. Remember, it was very brave of them to do this in the first place.

“Society is being dominated by victimhood and anti-white racism, we are slowly regressing back to the starting point where others are treated differently based on the color of their skin,” the post said. “Our school has been doing the exact same thing, we are facing straight up racism against white people in our school.”

Anyone fighting against an anti-White curriculum is doing God’s work. While it’s not 100% perfect, I am extremely encouraged that they didn’t go for some cuckservative “Muh Dems R Real Racists,” type rhetoric. Or “You’re REALLY hurting black people because of muh low expectations.” Or “Muh Woke Left. SOCIALISM”. For that they need to be praised.

The white alliance Instagram account also posted an update on Monday where it said there have been “many violent threats” sent in to the group and threatened legal action. On Tuesday night, someone from the Scona White Student Alliance account provided a statement to Global News but declined to disclose their identity, citing the threats they claim have been made against them.

WhY dON’T yOu TeLl US wHO yOu arE yoU CoWARd.

Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge they never did take legal action against the violent threats. I tried getting in touch with them at the time, but one of the downsides of anonymity is that it’s also harder for your allies to get in touch with you.

In the statement, the person(s) behind the account said they want the school to end what they called an “anti-white” curriculum and to acknowledge the existence of “reverse racism,” a theory that the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre says is a myth. In the statement, the person(s) behind the account also reiterated the phrase “all lives matter,” a term that many have described as being hurtful.

We can grow accustomed to the WMD Liars constantly and maliciously reframing things or adding little non-sequiturs that sneak in absurd premises, but we should still call it out when it happens. “Many” people describing “all lives matter” as “hurtful,” simply means “some deranged anti-Whites got assblasted that someone said ‘all lives matter'”. We should laugh at those people and charge them with hate speech crimes if they open their mouth to whine some more. They are also a tiny minority of people, and Globo News doesn’t bother quantifying how many people agree with this sentiment. Instead, they simply pretend that some tiny minority of deranged anti-Whites having their feelings hurt means that whatever caused that is bad. The opposite is true.

Secondly, the Global News propagandist, Allison Branch, doesn’t bother printing their statement where they allege violent threats. That’s undoubtedly because the optics were too bad. She then tried to doxxx the high schoolers in that group, who were pushing back against institutional anti-Whiteness, in an attempt to oppress them. Moreover, they then laughably cite the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Center as an authority.

The ACLRC is just another (((ACLU))) or (((ADL))). It’s an anti-White hate group that masquerades as some impartial arbiter of discrimination. 

Getting back to the Global News piece, the comments are exactly what you’d expect, even from the relatively less redpilled commentary.

Here’s that very first comment by Shane Halaska again.

Wait a second. After watching the video that accompanied the journalist hit piece, one of the other students said she was part of a Black Student Alliance group. So, a Black Student Alliance group isn’t racist, but a White Student Alliance group is? Jesus Christ the hippocracy[sic] is off the charts.

Anti-White propagandist Allison Branch

Yes, there was a “Black Alliance Group” at this very same school. This was accidentally on purpose not mentioned in the article. An article written by this cunt above. But remember folx, these propagandists don’t have any sort of agenda or anything like that.

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  1. Teachers – making the world an uglier, more dangerous, more retarded place. I hope these morons fullsomely reap the fruits of their labours.

  2. The term ‘freedom fries’ appeared because the French didn’t want to send troops 1/4 of the way around the world to kill brown people in Iraq; the phrase ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’ was revived around that time too — yet throughout the West today, it’s considered a virtue for Whites to be willing to demographically surrender their countries to non-whites while welcoming all kinds of propaganda justifying it.

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