This story broke just as I was leaving Thursday morning for my overnight trip. I was kicking myself that I couldn’t write about it at the time, but it’s too perfect to ignore.

Gorland Blormph, the King of Israel put out a rousing call to all the Goyim of the land. America needs a superhero, and the Orange Potato will bringeth him to us like the three wise men showed the world our lord and saviour Jesus “Synagogue of Satan” Christ. Sadly, many of the Gabbers had their hearts cloaked in wickedness and were not trusting the plan in the responses.

But they really should have trusted the plan, because Orange Potato delivered as always. Promises made. Promises kept. The very next day a superhero was born.

Unfortunately bots owned by DEMONrat bot farms spammed the “are you fucking serious LMAO” react button, with only 761 brave plan trusting patriots giving him the like that our rock ribbed Donny deserves. 

The first comments were extremely hurtful to the man who stands for Israel against the globalist agenda lead by Klaus Schwab.

You may notice, if you’re a DEMONrat, that the commentary is unanimously negative. 

You can go and see for yourself. 

It’s sad, disturbing really, to see the RadiCAL LeFt infiltrating Gab to this degree. I can’t believe they’re not supporting our brave and beautiful real president of the United States of America who still secretly rules from the shadows as the prophet Q tells us.

How. How could our brave cucklet be criticized in such a way by these ungrateful Goyim? Why is our Glorious Potato subject to this slander and calumny?

Luckily he made a two minute long video where he totally owns all the secret LEfTisTs who didn’t trust the plan.

Alright, bit over. Remember when the Alt-Republicans told us that we had to keep supporting the self-proclaimed King of Israel because he was totally still secretly our guy or something? Remember how they literally told us to go to the capital on January 6th for this disgusting piece of shit’s $300 million grift operation? Remember how some of their own followers are rotting in prison, and they never mention them because they don’t care.

We knew Blormph was a grifting fraud after the 2018 midterms when he promised the revocation of birthright citizenship, alongside Ladybug Lindsay Graham of course, before pulling a whoopsie and totally forgetting about that. But there was still money to be made off the Trump Grift, so the mysteriously uncensored little manlet brigade headed up by a Mexican TradTwink kept pretending that the normal people who said “fuck this guy,” were just BaD OpTIcS wIGnAtS.

BTW, in case you were wondering, this is explicitly just money going into his pocket. He isn’t trying to pretend anymore that he’s going to use this as some sort of campaign war chest. No, just straight up “I want your money you little peasant,” to an audience that is struggling to pay their bills.

If there’s one good thing about Blormph being totally over it’s that a small part of the authentic grassroots energy that predated Trump, and which he eagerly parasitized off of, is back with everybody shitting on him in the comments. And I do mean everybody. 

Even the weirdo vaccine spergs are giving it to him good and hard.

But hey, your country and People are being destroyed but if you’re got the spare cash you can buy a pic of Donald Trump riding a dinosaur or something.

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  1. Holohoax trading card game would be so fucking based. Special edition pregnant Anne Frank holographic card. Treblinka trap cards. Auschwitz swimming pool deck. Be the first to collect all six million.

    1. That would be hilarious.

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