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With a blizzard in the Twin Cities closing day care on Thursday, (((Aaron Rupar))) was keeping an eye on his 7-month-old when he got a rush of texts from friends asking why he was suddenly banned on Twitter. “I was thinking, What could I have posted?” he said.

An independent journalist who formerly worked for Vox, Rupar is a staple on politics Twitter, grabbing notable clips from cable news and congressional hearings so his 800,000 or so followers don’t have to tune in all day. “At first, quite obviously I was dismayed because I use Twitter to run my business and it’s kind of my livelihood,” he said.

Rupar was not the only journalist booted:

Ryan Mac at the New York Times, Drew Harwell at the Washington Post, Donie O’Sullivan at CNN, Micah Lee at the Intercept, Matt Binder at Mashable, and independent journalist Tony Webster, all of whom cover Twitter, were also permanently suspended, as well as Keith Olbermann. It’s not entirely clear what caused the suspensions, though most of the people made some sort of reference to Elon Musk’s Jet.

Elon Musk has made it clear that he’s not about to go Total War on the ADL any time soon. He’s a thin skinned LOLcow, but I’ll give him credit for enforcing the twatter rules somewhat evenly. As a result, these propagandists got e-holocausted, something that should have happened years ago. 

This one line from (((Aaron Rupar))) in particular sent me.

“At first, quite obviously I was dismayed because I use Twitter to run my business and it’s kind of my livelihood,” 

Oh noes. Is your livelihood in peril because a trillion dollar multinational decided to censor you with no explanation. You poor widdle propagandist. 

But there’s an easy solution for you.






“It’s not like there was some mass purge,” said Binder, who found out he was banned after playing Lego Star Wars with his 7-year-old son. “These were definitely handpicked.” He thinks his suspension was because of his screenshot showing users what happens if they try to link to Elon Musk’s Jet on an outside site. Twitter displayed a message stating that users cannot post the link, similar to the message in 2020 blocking users from sharing a New York Post story on Hunter Biden. Binder said this was rich with irony due to the recent Twitter Files series promoted by Musk that excoriated Twitter’s old regime for that link ban.

Oh no brother, my heart goes out to you in this time of e-struggle.

“It would change the whole economics of what I’m doing to make a living,” Rupar said. “I thought, Wow, this is really kind of a big blow.”

Musk claims it was in response to them deliberately doxxing him, something which could easily put him at risk of assassination.

This is believable, although Aaron Rupar has claimed that he wasn’t posting any of that information. He’s probably lying, but it’s funnier if Musk just decided to e-shoah a bunch of these lying propagandists because he thought it’d be funny.

There’s been some back and forth with him pointing out how insane and entitled these system propagandists are and them whining about it.

When he is reinstated, the suspension will probably change how Rupar operates on Twitter. “You want to be a bold truth-teller and not pull punches, but there’s the reality that I use Twitter as part of my livelihood, so it’s threading the needle,” he said. “I don’t want to get ahead of the game here because Elon could change his mind in two minutes and say, ‘These guys are gone forever’ with an after-the-fact rationale.”

Oh my goodness! He’s saying that censorship instills in him a certain terror that he can no longer speak the truth online for fear of his livelihood being taken away. This is a terrible new facet of oppression that is just starting this –

Oh wait, he’s just mad that it’s happening to him. My bad.

(((Jon Levine))) demands answers. He gets plenty.

Francismael has the right take. I myself couldn’t help but respond to Mr. Levine, although I consider myself above this.

Actually that is a complete and utter fabrication. I found myself going through a thread copy pasting the same response over and over again. And you know what, I enjoyed every second of it. 

I did this a lot more than three times.

In a shocking turn of events, Lesbian Schlomo-ess Bari Weiss is taking a break from demanding mass murder regime change in Syria and Russia and is taking the side of the propagandists trying to get Elon Musk assassinated.

Elon Musk continues to be The Forever Disappointment. He’s sort of like Trump, who started fights and then ran out the back door. Musk starts fights and then sits in the corner and whines that his enemy is hitting him. Occasionally he’ll throw a weak backhand at them without going for the killshot. Bari Weiss should be banned for even suggesting this, but Musk considers his failing these people’s shit tests to be his job.

What he did here was funny, but Musk cannot be trusted. After a conversation with others on twatter I decided to re-open this dead Gab account of mine. I’ll be posting there to see what sort of engagement I get.


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  1. “Just. Build. Your. Own. Twitter.”
    Guess he’ll have to learn to code first.
    Lol, lmao even

    1. I thought about writing that one as well. Delicious schadenfreude.

  2. “ When he is reinstated”

    The absolute chutzpah and sheer entitlement of these people to assume they will be reinstated and deserve to be.

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