We start off in 2018.

Montreal Gazette:

The Montreal police have obtained a warrant to arrest Gabriel Sohier Chaput, an alleged neo-Nazi who was the subject of a series of investigative articles published by the Montreal Gazette earlier this year.

According to court records, a warrant for 32-year-old Sohier Chaput’s arrest was issued through the Montreal courthouse on Oct. 30. The mysterious man’s whereabouts appear to be unknown as his address is listed as “unknown” on the warrant. It lists only one count that falls under a section of the Criminal Code covering the willful promotion of hatred. A conviction under the charge carries a maximum two-year prison sentence. The warrant was issued based on an investigation by the Montreal police.

According to the articles published by the Gazette, a person who used the pseudonym Zeiger was second-most prolific writer on the Daily Stormer, an extreme right-wing news website that attracts upwards of 80,000 unique visitors a month. The site traffics in conspiracy theories, uses racist and homophobic slurs and devotes coverage to what it calls the “Race War” and the “Jewish Problem.”

Zeiger centre-left, Azzmador centre-right

Gabriel Sohier Chaput is not on trial for being a neon natzee, so there was no need to write “alleged.” As someone who has read hundreds of Zeiger’s articles back on the Daily Stormer – when it used to be cool – I can tell you that he could be described perfectly by Andrew Anglin’s iconic old phrase “Non-ironic Nazism masquerading as ironic Nazism.” 

And yes, the guy who spent 20k words defending zionist rapist Harvey Weinstein by calling all normal people neo-nazi Marxist feminazi white knights used to explicitly tell everyone that he was essentially a spiritual successor to Der Sturmer, who pretended to be way over the top for humour, but in service of a very serious political goal. But that’s a whole other issue.

In any case, he disappeared for two years, but reappeared in 2020 to take his case. 

Montreal Gazette:

An alleged neo-Nazi who had been sought by the Montreal police for nearly two years on a warrant claiming he spread the promotion of hatred will see his court case start in November.

Gabriel Sohier Chaput, 33, who was the focus of a series of articles published by the Montreal Gazette in 2018 alleging he was a recruiter for a white supremacist group, was represented by a lawyer at the Montreal courthouse this month.

Oh nevermind, my bad. I forgot that antifa was just a zionist project, and that these people are truly the scum of the earth. Them putting up posters of his face and home address is a clear and obvious terrorist threat to violence. Zeiger and the Stormer tards should have filmed themselves going into the Montreal police and demanding these antifas be charged. Whether this would have lead to anything is doubtful, but it would have forced the Montreal Police to lose some legitimacy regardless, and cost them little more than an hour or two of time. 

But of course, that would be what bad optics heterosexual lanklets would do, so rest assured the Catboi Cult is not having any of it. Although make sure to do terrorism for Republicans.

Global News:

[Chaput’s lawyer] Poussard noted the Crown only used a single article to mount its case.

The blog post at the heart of the case refers to a 2017 Global News article about Nazi posters showing up in New Westminster, B.C., and about a Holocaust survivor’s reaction to the hateful imagery. The blog post includes racist images and comments about Jews throughout.

“We need to make sure no SJW (social justice warrior) or Jew can remain safely untriggered,” the Jan. 23, 2017, post read in part. “Non-stop Nazism, everywhere, until the very streets are flooded with the tears of our enemies.”

Sohier-Chaput testified that he chose wording that was “exaggerated” and “poetic” in order to mock people who he felt were too sensitive and who branded those with whom they disagree as Nazis.

Gabriel “Zeiger” Chaput

All of which brings us to May 2022, when his trial was in full swing. Now of course he does not deserve one iota of the legal oppression that he is facing. Travis Patron was kind of a retard, and that in no way excuses the oppression of him by the legal system at the behest of these same zionists. Zeiger not being 100% perfect in his wordchoice in every single one of his 1,000 articles in no way justifies this disgusting behaviour by the Canadian “justice” system.

Don’t mistake learning from his legal defense with criticism of him. I am 100% on the side of Zeiger, and 100% against the Jew Supremacist B’Nai Brith and Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. But it is precisely because these people are so evil that we need to fight intelligently against them.

Sohier-Chaput admitted to writing part of the blog post, but he testified that Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin allegedly added elements to the article before publishing, including some of the cruder references toward Jewish people.

On the stand earlier this week, Sohier-Chaput argued the blog post was a “joke” intended to upset people who are “politically correct.”

Travis Patron made a more extreme version of this weak defense when he argued that he wasn’t talking about Jews when he made comments about “the parasitic tribe.” He clearly was, which destroyed his credibility and essentially admitted guilt, since the natural response is “why you lyin bud.”

With Zeiger I could believe that the vicious sperg Andrew Anglin really did put some crude comments in there that Zeiger didn’t agree with. But I can also believe that Anglin did nothing of the kind, since Zeiger didn’t seem to need encouragement to speak his mind, and had quite a long history that would not make these comments look out of place for him. If it’s true then Anglin put him in a bad spot.

But whether it’s true or not, doing this “oh uh I didn’t write that pls believe,” makes you look weak and cowardly. Stop doing that. Own what you wrote, and understand that you are the victim here of a privileged and oppressor group that is pretending to be victims while they use illegitimate and undemocratic power to crush you on behalf of their race. 

Defence lawyer Helene Poussard told the court Friday that inciting hatred is not simply about injuring an identifiable group with words, but convincing an objective person to detest or discriminate against that group.

Poussard said that while the blog post was in poor taste, it does not lead the reader to that point.

“I don’t find it funny; I find it shocking and I can’t understand how someone can be amused by this,” Poussard said. “But I don’t see by reading this text that I can come to the conclusion that Jews could be subject to detestation.”

And honestly just stop hiring lawyers. Greg Conte wrote the definitive piece on this after winning his bullshit Michigan case. Mike Peinovich beat his Charlottesville case through defending himself, and has spoken at length on this topic. Christopher Cantwell did a Herculean, if ultimately only partially successful, defense of himself and the group in the Charlottesville trial.

In these political cases your lawyer is often not actually your advocate in the same way that a real estate agent is often not really your advocate. The lawyer’s incentive is almost always not to rock the boat, and not to piss off their typically extremely privileged class buddies in the legal profession. Moreover, they often will dislike you and provide you a very weak defense that is entirely procedural.

I could have predicted that his lawyer, this Helene Poussard, would throw Zeiger under the bus by doing a totally unnecessary “my client is an evil idiot, but technically he might not have broken the law,” routine. Zeiger himself said on the stand that he was saying what he was saying as satire, and then his own lawyer contradicts him. Defend yourself, and defend yourself politically.

“We need to make sure no SJW (social justice warrior) or Jew can remain safely untriggered,” the Jan. 23, 2017, post read in part. “Non-stop Nazism, everywhere, until the very streets are flooded with the tears of our enemies.”

Sohier-Chaput testified that he chose wording that was “exaggerated” and “poetic” in order to mock people who he felt were too sensitive and who branded those with whom they disagree as Nazis.

He said he felt Daily Stormer’s mission was to “disarm the left” through irony, absurdity and humour, adding that a “rational” person would not take its content literally.

“He has convictions, he has opinions, he has the right to have these opinions and convictions even if we don’t share them,” Poussard said. “He has the right not to like Jews and not like Blacks and the entirety of humanity if he doesn’t want to. What he doesn’t have a right to do is foment hatred in public — the rest doesn’t matter.”

Again, Poussard is his lawyer. She is supposed to be defending him. And what she does is repeatedly undercut the gist of his argument, which is that he was saying a lot of things deliberately as satire. 

A Global News Piece makes this even more clear.

Global News:

“Either they understand the joke and they laugh, or they find it terrible,” Sohier-Chaput testified. “In that sense, the goal is to sap the politically correct by making extreme comments.”

Unlike Travis Patron, Chaput’s defense is pretty reasonable when it’s not being undercut by his own lawyer. The old Stormer had plenty of articles that were obviously satire, many of which I’m sure were written by Zeiger. He could point to his body of work as satirical, and while that shouldn’t be the entirety of his defense, it’s not a bad place to start. Unless of course your own defense lawyer keeps undercutting you because she wants to suckup to the rest of the legal profession and maybe get a sweet gig as a judge later on.

Back to the other Globo News piece.

The trial before Quebec court Judge Manlio Del Negro heard from a total of three witnesses over two –

Judge Manlio Del Negro 

Judge Negro

This doesn’t mean anything it’s just a juvenile little aside.

The trial before Quebec court Judge Manlio Del Negro heard from a total of three witnesses over two days this week, including the accused.

In his opening statement, prosecutor Patrick Lafrenière said he believed that Sohier-Chaput was responsible for the article and that ultimately, the court would have decide whether the content was fomenting hate against an identifiable group.

Lafrenière will deliver the Crown’s final arguments on July 8.

Well let’s go to closing ahguments. 

Montreal Gazette:

The trial of a Montrealer accused of hate speech devolved Friday into a bizarre debate over whether the Nazis were responsible for the Holocaust.

In court, the defence lawyer representing Gabriel Sohier Chaput, who is on trial on a charge of fomenting hate, insisted the Holocaust was merely an “economical solution.”

If I were to come up with an argument made to please absolutely nobody “the lampshadocaust happened, but purely for economic reasons,” might be right up there at the top of the list.

“The Nazis didn’t originally intend to kill millions of Jews in concentration camps,” defence lawyer Hélène Poussard said in court. “It was a solution that someone close to Hitler came up with in order to save money. It was cheaper to gas these people than to (deport them). They were brought to camps to take their things, but the idea to gas them was strictly economical. That’s what I learned in school. What do you want me to say? I’m not trying to shock people, and maybe I’m wrong.

As Mike Peinovich says “99% of ‘holocaust denial’ is just explaining to people what the claims are.” The claim is that there was this never written down plan to murder all the Heebs. The solution was to shoot them all in the head send all the Jews to camps that were super duper secretly extermination facilities. Well not the ones the Allies captured, at those camps the Jews were just sent there to live for a while and not even forced to do manual labour. But at the camps that were captured by the communists, and which never allowed independent investigation even after the fall of communism, the plan was to deny Jews food so they all starved to death construct some Rube Goldberg kill devices to slowly whittle away the Heeb population while giving them food, water, shelter, and even medical treatment all to keep them alive.

The claims are retarded, which is why I made the satirical play “Most Evil Conversation Ever Recorded.” You can see the video version above. Needless to say, the lampshadocaust as a money saving plan is a claim that makes less than zero sense, and isn’t supported by any uncensored historian. So it’s pretty retarded to claim this in court.

“For me, it’s clear that Jews were killed in concentration camps, by Germans, but were these Germans Nazis? Yes. Maybe. But that doesn’t necessarily mean when we use the term Nazi, that’s what it means.”

I’m pretty sure his defense lawyer is throwing the case, but she might also be retarded.

Poussard added she didn’t believe that Nazis, the political party of Adolf Hitler, were behind the Holocaust. She said the term Nazi merely refers to a national socialist, and the original intention of the party was not to exterminate Jews.

“I think you should stop talking; you are saying things that go against what is reasonable,” Judge Manlio Del Negro told Poussard in court.

When I saw the headline that the judge rebuked the defense and told the lawyer to stop talking, I thought it would be a lot worse than this. Honestly, I agree with Judge Negro.

Del Negro, however, said Lafrenière made an error in not calling a witness to properly explain the concept of “Nazism,” and that’s why the lawyers were not able to agree on the term Friday.

Judge Negro shines once again by pointing out that these people are arguing that “nazism = Heeb murder,” but don’t actually bother defining what nazism means. In the CJN screed we’ll get to at the end they’re utterly assblasted over this, because the gist of their oppression is that they define nazism to mean “the filthy subhuman goy cattle getting uppity,” and then use it to accuse their Goy victims of being big meanies and victimizing them.

While Lafrenière made his arguments, a protest was held outside the courthouse by a group denouncing the authorities’ handling of the investigation into Sohier Chaput.

Montréal Antifasciste called the process a “botched police investigation and a poorly prepared prosecution, which is all the more galling given the overwhelming mass of evidence already assembled by journalists from the Montreal Gazette.”

This is a psychological phenomenon known as “Hoes Mad.” In this case said hoes look like this.

The trial resumed Friday after beginning in March, when Poussard said Sohier Chaput’s writings may have been repugnant, but he had the right to make them under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

FFS, again his lawyer throws him under the bus. Her comments about the lampshadocaust actually got the entire trial put on pause until late November of this year, and when it resumed it was back to the bus throwing.

National Post:

Manlio Del Negro heard evidence in March, but the trial was put on hold in July while defence lawyer Hélène Poussard argued the court was presented with no evidence Nazis were entirely responsible for the Holocaust.

The attorney reiterated Friday she is not trying to deny the Holocaust occurred, or question the number of people killed.

In July, Poussard argued that while Sohier Chaput’s articles may have been repugnant, he had the right to write under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

On Friday, she continued her argument that Del Negro has no evidence of what happened during the Holocaust.

“It merits having an expert come in to explain it to us,” Poussard said of how the prosecutor used the word Nazism in his closing arguments.

“If the court doesn’t know the fact in question, it can find it on its own from sources that are accessible and indisputable.,” Poussard said.

There were many Jews who were exterminated by bullets, so by the German army. When the war was over, those soldiers were asked why they did it, and we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of Jews who were killed by the German army. And the German army said: ‘We were following orders. We are not Nazis. We were obeying orders.’”

She is literally saying “the lampshadocaust is real, but it wasn’t done by Nazis.” Wherever the “the lampshadocaust is real, but was done by economists,” argument lands on the list of arguments that no one supports or believes, this one is just a touch higher.

“So I should understand that you are contesting the number of deaths during the Holocaust?” the judge asked.

“I want it to be understood well — I am contesting nothing. I am talking about judicial knowledge. I want that to be very clear,” Poussard replied.

WTF is this bitch babbling on about?

The judge also asked Poussard to give him her opinion of the Daily Stormer.

“It is a flaming rag where there are all kinds of things to get a reaction from anybody, be it racist, be it women, be it homosexuals who are mocked, or Mexicans, or Jews, or Blacks or anybody,” the attorney said after a long pause.

“It is not a newspaper that is there to support peace and harmony in a society. Do you see it that way?” the judge asked.

“Absolutely,” Poussard said.

“Good. So you are of the same opinion as the court on that subject,” Del Negro said.

This might be the worst defense I have ever read about. I’m sure actual lawyers can point to more idiotic defenses, but I have no experience with those. To clarify that last exchange.

CTV News:

On Friday, Poussard attempted to argue that the number of Jewish people killed in the Holocaust was not known, but Del Negro stopped her. He asked whether she was arguing that he should not take judicial notice of any part of the Holocaust.

“You are disputing the number?” he asked, about the genocide of six million Jews.

“I’m not disputing anything,” she responded. “What I’m saying is that you don’t have judicial knowledge.”

Poussard also argued that people who were not members of the Nazi party participated in the killing of Jews during the Second World War and that the meaning of “Nazism” in 2017 may be different than it was in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s.

Remember folx, this is what you get when you refuse to defend yourself. You get a lawyer who is either malicious, stupid, or malicious and stupid accepting the premise that six gorillion Harvey Weinstein lookalikes were hooked up to masturbation machines and insecticided into lampshades, while arguing that it wasn’t the natzees that did this. I am simply blown away.

Prosecutor Patrick Lafrenière addressed the court briefly after Poussard. He said the judge could take judicial notice by using a reliable source for information about how the Nazis considered Jewish people to be inferior.

“One way for you to take judicial notice is by consulting a reliable, easily verifiable source,” he said, suggesting that the judge could look in the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Outside the courtroom, Emmanuelle Amar, Quebec policy and research director at the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, said the trial shows the need for mandatory education in Quebec schools about the Holocaust and antisemitism.

“The Holocaust is a fact, it’s been recognized as a historical fact by Canadian jurisprudence, but also, since this summer, Holocaust denial is now a criminal offence in Canada,” she said in an interview Friday.

The whining from the zionists is hot, heavy, and omnipresent. Read the bold, skim the rest.


Quebec court Judge Manlio Del Negro said the Crown should have presented evidence to support the definition of Nazism and prove Sohier-Chaput was inciting hate.

Advocates say the controversial comments made in court are the latest example of a lack of understanding of the Holocaust and the need for better education in Quebec’s schools and justice system.

“Like everyone who read the initial reports of the interactions in the trial, I was completely taken aback and shocked,” said Eta Yudin, vice-president of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), one of the groups calling for better Holocaust education.

Independent Jewish Voices Montreal (IJV) and B’nai Brith, who filed a complaint against Sohier-Chaput with the Montreal police, also put out statements condemning the court’s comments.

“[The Holocaust] doesn’t have to be proved and re-proved everytime there’s a case for promoting hate,” said Marvin Rotrand, the national director of B’nai Brith’s League for Human Rights.

“You’re empowering haters when you put the burden on the Crown to prove the Holocaust.”

Oh shut the front door you silly little jew supremacist. How about you put those jew skin lampshades in my hand then you absolute rapscallion. I mean this is just redonkulous. For something to be proved again it must be proved for the first time, yes? So perhaps we the Goyim could get a little proof instead of “shut your mouth cattle.”


Just ahead of the trial’s final day, CIJA’s Quebec vice-president Eta Yudin issued a statement: “The Nazi regime’s genocidal intent was clear, and courts have long accepted the lived experiences of millions of our people as proof of this historical factPoussard should be careful not to go down the same path as her client.

“Poussard should have known she was out of bounds when she presented her denialist line of argument… We hope the trial can resume after this frivolous interlude so that her client, Sohier Chaput, can be judged for the hate he spewed online and the impact it has had on Jewish people in Quebec, Canada, and around the world.”


This is exactly what I’m talking about when I say that your lawyer is not necessarily incentivized to give you a proper defense. These zionists are going to try to now oppress Gabriel Chaput’s lawyer, despite her giving him a terrible defense. Imagine what they would try to do if she gave him a good defense. Maybe nothing, but they’d certainly try. 

B’nai Brith has called on federal Justice Minister David Lametti and his provincial counterparts to ensure Canadian judges have a thorough understanding of the Holocaust.

“Every Canadian should be appalled,” said Sam Goldstein, B’nai Brith’s director of legal services, referring to Justice Del Negro’s handling of the hearing in July. “We don’t expect Holocaust denial and distortion from our courts. The prosecutor does not need to establish that the Holocaust happened. No expert witness is needed. The Jewish community is outraged.”

The response to this has been predictable whining about how the Goyim must in all cases believe Der Schlomo no matter how few masturbation machines he can produce. But honestly that’s to be expected. 

This is an extremely long article, but I needed to delve deep into the happenings to reiterate the point that you should think twice before hiring a lawyer. They may have some knowledge about legal minutia that could help you, but they might not bother. And ultimately they face threats from these zionists that they clearly feel are credible. Even the judges do.

Political persecution must be fought politically. We live in a society where the (((people))) who lied us into Iraq and Afghanistan are the very same people who demand that we be censored for saying that a mentally ill man in a dress is a mentally ill man in a dress. Where we have these very same Jews  The Jews of CIJA, B’Nai B’Rith, and the rest clearly do not give a shit about speech that causes harm, only political harm to their race. No one is saying that you should act like you’re in a Hollywood movie, but you need to be out there constantly in the public highlighting how evil and malicious these people are.

It took me less than two minutes to find an anti-White screed on B’Nai Brith’s website. This is the clear and obvious villification of White People. If you are not bringing this up in and out of court, then you are not actually fighting these people. Remember, the argument was that one out of Zeiger’s thousand articles was Big Mean to Big Schlomo. So how about you countersue them for anti-White hate speech, or at least make them defend themselves on this claim in court.

B’Nai Brith Canada:

It comes down to privilege: those joining the Soldiers of Odin are primarily white men, so used to their comfortable, safe lives that they don’t realize that even the simple act of joining these groups, thus ensuring the group’s survival, perpetuates the kind of hate and violence toward minority groups that they claim to denounce.

The group has the support of many everyday people with no blatant racist sentiment.  News stories and SOOs Facebook page have many comments in support of the group’s efforts to clean up neighbourhood streets, often with a blithe “Who cares about the European origins? That’s not what they’re doing here!” Reading such comments not only drives home just how deeply entrenched such privilege is, it makes me want to ask the supporters how they would feel if the group had a swastika or Confederate flag on their jackets instead of an obscure Norse god. Would their actions still be more important than the ideology they are implicitly promoting?  They’re still just cleaning up the streets, right?

Again, I don’t want to be too harsh on Zeiger, but come on now. Why bother paying for a lawyer if you’re just going to roll over and not fight? I found this article in a minute. I’m sure you can find pieces where they defend the violent racial cleansing of Palestinian Goyim on there, it’s a hyper-zionist organization. 

Anyway, I wish him the best, and will be covering his trial result on January 23rd.

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  1. There are many jewsmedia reports about this particular happening in the jewdicial system. Many jew-views cited, noted and reported. Oh and muh holocaust.

    If Gabriel is convicted and jailed, other dissident writers should flee the country and claim asylum from political persecution.

  2. Let me simplify things, Canada sucks.

    And is the writer in question that face-diapered idiot?

    1. He is legally forced to wear the mask during his trial, so sure.

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