A buddy of mine forwarded me this post by Fashwave on Telegram.

Unfortunately it’s a bit hard to see what the monstrous Goy is whining about, so I found the original tweet and screencapped it.

They also look like trannies BTW.

Earlier today the Governor said the subway was safe and plans to get people the help they need was working. Here’s my ride tonight. Two women smoking crack together. Can we get people to stop smoking crack on the subway?

A disgusting display of fascism that Nosenberg totally owns with facts and logic.

The bigot destroyer, Jason Rosenberg, can be found here. He is the picture of a wholesome and charming young man.

Luckily, our brave Nosenberg had backup. Lots of very mentally stable people chimed in to demolish this New York Subway riding fascist.

You hear that you fuckin’ fascists? The only unsafe thing about the whole crack smoker situation is that you took pictures of them. This is unsafe because reasons. 

Stop. Invading. Someone’s. Moment. Of. Deep. Vulnerability. And. Suffering. 

Let the druggies smoke crack in peace. FFS I am literally shaking right now.

ThePhillyNick asks the right question. If you fall into the Lion’s enclosure’s at the zoo, if you don’t get physically harmed you can’t say that was dangerous. On the other hand, being within 100 miles of an automobile and living makes you a survivor. 

Trans. Crack. Smoker. Lives. Matter. *Claps hands after each word*

Like, how many times do we need to say this. Let them smoke crack in peace. I don’t care how erratic and illegal their behaviour is. I don’t care how many children are in the area. They feel like smoking crack, and that triumphs your feelings of insecurity, loser.

Yet more dunking by the reasonable and totally not insane crowd. My trans-pussy had a mini orgasm with every tweet that I read. Sadly, my clit boner was holocausted when I started seeing literal genocide advocates trying to make the argument that people who take pictures of crack addicts smoking up on the subway shouldn’t be killed.

I’m deeply sorry that you had to see that, but there’s more. It simply does not end with these nazis.

No. I will not try being “normal,” for ten seconds. I will not try being normal for one second. To be normal within the confines of the genderphobic cisnormative heterosphere of White Supremacy is to be a traitor to the vaginas of being and I will not stand for that.

Vulgar displays of White Supremacy litter the responses. Here, a Woman of Whiteness bemoans her son being exposed to vibrant diversity. Then Frank Griffin says that the Governor should ride the subway. That is almost worse, as we antifas believe quite strongly that the privileged class should be as privileged as possible. To be the obedient golems of billionaires and politicians is the pinnacle of anti-fascism.

Another commenter pretends that subways aren’t safe just because lots of crimes happen on them. Yahweh help me but I. AM. LITERALLY. SHAKING. RIGHT. NOW.

Aaron Kinney says something that is so outrageous I have to transcribe it for you.

Maybe we should stop worrying about how many parking lots are out there and instead focus on improving transit quality. This is the kind of thing that keeps ridership low.

Are you fucking kidding me!? 

What keeps ridership low is global warming denial. And just because people will tell you that they don’t ride the subway because of the druggies and criminals does not mean that we should do anything about druggies and criminals. That’s fascism, and moustache man bad. Remember, if we cut subway spending even a little bit, that will be terrible because we’ll get reduced ridership. This creates a negative cycle, where they cut further public transit due to lower ridership, which creates even lower public ridership.

Instead, we should simply make transit totally unworkable for normal people, before then lecturing everyone on how crack smoking is vibrant, diverse, and safe until you get stabbed. Then, when you get stabbed, we can say that you were just unlucky, or probably a bigot who is mean to the homeless Africans. Since every dollar spent on public transit creates 9 dollars in economic activity, we should spend even more. 

Urbanite NotJustBikes

It really is amazing how the urbanite antifas have absolutely nothing to offer anyone. 

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  1. I read three of your articles this morning, and I am left amazed by the back-to-back string of dysgenic trash formulating the mainstream narrative: Findlay, Rosenberg, Shepherd, various antifa scum and crackheads (I repeat myself), etc etc.

    You could make a whole new blog just posting pictures of these freaks and mocking them. Would be as, maybe even more effective, than giving them the courtesy of addressing their arguments. It is insane to think that anyone would take policy advice, or any other kind of instruction from these losers!

    1. Yeah. I realized that during the feminist years. The true high IQ play is just collecting pictures of them and roasting them.

  2. Crack smoking = safe
    Taking pictures = dangerous

    Alright I think I got it mr. Noseberg

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