In my last article I noted the state sponsored groomer party known as Day Of Pink’s Prolapse Courage Tour. Purely for shits and giggles I decided to sign up just to see what would happen. The tickets were free, since no one would show up otherwise, so I “bought” five for me and my tranny friends.

I filled out the forms.

And was rewarded with the five tickets that I wanted.

I even checked my email to see that no, they never bothered actually sending any confirmation email, and still have not as of time of writing almost thirty minutes later.

In other words, you don’t need a real email, or any real information, which is good because they do appear to be keeping track of the amount of free tickets “sold.”

So here’s what you do. First, familiarize yourself with the Snipping Tool program if you’re on Windows, whatever the Apple equivalent is, or just screenshot this on your phone because it’s going to be funnier if you have pictures. We’re going to award prizes for the funniest posts. You can send the pictures to our Telegram Channel’s Chat, or Poast account.

Screenshots, while funny, are optional. What’s most important is that you do head on over to their tickets page. You’ll se a drop down menu that looks like the above when expanded just to the right of whatever this creature is.

Click on that, and then pick one of the shows at random. But remember, only do this is you’re going to attend the show.

Make sure that you bump up the quantity of tickets demanded. I’d suggest two or three, at a minimum, since you’re definitely going to be bringing some friends along with you. 

It would be awful, just awful if you didn’t get enough tickets for you and all your bros.

In the window they tell you to give the names that you will be giving them at the door. You can do that. You can also just type whatever the hell you feel like in there.

Beneath this, but on the same page, they let you enter your email address. You don’t have to put in a real one, although I certainly did. That’s why I, am signed up to their newsletter.

I would recommend doing this part first, since it wipes the info you put into the other text box, although you can retrieve that by hitting the back button. 

With that it’s onto filling out our information again. First of all, you can type “troon”, “tranny”, or whatever else comes to mind and get a real address through suggestions. 

Second, you need to use a real email domain. So I use my real email address instead,, and it works.

With that there’s nothing left but to complete our order. 

They thank me, Dragon Dick Jones, and my company, Anti-Pedophobe Action, located on Troon Way, Kamloops, for purchasing three more tickets for free. If there are any problems, they can call 1-800-NOBALLSZ, which this time would have worked without the Z, but I decided to add an extra digit because fuck it.

Remember, only do this if you think there’s a chance that you’ll show up to the event you sign up for. 

We can’t be having their easily exploitable system getting overworked by trolls just having a good time. That would be terrible. 

I’ll see you there.

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  1. Can I sign up for a ticket specifying Robot Midget Homo Replica under gender?
    Because I really want to specify RMHR.
    Additionally, can my ticket display this fact?
    It’s really important to me.

  2. I’m in another country thousands of miles away, but I think there’s a 0.0000001% chance I could come, can I sign up?

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