Remember our little Kelowna escapade? It appears that it has not gone unnoticed by the troons at Anti-Hate Canada.

Anti Hate:

Protesters outside of family-friendly drag events are quickly becoming more commonplace in Canada. Painting these events, often held in libraries and always with parents or guardians present, as grooming children to be the victims of abuse and pedophilia by members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. 

These people? Groomers? How absurd.

Credit to Anti-Hate Canada for deboonking that nonsense

In British Columbia, a January 28 protest took place outside of a library with a very similar theme. Once again a small number of people gathered to protest a drag event and were met by hundreds of supporters.

Shooting video from the crowd was Timothy Coish, who runs a small neo-Nazi blog. Coish, a former hockey player, flew from BC to Ontario in 2022 to document a national meet-up of Active Club Canada – though he maintains in his writing he is not a member. 

Yours truly.

I bolded the “a former hockey player,” bit because it shows you how lazy and unserious these people are. I played hockey in the BCHL for two seasons over a decade ago. These people bring this up, and did so in another piece where I was referenced, because it’s all they can find out about me with a quick Google search. They then pass off this one random tidbit of information as if they’ve really done their homework and have built their psychological profile of me.

He attended the event with another individual wearing clothing from a company run in part by Josh Bruce, a member of the VHS or its feeder club, Crew 38. Activists who attended the event told CAHN the man with Coish was Bruce, but this could not be independently verified. In 2022, our investigation into the Active Club found that Bruce was the organization’s BC recruiter.

Josh Bruce? They think that my compatriot was Josh Bruce.

Jaime can we pull up that video again please? Because I’m pretty sure there are multiple shots of him, and we didn’t even bother concealing our faces.

These dipshits threw out Josh Bruce’s name, and then Anti-Hate Canada rolled with it despite this obviously being false. How are these people this bad at their jobs? What are they, a bunch of mentally ill degenerates or – 

Peter Smith, AH Canada propagandist

Oh, right. That’s why they’ve started writing all their articles without mentioning the propagandist. Because if they do you can just look up their faces, chuckle, and move on. 

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  1. Certain anti-white propaganda pieces from our enemy used to really piss me off and ruin my day, now thanks to you I understand they are all basically lolcows and I never take their psychological warfare seriously enough to get upset. I’m just like “oh yeah these are those spiteful mutants I read about”

    1. Yes. We must always focus on them being vicious clowns. You can’t just make fun of them, because that’s not serious. But you can’t take them too seriously, because they literally prance around in dresses.

  2. “family-friendly drag event” – oxymoron. Also, bonus oxymoron “man with tattoos in a princess dress.”

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