The Daily Rake is going on our second unscheduled vacation of the summer. There may even be a third. I don’t have any planned articles scheduled.

Come on, it’s free entertainment. I’ve actually been on break since two days ago, but I ran out of scheduled pieces today, so here we are. Don’t expect much more from me for the next five days or so. I’m trying to wrap up another piece for Monday, but it’s always difficult for me to write in this configuration.

Your anger flatters me, but I’m on break. 

B-b-but what if some habbening habbens, that’s so important that it takes almost a week for everyone to forget about it.

I’m on my break.

B-b-but what if someone important gets arrested and there’s –

I’m on my break.

B-b-but what if nuclear bombs are dropped on an orphanage for abandoned puppies who can’t read good?

I’m on my break.

B-b-but what if I just want some high quality shitposts?

I feel you. I’m working on a piece where Jonathan Greenblatt gets inspired by the e-right fags, and decides to quit politics to get really swole. He’s joined by George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and a whole bunch more. I might put it out as a text only piece, but it never hits the same when you do that. Besides, I can’t make the AI generated images of Jonathan Greenblatt being yoked out of his mind until I get back to my computer.

Look, I’m on my break, but don’t think that means I won’t police your annoying comments either. See you on the other side.

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  1. He’s on his break 👩🏿💅🏾

  2. Enjoy your time off, you deserve it. Just wondering, I thought a few weeks ago you promised an alogging of Vox Day. I hope that wasn’t me misreading.

    1. It’s still in the draft stage.

  3. Totally missed out on the sordid Trudeau-Macron affair. Presumably, Trudeau is drilling Macron . . . for tips on importing the small remaining remnant of the African population into Canada. Macron probably wants details on how to attract a few hundred million Chinese to France, from Trudeau.

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