UPDATE: This story appears to be incorrect. Trudeau has instead been hiding in his cuck bunker 12 miles from Ottawa. You can confirm with the piled up snow on the ground, which would very much not be the case in Tofino.

Yesterday I wrote about how Trudeau bravely fled the LGBT Freedom Convoy after bravely whining about them before. Well we’ve got his location confirmed from multiple sources. He’s in Tofino, BC, a typical vacation spot of his.

This honestly does not surprise me. The Finklethink Convoy is very similar to Jan 6th, in the US. They take some outrage that people have for the system, and trigger it in some way that’s impotent and stupid. 

Don’t get me wrong I think the Finklethink Convoy is hilarious, but I’ll get to who’s running it, and even I was shocked. You’ll see what I mean in the next article, but oh my goodness.

I get it. These people are absolutely awful, but Trudeau was playing up how afraid he was. He just wanted an excuse to go on vacation, and pretending that he had to flee the truckers and their Honkocaust was pure theatre. I don’t know if this will be used like Jan 6th to pretend that this was some sort of insurrection, and I think the case they have is beyond thin. What I do know is what I knew from the start, that there will be no tangible policy gains from this, and you should treat it purely as entertainment.

Although it certainly is entertaining.

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