A few days ago one of the old Hyphen Report team members I was in contact with told me about this new site, Colon Report. You can find that site here, and their telegram link is here. It’s basically a news aggregator site in the same vein as the Drudge Report.

You may notice that the top story is in fact this morning’s Daily Rake scheduled piece. In this same image, although it’s hard to see with the text being so squished, are links to at least three more of my pieces under the Hot Stuff section. 

It’s a great idea for someone to be doing this. I simply cannot cover everything that I want to write about, especially if I’m going to be doing deep dives on various subjects. I’d like everyone who follows this site to go and at least check those guys out, and don’t be afraid to subscribe to their telegram account. Again, you can find the site here, and the telegram account here.

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