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OTTAWA (Reuters) -Canada’s government introduced legislation Monday to implement a “national freeze” on the sale and purchase of handguns as part of a gun control package that would also limit magazine capacities and ban some toys that look like guns.

Wait a second, toys?

Well this is gonna make birthday parties a whole lot less fun.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters the new measures were needed as gun violence was increasing.

“We need only look south of the border to know that if we do not take action firmly and rapidly it gets worse and worse and gets more difficult to counter,” he said.

It’s not really that hard to combat homicides. You just have to actually do it, instead of not charging anyone with crimes for doing this.

The handgun freeze would contain exceptions, including for elite sport shooters, Olympic athletes and security guards. Canadians who already own handguns would be allowed to keep them.

What am I even looking at?

I already own a handgun, so this won’t affect me too much. Initially I thought the only reason they weren’t doing a gun grab was because the optics of that are too bad. After more time thinking about it, I don’t this this is really going to change all that much, and them banning toy guns shows that this is as much for the constantly online catlady crowd as it is any real political gain.

Authorities do not expect a run on handguns in anticipation of the freeze, in part because they are so heavily regulated already, an official said in a briefing.

This is almost certainly true. It is an ordeal to get a handgun in Canada. 

Canada banned the sale and use of some 1,500 models of assault weapons, like the AR-15 rifle, two years ago in the wake of a mass shooting in Portapique, Nova Scotia – a move some firearms owners say they are contesting in court. Speaking alongside Trudeau, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino confirmed the “imminent launch of the initial phase” of a program to buy back and compensate owners of such weapons.

It’s theoretically possible that the servatives might not vote for gun control legislation, but that’s only because they’ll make sure that you get thrown in jail for life if you ever use your gun in a self-defense situation. Odds of the NDP not passing this legislation are nill.

The new laws would also ban some toys that look like real guns, such as airsoft rifles. Last week Toronto police shot and killed a man carrying a pellet gun.

“Because they look the same as real firearms, police need to treat them as if they are real. This has led to tragic consequences,” Justice Minister David Lametti told reporters.

The Toronto Police just murdered an innocent man. Quick, let’s ban people from having toy guns. 

Syd Lecky. Can’t even remember what story he’s from.

Keep in mind, this is all coming from the people who tell you constantly how much they (fake) hate the police. So you’d sort of think that the police murdering an innocent man with a pellet gun would be cause for them to take away the police’s ability to have guns. But remember, kosher-left “fuck da popo,” posturing is just that, posturing. It’s just good optics anti-White hate propaganda, where they pretend that they have a problem with the blue antifa, instead of White People.

In reality, the RCMP in Canada are a heavily armed infantry, and even have infantry rifles that are as good as what are military has, if not better. Do these kosher-leftists ever demand that the police not be a heavily armed infantry force? Of course not. Because what they really want is for you to be disarmed, the police to be heavily armed, and the individual police officers to get the message that they are there to be an anti-White political police.

RCMP, not military.

Tom Stamatakis, president of the Canadian Police Association, welcomed some of the moves, such as the “red flag” provisions in the case of domestic violence, and said he would like more information on enforcement and resources for measures such as the handgun freeze.

He completely supported a crackdown on fake guns, which he said were a “big challenge.”

“You cannot distinguish between what’s a replica firearm and what’s a real firearm, particularly when these incidences involving replica firearms occur often in very dynamic, quickly evolving circumstances.”

I support gun control, for the police though. There is no reason why the police should ever be allowed, in a truly free society, to be more heavily armed than the citizens. And there is no reason why these politicians should be allowed to have teams of men armed with guns protecting them while they demand the complete confiscation of the peasants guns.

Rod Giltaca, the head of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, said the handgun freeze was “absurd.”

He said authorities were not using the tools they already had to tackle gun violence, such as calling people listed as references on gun license applications.

Undoubtedly true. However, one of the major problems you get in those anti-gun control groups is the absurd “muh thin blue line,” message they couple it with. If you want people to be more against gun control, make it explicitly about how the police, who we just saw in this article demanding more gun control, also demand that your taxes go to fund their infantry rifles. And not just that, they even got them custom manufactured with longer barrels, just so they’d be better at killing you. And no, they don’t have any of the 5 round magazine limitations that they demand you have.

Tom Stamatakis, president of the Canadian Police Association.

Remember, the biggest gun control group is that “thin blue line,” the kneeled for BLM rioters and then murdered 4 unarmed protesters at the US Capitol.

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