There’s no better way for me to introduce you to Kevin Annett than with his own words.

Hello this is June 7th, 2019, and this is a breaking global news announcement from the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State, the ITCCS.

Let’s look up this ITCCS, shall we?

Rational Wiki:

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State or ITCCS (allegedly est. on June 15, 2010)[1] is a one-man blog that pretends to be a tribunal established to enforce common law.[2]

Just in case you think that Rational Wiki is some sort of secret populist source, here’s the very next bit of that.

Kevin D. Annett (born in 1956)[3][Note 1] of the Nation of Kanata a Canadian, is the founder and operator of a series of crank one-man blogs and phony organisations, the most famous among these being the above mentioned juridical quagmire[Note 2] of nonsense and pseudolaw, the ITCCS. Annett is also a pseudohistorian, an enthusiastic supporter of the freeman on the land movement,[4] a “bankster” and chemtrail truther[5] and a defrocked[6] United Church of CanadaWikipedia minister, who thinks they’re not nearly transphobic enough.[7] He regularly accuses the Vatican, the government of Canada and the United Church of Canada of being worse than Hitler.[8]

Looks like Mr. Annett finally got something right. The Catholic church isn’t nearly trannyphobic enough for my liking, and you bet your ass they’re worse than Hitler.

Rational Wiki is basically what some assmad SJW’s put together because they thought that Wikipedia was too truthful. Trust me when I say that they hate having to debunk this slanderer, he’s just too much of a LOLcow to ignore.

Annett has also fraudulently claimed to be a Nobel peace prize nominee,[15] a laughable claim which is completely out of the question.[16] Even so, being nominated doesn’t mean squat.[17] Oblivious to all this, some crackpots connected to the militia movement took the time to congratulate Annett on this non-existent Nobel peace prize nomination.[11]

In the spirit of quoting Annatta himself, let’s quote from one of Kevin’s many websites, Republic of Kanata. Actually, let me explain what the Republic of Kanata is. Kevin Annett created that as a pseudo-nation, that he appears to believe is actually real. You wouldn’t believe me if I just told you this, so let me go ahead and quote from him.

Republic of Kanata:

The Republic of Kanata is a new society growing up within the shell of the old. Citizens are united within a new jurisdiction in local Republican Assemblies that replace the existing Canadian government structures. The Assemblies are legislative bodies where all people can introduce, debate and enact laws in their own communities. These laws are then enforced by Common Law Courts and Sheriffs elected by and answerable to the People.

This process of returning power to the people will span years but it begins today when twelve or more men and women sign a Charter to establish a local Republican Assembly. A copy of this Charter can be found under “Documents of the Republic”.

At the bottom of this pseudo-legal document you’ll see “Issued by the National Council of Common Law Assemblies (NCCLA).”

If you’re thinking “is that another pseudo-legal organization created by Kevin Annett,” the answer is yes. Here’s a video of the NCCLA, by which we mean Kevin Annett, explaining how the Free People of the Republic of Kanata don’t need to wear masks anymore.

Hello everyone, once again this is Kevin Annett, Eagle Strong Voice, it’s September 17th (20120), and I’m speaking to you from the free territory of the Republic of Kanata, formerly the so-called Dominion of Canada, now under common law jurisdiction.

Cool, you go tell the RCMP that you’re a free citizen under Republic of Kanata jurisdiction and you see what they say.

Their backs are to the wall and they’re very afraid of our example of common law assemblies. Because we’re not simply protesting, which just dissipates energy and doesn’t create anything. We’re not simply protesting, or talking about the problem. We are setting up new governance at a local level. Public assemblies that can issue their own laws, and enforce their own laws.

In other words, we’ve declared government and the corporate backers irrelevant. We are the power now.

Sounds like a legitimate governing body Kevin. It’s a shame that the Globalist lackeys refuse to recognize this very serious legal project you’ve got going on there. I myself recently tried enforcing the laws of our legitimate public assembly by pointing a gun at an old lady who was wearing a mask at a grocery store. And all I got for my trouble was arrested by the RCMP.

I tried explaining to the first cop who showed up that I was part of a sovereign citizens alliance. All he said was “HANDS UP WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!” In fact, not a single cop in the entire SWAT team that arrested me recognized my random group’s ability to issue and enforce our own laws. Ridiculous. The globalist tyranny truly pulls out all the stops.

Now just to recap, the government of Canada and its agencies have until September 30th to stand down from all measures related to the imposing of masking, distancing, quarantining, mandatory vaccinations and the rest of the corporate, criminal agenda. If, after September 30th they haven’t done that, starting October first we will commence a national campaign of non-cooperation and civil disobedience to finally take back power into our own hands. This will include the arrest of known perpetrators of crimes against humanity by our Republic, common law sheriffs.

So how did the arrests of these perpetrators of crimes against humanity go? After all, I’m sure your LARP sheriffs really rose to the occasion, right?

Here are some other quotes of him from said video.

We will not pay taxes. We will not vote. We will not obey Canadian laws of any kind. Not just the masking and the distancing, but any of these laws. Because they are coming out of a criminal body.

[The government] is now resurrecting these smear campaigns and tactics against me personally, and others who are involved in this campaign against genocidal acts, like we’re seeing now imposed on all of us. Not just Indians anymore, but all of us.

Kevin Annett, when he isn’t inventing Gravocaust slanders, is big into Covid-19 conspiracy bro’ing, which is yet another reason why getting involved with that crowd is an idiotic waste of time. Turns out mentally unstable people who think that there’s a secret residential school genocide also think that wearing masks is a genocide and enjoy doing sovereign citizen LARPs against this.


Let’s get back to that first video of his.

I’m almost tempted to just say “watch this on 2x speed and chuckle.” Nevertheless, I’ll transcribe part of this video.

Top government, corporate, and church leaders in Canada are indicted and issued summons to appear before a genocide tribunal. Prime Minister Trudeau, Governor-General, the Papal *inaudible, and CEOs are charged with crimes against humanity. Twenty one high officials of church, state, and business in Canada were issued a public indictment and summons today that charge them with crimes against humanity. The twenty one individuals are required to appear before a public tribunal of inquiry in Vancouver on September the sixteenth [2019]. The tribunal is sponsored by a coalition of human rights groups and international observers under the auspices of the ITTCS.

Now named in the indictment and summons issued today are Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Governor-General Julie Payette, the Vatican, and Chinese Ambassadors to Canada, the head of the RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the CEO of Petro-China Limited, and the top clerics and officials of the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and United Church of Canada.

One last bit of description of Kevin Annett. Once again, in his own words.

Republic of Kanata:

Kevin was born in Edmonton in 1956. Father of two children. He was adopted by the Anishinabe Indigenous Nation in Winnipeg in 2004 and given the name Eagle Strong Voice.

Okay Eagle Strong Voice. Continue.

Kevin is fired without cause, notice or review by United Church officials on January 23, 1995, after exposing the murder of children at his church’s Alberni Indian residential school and his church’s theft of Ahousaht native land. Kevin is subsequently expelled from ministry without due process, loses his wife and children in a church-funded divorce, and is smeared and blacklisted by a joint Church-RCMP black ops campaign that continues to the present.

I love how he just switched to present tense for no apparent reason. Check out these two lines together.

He expanded his congregation from ten members to nearly one hundred by 1993.

Kevin is fired without cause,

Kevin Annett has some sort of low-grade schizophrenia. His brain does not work properly, but he is still able to speak properly, and even pass as sane for a while to the unsuspecting.

Kevin convenes the first human rights Tribunal into crimes in Canadian Indian residential schools, Vancouver, June 12-14, 1998, co-hosted by the UN affiliate IHRAAM. Based on the evidence revealed, the Tribunal recommends to the United Nations that Canada and its churches be charged with genocide. Under Canadian pressure, the UN refuses to act.

It’s not even worth it to me to go fact-check this. If the UN ever actually worked with this guy that would be hilarious. Sadly, I doubt that’s true.

Kevin releases a documentary film “Unrepentant” in February 2007 which documents the uncensored record and evidence of deliberate genocide by Canadian Church and State in the Indian residential schools. That same month the Globe and Mail confirms Kevin’s claim of a fifty percent death rate in the schools. (“Children died in droves despite warnings to Ottawa”). Member of Parliament Gary Merasty watches Unrepentant and calls in the House of Commons for a Missing Children investigation.

Once again I am vindicated in my utter lack of desire to continue fact-checking his claims by the following line.

After being invited by church survivors to Europe, Kevin holds a public protest and exorcism at the Vatican, October 11, 2009; the next morning a tornado strikes Rome, and the first news reports appear linking Pope Benedict with child torture.

Pope Benedict (Joseph Ratzinger) resigns from his office just before the ICLCJ verdict finds him guilty and sentenced to arrest and imprisonment in February 2013, after the Spanish government notifies Benedict that he could face arrest based on the ICLCJ evidence. Three other top Vatican officials named in the ICLCJ indictment also resign.

“Quick, the mentally ill guy from Canada just sentenced us to death in his tribunal of one. Better resign toot suite.”

Based on his work, Kevin is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by American scholars in 2014 and 2015. In 2016 he receives the coveted Prague Peace Award.

He was never nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, as stated earlier. What’s more, I can’t even find out what the Prague Peace Prize even is, and the only references I found were to a completely schizo page, and Kevin Annett himself. For all I know, that schizo page was also run by Kevin Annett. That’s probably where the smart money is at.

With all that out of the way, here’s an article from Reuters, where they have to do damage control because of this tard.


Around the time of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, social media users re-shared posts which falsely claim that in 1964 Queen Elizabeth took 10 children from Kamloops Residential School in British Columbia, Canada on a picnic and the children were never seen again. The monarch did not visit Kamloops in 1964 and Reuters found no credible reports relating to these claims, which seemingly stem from a conspiracy theorist.

Who might that conspiracy theorist be?

In 2020 the claims were linked to an article on a website, now unavailable, which claimed that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were found guilty in the disappearance of the children by the “International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State”, saying an order to arrest Elizabeth was issued by the “International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels”.

This is sounding weirdly familiar. I must know more about this serious sounding International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

The “International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State” and “International Common Law Court of Justice” are not legally recognized governing bodies. Both seem to be inventions of Kevin Annett (here , here), a former pastor who was removed from his ministry in 1997 for spreading conspiracy theories, local news reports say (here).

Here is an example of this disinformation circulating online.

That Reuters article was doing damage control, because the stupid slanders he was creating were too easily debunked. But these fake stories are allowed to circulate online, because they serve to activate these low IQ anti-White Abos to go and burn down our churches and tear down our statues.

This is who we’re dealing with.

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  1. Good to see Annett get some critical exposure.

    Annett is like antifa: He spouts the mainstream line, while milking his so-called underdog status for credibility/sympathy.

    All I can say is that he sure seems to get around for a guy without a job or vocation.

  2. This is some next level spergery. I don’t think I’ve even heard of the “AM I BEING DETAINED??” types in America larping so hard that they invent their own states, laws and legislative bodies.

    I’m surprised he hasn’t gone all the way and started printing his own money.

  3. Another $HEEP to afraid to do his own research. Stay woke w/ all you fake knowledge why people like Annett risk his life to the demonic and powerful!

    1. When dealing with e-schizos, satire is indistinguishable from the real deal.

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