It’s rare that I quote the headline, but wow.

Daily Mail:

REVEALED – The high school hate preacher busted over Pride riot plans: ‘White supremacist’ Thomas Rousseau, 23, ‘turned to fascism at student paper’ before leading Vanguard America at deadly 2017 Charlottesville rally and founding Patriot Front

Every single thing this cucklet, Alex Hammer, wrote is objectionable. I can’t find any pictures of him online, so I’m just going to assume that he looks like this.

Artists impression.

A 23-year-old self-declared leader of the alt-right was among 31 arrested for a planned riot on an Idaho Pride event Saturday – a large-scale detention that saw the members of the pro-white Patriot Front charged with criminal conspiracy.

Currently being held without bail, Thomas Ryan Rousseau – who, along with his followers, are faced with felonies for the alleged offense that could see them jailed for up to five years – founded the white supremacist group in 2017 at just 18, after starting pro-white Vanguard America when he was 16.

Look at this based and redpilled propaganda agency, Daily Mail, attacking Patriot Front as HuWhyte Supreeemacists. Thank goodness conservatism is a totally real and organic thing, and definitely not just a well funded grift operation designed to stab actual genuine people in the back.

Rousseau and dozens of other masked members of the group, which preaches its white nationalist ideology with propaganda shared on social media, were arrested in Coeur d’Alene, in northwest Idaho.

Speaking of, when’s the Daily Mail going to start criticizing Israel? Or are we going to keep shilling jew nationalism constantly? Because this fag says White Nationalist as if that was an insult in and of itself, so I’d just like some clarification here.

Cops said they were tipped off about the group’s planned strike from a ‘concerned citizen’ who saw the dozens of men load up into the truck ‘like a little army’. 

Those arrested – including founder Rousseau – were all confirmed to be a part of the group, which was started by the then teen in 2017 shortly after the ‘Unite the Right’ rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia, that summer, which he attended with members of his former group, Vanguard America.

An offshoot from that pro-white group, the Patriot Front has since maintained a similar white nationalist ideology, staging riots almost identical to the one police said they prevented Saturday.

Unlike most PF guys, Rousseau is a years old doxx, so I don’t mind posting his face.

What riots? What “planned strike?” What is this antifa going on about? Patriot Front has never rioted. Patriot Front has never done any “planned strikes.” Patriot Front does protest marches that are defined by their orderliness.

In fact, whiny kosher-rightoids like Alex Hammer usually say that Patriot Front having discipline is what makes them feds, somehow. But now we hear, all of a sudden, that they’ve been in many riots. Not just been in them, started them as the instigating force.

The procession, while peaceful, saw the white supremacists – uniformed in white gaiters, sunglasses, blue jackets, khaki pants, brown boots and hats – clutch American flags and plastic shields while marching down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to a beating drum.  

During that event, the Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD) cited Rousseau for placing signs, banners, stickers and other materials on public property without permission. 

With that said, the rally, which prompted law enforcement to remain on standby, remained tame – with none of the protestors arrested.

Oh I’m sorry, I thought this was a riot? Now you’re saying it was a rally which “remained tame.” I’m still waiting for the riots that Rousseau and PF are supposedly responsible for, Mr. Hammer. If we could get to that pronto that would be much appreciated.

That was not the case this time around.

So no, we’re not going to be given any evidence of your claim that they have been involved in “many riots.” We’re going to be given the exact opposite, and we’ll just have to take your word for it.

All 31 men – who wore shirts inscribed with the message Reclaim America and hats that read ‘Victory of Death’ – were arrested on conspiracy charges Saturday, with nearly all being held on $300 bond.

I have to write about their bail situation. I got a report that they were all given bail, but I have to confirm that. I’ve heard other reports that Rousseau himself was denied bail. More importantly, I want to quote much of the rest of this article, bolding the most offending bits, to show you naked, unchained conservatism.

Articles penned by the current white supremacist showed support for a plethora of conservative topics including the controversial ‘campus carry’ law in the lone state state, and North Carolina’s since nixed ‘bathroom bill’ that banned transgender citizens from using bathrooms that aligned with the gender they were transitioning to. 

The pieces also saw the young conservative show his support of Donald Trump during the 2016 election, writing in in one article in October of that year, ‘Trump’s campaign is about more than just the election of who is president.’

‘It is a referendum on American democracy. A simple decision between who is really in control of this nation, a corrupt establishment with wishes to usurp democracy, or the American people.’

‘The truth is white voters, especially the working class, have had more than enough of being called racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic and the rest of the usual trite buzzwords,’ Rousseau, then 17 and already heading Vanguard America, wrote. 

‘The forgotten majority of the American electorate has shown that much to the dismay of the globalist agenda, that they have not yet been replaced by the tens of millions of blue-voting immigrants from abroad. That they can still hold up some semblance of a resistance against the decay of their nation.’  

The group, responsible for more than 80 percent of white supremacist propaganda in 2020, was formed in the aftermath of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, breaking off from Vanguard America.

Rousseau led members of Vanguard America the 2017 rally – which made headlines after a man deliberately drove his car into a crowd of people peacefully protesting the right-winged demonstration, killing one – and can be seen in several photos of the incident with other members of his then group.

Well no actually the entire video footage of Charlottesville was released, and it showed what everyone already knew from the Heaphy Report, which was that Antifa and BLM started all of the political violence, and went around assaulting people. Furthermore James Fields had his car attacked by these antifas first. Then he drove into the crowd while trying to escape the city. He was so innocent that he wasn’t even arrested by the cops until anti-White political pressure ramped up. And everyone involved with that case knows damn well that his public defendant lawyer threw the fight.

Other photos show the white supremacist with James Alex Fields, Jr., the man facing first-degree murder charges for the attack, which police say was politically motivated.

In the years after the group’s formation, hateful messages paired with fascist and Nazi imagery touting the Patriot Front would repeatedly surface on social media and college campuses across Texas, and, eventually, the rest of the country.

Both groups preach a white nationalist ideology, based in a belief that since its white members’ ancestors conquered America, the country should be left to them, and no one else – with the Patriot Front essentially serving as a aesthetic, more America-focused rebrand of its pro-white predecessor Vanguard.

The group has since burgeoned to the forefront of the white nationalist movement, with members and factions in states across the country. 

When not posting materials touting pro-white sentiment online, the group has also engaged in several real-life demonstrations like the one seen last December, in premeditated, tightly choregraphed[sic] protests where members are all masked.

I’m sorry, faggot, I thought you said these were all “riots.” I’m quite certain that you did. And now you say that these are tightly choreographed protests. Make up your mind and go with one or the other. This hitpiece is the work of a low testosterone idiot.

No attorney was immediately listed for Rousseau, who is currently being held without bond, police records showed Monday.     

Well good thing we’ve got these conservatives writing anti-White hitpieces on Mr. Rousseau. We wouldn’t want the peasants getting too uppity over what is clear and obvious state oppression. No, instead we need these insidious anti-Whites doing rearguard action to make sure that everyone understand that Mr. Rousseau is a Very Bad No Good Terrible Person, so it’s totally okay for the very same police force who refuses to arrest tranny groomers who intentionally show their junk to five year olds to hold Rousseau in jail permanently.

LGBTQ advocates said Sunday that polarization and a fraught political climate are putting their community increasingly at risk.

Can somebody please explain to me what the difference is between conservatives and antifa? I would really like to know, because I can’t see it from where I’m standing.

The group is a white supremacist neo-Nazi group whose members perceive black Americans, Jews and LGBTQ people as enemies, says Jon Lewis, a George Washington University researcher who specializes in homegrown violent extremism.

This is the last point I wanted to raise. I bolded most of the times he wrote “White Nationalist,” or “pro-White,” or “White Supremacist.” He uses these terms interchangeably. Now think of how insidious and anti-White that is. This propagandist does this on purpose, so as to make, say, Robert Paulsen demanding justice for his murdered daughter some “HuWhyte Supremacist neo-nazi.” It is exactly how antifas talk. Speaking of, I still don’t know what the difference is between conservatives and antifa.

The reason that the terms “conservative,” and “populist,” both have to exist is because conservatism isn’t popular. Nobody likes these people.

It’s usually best to just post physiognomy and move on.

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