Last weekend the NJP was in Akron, Ohio to protest the murder of Ethan Liming. Specifically the denial of justice given to White People through the lack of hate crime charges. 

I wholeheartedly supported this protest, although of course it did not lead to direct political action. That was to be expected, since they are not protesting on behalf of the privileged class.

Yahoo News:

The city of Akron is canceling its annual Rib, White and Blue Festival in the wake of a protest following the fatal shooting of a Black man by Akron police officers.

Activists gathered in front of the Akron Police Department headquarters Thursday morning to protest the death of Jayland Walker, who was shot dead by police officers early Monday after a car chase.

Okay, let’s take a look at this gigantic protest of Chads they assembled. It must have been gigantic for the Akron police to respond after having not responded to our protest.

Oh nevermind, it’s a small collection of dysgenic weirdos. And yet, the police totally acquiesced to their demands.


Judging by the comments section on that video this is far from a popular action by the Akron police. And, hold on a second, who is that last commenter?

Thanks based My Little Pony fan who goes by Aryanne online and Dave in real life. Or maybe it truly is a based and trad girl. Either way here are some more comments.

Jayland Walker was pulled over at a routine traffic stop, took off, and started a shootout by firing at the cops with a handgun. 

Yahoo News:

The incident started when police said Walker drove off after officers tried to stop him for a motor vehicle violation about 12:30 a.m. in the city’s North Hill neighborhood. Walker drove onto Route 8 southbound, and police said he fired a gun from the car.

According to police, Walker drove onto Interstate 77 and then exited into the Firestone Park neighborhood, where he jumped out of his still moving car and ran. Police said they chased him on foot into the parking lot and that they fired at him after saying he presented a “deadly threat.”

After this goodboi who dindu nuffin was killed in the shootout that he started with the police, and some obese wildebeasts protested, July 4th celebrations were cancelled. Their protest was objectively smaller than the NJP’s, and full of repulsive people. And yet, the police treat this extremely seriously, purely as political theatre.

Don’t ever let the kosher-left get away with pretending that their activism is why they get the policies that they want. They are simply the privileged golems of the privileged class, and their unpopular rioting and demonstrations are used as the justification for the privileged to do what the privileged want, with the pretense of enacting the will of the people.

It’s no different from pretending that BreadTube somehow forces the US Congress to push pervert garbage because Hasan Piker is the biggest Twitch streamer. These people are playacting politics in a system rigged from the very top.

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  1. I didn’t know /MLPOL/ was still a thing.

  2. […] Akron Police Shut Down Independence Day at Behest of Pathetic Crowd of BLM Mutants […]

  3. Akron, OH Once again, but this time so obvious. SBC for BLM happens. This guy and recent others chose not to deescalate their situation, by continuing to not follow directions in a lawful manner and instead chose to escalate matters for themselves to die in SBC for BLM movement. For those of you who don’t know or are afraid to call an Ace of hearts real. Suicide By Cop for Black Lives Matter has been happening.

  4. Didn’t breadtubers get exposed for receiving fed money?

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