Yesterday Patriot Front did a demonstration in Boston. While this was July 2nd, it was made clear on their telegram channel that this was in recognition of Independence Day.

I don’t know if Patriot Front has anything planned for July 4th. They may not, seeing as how that falls on a Monday, and their Coeur d’Alene experience has proven that any anticipated demonstration they do has a high probability of meeting with state oppression. 

Their Boston march attracted a stunning and brave civil rights icon, who was forced into using his brown body of colour to violently and repeatedly assault the evil non-billionaire approved Uppity White People.

Well he tried to assault them. Mostly he just violently assaulted their shields with his fists over and over again.

Charles Murrell was not alone in his failed disruption of Patriot Front’s Boston Demonstration. Here we see a still of Rod Webber, some antifa loser, who heckled the Patriot Front goys on their way out of Boston.

For some backstory on Rod Webber we turn to this New York Post article from 2021.

NY Post:

Art interrupter Rod Webber, who was busted for vandalizing the Soho gallery hawking Hunter Biden’s paintings, said Saturday that he wanted to protest President Biden’s “war crimes” — but had no beef with the artwork itself.

“I don’t hate it. It’s better than he should be for having only been working on it for a short period of time,” Webber said of the younger Biden’s work which is scheduled to be sold this fall by the Georges Berges Gallery.

He was charged with assault, criminal mischief, attempted assault, making graffiti, and possession of graffiti instruments.

Webber, who famously ate a banana off the wall of an installation at Art Basel in Miami in 2019, was released without bail. He was barred from returning to the gallery at 462 West Broadway

At the end of the court proceeding, he pulled his mask down, puckered his lips and gave a thumbs up to the judge.

Alpha soyboy Rod Webber

Rod Webber is basically one of these antifa lowlifes, with nothing to live for but his antifa LARP revolution. He’s so revolutionary that he still has a twatter account in 2022.

His Wikipedia page lists him as a “filmmaker, musician, and actor,” which you can read as “unemployed.” Wikipedia doesn’t list his age, but his “career,” started in the mid 90s, putting his age at somewhere around fifty. He has no better use of his time then going out by himself and lamely heckling Patriot Front, presumably in between rereading the entire Harry Potter series for the umpteenth time.

There’s also a picture of him with Jeb Bush. This revolutionary twitter addict is heavily invested in electoral politics and was “owning,” the conservatives by pointing out bible verses that supposedly make them hypocrites for not being socialists. Considering that these people are the biggest supporters of capitalist censorship, my patience for this is quite limited, as much as I hate koshervatives like Jeb Bush.

But maybe there’s a bible verse that says “when trillion dollar multinationals exploit their illegitimate corporate power over the peasants to engage in massively undemocratic censorship, that’s totally fine because they’re private institutions.” I guess that would explain him not bringing that up. It’s definitely not because these losers are, in reality, the unpaid snitches of corporate HR.

Finishing up, one of my long time commentators, from even before Hyphen Report, said something on Patriot Front that I needed to share.

Totally unsolicited opinion, but I feel it needs to be shared.

Patriot Front does more than stickering, and banner drops. Patriot Front restores hope. Not hope that our civilization will be saved – I actually hope the collapse accelerates it in to a wall, but hope that our people haven’t given up. That our people will not go quietly in to the night, atomized, and clinging on to their bugm’n product.

PF should be supported even if they aren’t doing what we want, exactly how we want it done. They are giving people hope, and that is all we need to focus on.

Godspeed gentlemen. And in a practical sense, bringing out antifa and obese BLMers is the best aesthetics possible. I’m so glad that the “no, no, no, never do things IRL,” life crowd has been utterly discredited. 

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