Amanda Jetté Knox doesn’t know who tried to throw a bottle at them from a vehicle while walking home in Ottawa last month, but remembers the feeling of it barely missing their head. 

“[It] hit my bangs as it went by,” said Jetté Knox, who identifies as non-binary and uses she/they pronouns. “[They] called me a f–king freak and drove off.”

I distinctly remember Emma Watson bragging about doing that recently. And she was in Canada for the Trucker Protests, so who knows. 

It was the first time Jetté Knox experienced anything so violent but the proud activist and author has endured plenty of hateful comments since publicly sharing their family’s story several years ago. One of Jetté Knox’s four children is non-binary and came out in 2014; the next year, Jetté Knox’s spouse came out as transgender woman

Well that’s some family drama. They don’t seem too worked up about it.

In fact they seem positively giddy. I wouldn’t feel that way if one of my children “came out,” as a tranny, which is a fake, made up thing by the way. I wouldn’t be looking forward to my child, or any child, being turned into a sterilized and mutilated freak show that will probably be committing suicide within a half decade. 

I also wouldn’t exactly be running around doing jumping jacks if my wife of ten years just suddenly decided that she was really James, and would be taking over the male duties in the bedroom from here on out. Or even if she was just going to be growing out a full on beard and parading herself around as Steve.

Or even if she was just identifying as a man. Because people who actually have empathy for others take their mental illnesses seriously, but not their fake made up identities. 

Since the start of this year, the U.S.-based Human Rights Campaign has documented more than 300 proposed bills, introduced in 36 states, that directly target transgender rights, gender diversity and expression. These include attempts to investigate families helping affirm their child’s gender identity to outright limiting education and conversation about LGBTQ people, restricting trangender children from participation in sports, and even going so far as to attempt to bar children from attending drag performances. 

I’ll save you the rest of that incredibly long and tedious article. It’s a whole lot of them crybullying about how the bigoted peasants are getting really uppity and pedophobic all over the World.

I’m not going to subject you to that, so we’ll skip ahead to this bit right here.

Transphobia a ‘gateway’ to far-right ideology

Focusing on transgender and gender-diverse youth is one way of gaining public approval for broader acceptance of anti-transgender policies and attitudes, said Florence Ashley, a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and Joint Centre for Bioethics whose work revolves around trans rights. 

“Transphobia tends to oftentimes be the sort of like gateway into the far-right,” said Ashley, who uses they/them pronouns

They noted how social media algorithms also play a role in this. The U.S. non-profit Media Matters For America, for example, examined how anti-trans content on TikTok served as a gateway to far-right and white supremacist content, conspiracy theories and even calls to violence.

Let’s take a closer look at Florence Ashley.

Except here’s the thing, I agree with it. Trannies are so utterly disgusting, so viscerally repulsive, and combine that with being the enthusiastic trannisarries of our parasite class that they can’t help but serve to make anyone opposed to the Tranny Lobby look fantastic through comparison.

People don’t need to be told that they should be supporting the people who are opposed to these deranged and oppressive creatures. And their agenda, especially when targeting children, is so evil and indefensible, while being wholeheartedly supported by conservatives, that it serves as waking up moment for a lot of people. It’s not just us, plenty of random people, old and young, are getting more and more disillusioned with the existing, approved politicians.

I’m excited to see where this ends up.

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