After my last piece on Johnny Monoxide I received an important message from Eric Striker, as relayed to me through our mutual fed handler in Tel Aviv. Further confirmation, if any was needed, of Johnny Monoxide being a FtM tranny.

The first sign something was up was when we went to a childs birthday party in 2019.

It was around 3 pm in the afternoon and johnny had been in the bathroom for a while. I went in to make sure he was OK just to discover he was snorting coke off the party clown’s dick! I began to dry heave as johnny jacked the clown off, spilling the milk onto his little pre op titties. This was at a fucking childs birthday party!

Snorting coke off a clown’s dick. And at a children’s birthday party no less. Absolutely sickening stuff from Jill Monoxide. I’m going to have to go out and buy a whole busload of pearls to clutch over this fiasco.

I grabbed johnny by the neck and asked him what the fuck he was doing. The party clown zipped up then grabbed the gun they left on top of the toilet and handed it back to johnny.

Johnny then threatened me, saying nobody would believe me if i told them what I saw. Now hes getting the stench off himself by accusing others of what he was doing.

A gun. A child’s birthday party. A clown. Cocaine. And of course a female to male tranny in Jill Monoxide. Can this get any more damning for the paraschizos? Apparently yes, and it involves Shultide.

That article I linked is entitled “e-boy Thuletide’s vagina explodes with rage…”. At the time I thought I was joking. Thuletide having a vagina? And yet, also being a boy. How could this possibly make sense?

Recent text analysis done by none other than Thomas Manwise of NJP Propaganda Dispensary fame, as well as a few pieces on this site, gives us strong evidence that Thuletide is actually a girl. A team of scientists was asked for their expert opinions in the following poll. 

In the grand tradition of social science I’m just going to assume that people who answered “Keith Woods’ schizo double lifealt account to let off steam,” were trolling and ignore them. That leaves the real scientists concluding that he was a Daughter of Albion who finally cracked after being told to stay in the kitchen one too many times.

But there’s a problem. The qualified PhD’s who answered that poll did the best that they could with the choices they were given. Unfortunately, the real answer wasn’t listed in the responses. To rectify this situation, I put out the following poll on Thuletide’s gender identity.

Ignore the “Joke poll,” line. This is SRS BZNS.

After literally millions of Nobel Prize Winning scientists chimed in it’s still up in the air whether or not Thuletide is a FtM tranny or a MtF tranny. What we can conclusively rule out is “him,” being a real boy. That’s just simply not what the scientific community believes, according to our current state of knowledge.

All of which puts Thuletide’s bitchy rants aimed at Keith Woods and Eric Striker into perspective. Shemale Shuletide either has some residual feminine desires after it turned it’s vagina inside out, or it’s taking so much estrogen that it’s crushing on Keith Woods hard, and desperately wants its neo-vagina to be filled with Striker’s dick milk.

Let’s revisit Thomas Manwise’s original textual analysis of Thuletide.

We’ve all been calling Thuletide “he” and referring to “him” in male terms, but how do we know that “he” is actually male? Thuletide has never revealed “his” voice and is completely anonymous. Thuletide could just as easily be a woman as s/he could be a man.

Of course, it is natural to assume that most everybody who runs in these circles is a dude, but how can we ever be certain? There’s certainly evidence to the contrary.

For example, this AI analysis of Thuletide’s writing pattern suggests that it has “weak feminine” wording. This is nothing concrete and AI messes up all the time, but it’s evidence nonetheless.

Let’s also not forget how these periodic (pardon the pun) outbursts of emotionally charged hissy fits directs at Keith Woods, Joel Davis, Eric Striker, and TRS tend to come every month or so. Is this purely a coincidence?

Anyway, until Thuletide shows us proof that s/he is a man, we recommend referring to her using her correct pronouns of she/her.

But it’s not just Thuletide and Johnny Monoxide who are trannies. Remember what I said about the Manlet Cult before? Beardsoy is 5’3. 

Alpha male bugcreature Louis Theroux towers over him in this documentary.

Weev is 5’2, and looks like he’s photoshopped in every picture he’s in.

Ethan Ralph is 5’1. Also, look at him, you think there isn’t any serious hormonal problems going on here?

Andrew Anglin claims to be 5’7, but come on now. I’m pretty sure he has to stand on his tippy toes to kiss the Vietnamese hookers he uses his legal defense fund to buy.

Nick Fuentes is 5’7, and watches a lot of tranny porn. Not sure if any normal man does that. In fact I’m quite certain none do.

I made the point many times before that being short is fine, but when every single guy in your group is beneath 5’7, it kind of makes me wonder what’s going on here. It’s like with feminism, where a woman being not so pretty and overweight isn’t a moral failing, but when every single girl in your group is a fat ugly broad it really gets the noggin joggin. I simply assumed that the Catboi Cult was an internet Island of Misfit Boys and my analysis stopped there. 

But perhaps I should have kept going. For there is a deeper and darker end to this tale. I have on record Eric Striker sending me this private DM. I accidentally didn’t capture his username, but no worries, just trust me on this, it’s him. I’ll have the transcript below.

It is I, Eric Striker, messaging you with crucial information. I shouldn’t really need to tell you who I am on telegram, since my name is presented, but I have this weird premonition that you aren’t going to screencap my name. Just in case, it’s me Eric. I don’t want there to be any confusion here.

I must confess that I have always had a sick fetish for trannies, and Johnny Monoxide’s FtM bussy was more than enough to satisfy me, at first. But soon that became not enough to sate my ravenous thirst for tranny flesh. I soon turned to other FtM tranny Andrew Auernheimer, who I must admit is a tender and thoughtful lover. He and I would sometimes bring in Andrew Anglin to our lovemaking sessions. He’s not a tranny he was just born that way, LOL.

Eventually I decided to satisfy my sick cravings with a MtF tranny in Thuletide. Our rough, passionate rutting sessions usually involved her with a bright red ball gag in her mouth. Not because of BDSM fantasies or what have you, mostly just because it’s Thuletide and she’s an annoying little cunt at the best of times. 

I’m not proud to admit it, but my insatiable thirst for tranny flesh lead me down the path to Ethan Ralph’s door, where I tittyfucked him to my hearts content. Only instead of his man titties, I would rub my dick up and down his gunt, which is far softer and more supple in person than you might be lead to believe.


I told each and every one of them that I was theirs and theirs alone. But I was careless with my trysts, and soon the trannies all started comparing notes. Over a surprisingly competitive high school dodgeball game they all figured out that they were in fact dating the same man, Eric Striker.

This caused them to put aside their differences momentarily and, seething with rage, they hatched up a plot to take me down. Using the beautiful Matt Forney, who is pretty much my ideal woman, they pulled off a number of hijinks on me. For instance, they replaced all my underwear with thongs, but my popularity with the NJP crew allowed me to pull this off without issue, and now Mike, Sven, Warren, and the rest all wear thongs everywhere they go.

Every man in this image is wearing a thong.

Tony Hovater needed no convincing, and it turns out he had been wearing thongs for years purely of his own volition. But they weren’t done there. They crashed our state championship baskeball game that I, Eric Striker, am the star player for. I have never graduated high school, which gives me a huge development advantage over the other boys, even if most of them can dunk on me. 

I also was told that I could have Matt Forney’s sweet sweet neo-vagina if I simply put on assless chaps and mosied on up to his motel room, only to find that the Mossad were there, ready to take blackmail pictures of me. But, as you can probably predict, my popularity in these parts simply meant that assless chaps caught on with the NJP crowd and now we all wear them everywhere we go.

Warren Balogh, Alan Balogh, asses bare to the wind.

Finally they decided to simply make up slanders on the internet and accuse everyone of being Nazbol Third Worldist Wigger Nationalist Dooginist Shills who are running a fed honeypot lead by Tony Hovater’s eyebrows. They need to raise money so that I, Striker, a young thirty year old Hispanic child, can finally make my way to America.

Words cannot express how horrified I am at Striker’s confession to me. That he would have intimate loving relations with one tranny would be bad enough. That he would have an entire harem of them pulling off wacky high school hijinks on him to get back at him, is simply too much for me. This is your NJP folx, a bunch of tranny fucking assless chaps enthusiasts.

And we’re not even getting into the gay disco parties…

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  1. “I grabbed johnny by the neck” Notice NO MENTION of an adam’s apple. Juanita Femoxide confirmed tranny!

  2. And what does Striker rhyme with? That’s right… Kiker. Erica Kiker, the super duper anti-White Islamic Duganist femboi goyper, got some explaining to do about the shape of the black sun… or should I say the Pillsbury™ Toaster Strudel™ BLACK SUN.

    1. You and Nyehilist above really hit the nail on the head. First “Kike” Enoch, now Eric “Kiker.” The signs have been there all along.

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