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COUTTS, Alberta/TORONTO, Aug 4 (Reuters) – In late January five friends, just a few years out of high school, piled into a rented camper van and drove 37 hours in the Canadian winter from southern Alberta to Ottawa to join anti-government protests led by a convoy of truckers.
“We were worried about vaccine mandates and our freedom, and it all just going to hell,” said Ursula Allred, 22, from her small, rural hometown of Magrath.
Another member of the group, Justin Martin, excitedly phoned home to say the protest — which occupied Ottawa with tractor-trailers, hot tubs, bouncy castles and scattered symbols of hate for weeks until it was broken up by police — was “the best experience, ever,” said his mother, Lynette Atwood.

It certainly looked like a good time. And I hear Emma “Shots In” Watson got in on the action.

But let’s take a closer look at the last paragraph written by this “Anna Mehler Paperny.”

Another member of the group, Justin Martin, excitedly phoned home to say the protest — which occupied Ottawa with tractor-trailers, hot tubs, bouncy castles and scattered symbols of hate for weeks until it was broken up by police — was “the best experience, ever,” said his mother, Lynette Atwood.

Tractor trailers, bouncy castles, and “symbols of hate.” Imagine writing sentences like this and demanding that people take you seriously. And who is this Anna chick anyway?

…One with a dick, apparently. No, that’s not just a bad photo, Anna’s got a gun. And by gun I mean weapon. And by weapon I mean penis. Anna has a penis.

I suppose there is an off chance that this is just the World’s most masculine looking woman, but I doubt it. These are the people whining about you being “extremists,” online.

Extremists used the convoy “as a pulpit to get their ideas across and, in that sense, it was a success,” said David Hofmann, associate professor of sociology at the University of New Brunswick, who has been researching extremism in Canada for about a decade.

Okay, Hofmann. Thank you for this cutting insight. People use real world events to get tangible political results. I had no idea, Hofmann.

Now do the Israel Lobby. Or child trannies, mass migration, or some other legitimately “extreme,” policy that he supports, whereby “extreme,” I mean unpopular with the electorate.

They were helped by a relatively high level of sympathy for the protesters’ frustrations — which stood at 46% in one Ipsos poll in February — even if most Canadians did not agree with the convoy’s main message of opposing public health measures.
Around 30% of Canadians agreed with the convoy’s message in February at the height of the protests, a number that has since shrunk to 25% in July, according to polling research firm Ekos Research Associates.
“This has become a lightning rod, a magnet to kind of focus all of this insecurity, disaffection, anger which predated COVID but which has been reinforced and strengthened by COVID,” Ekos President Frank Graves said of the convoy movement.

There has never been a more Finkled issue than Covid. The official narrative is obvious bullshit, on many different levels. I don’t want to rehash my retrospective, but the government refused to shut down the borders, claiming that was “xenophobic Whyte Supreemacy.” They had no plan in place for if there were temporary food shortages due to natural disasters, disease, or war. Their rules for not spreading covid were utterly arbitrary and stupid, and they broke them constantly. They shuttled off over $600B to big banks, while giving people very little. They even claimed that you visiting extended family members ought to be illegal, while promoting BLM chimpout Covid-19 superspreader events.

On the other side we have dipshits like Maxime Bernier bloviating about “muh vaxx segregation.” They then whine about Covid-19 mandates, which are complete bullshit yes, but they don’t bring up these propagandists supporting BLM “Fiery, but mostly peaceful protests,” or not shutting down the border. They also don’t bring up Pfizer making $54 billion in revenue, and presumably tens of billions in profits. Instead it’s something about microchips in vaccines and 5G stealing the oxygen from your blood.

Instead of bringing that up criticisms of the government that are real and popular, they whine and pretend that the government doesn’t have the authority to infringe upon people’s freedoms in the interest of public health. First of all, yes they do, and if I was running the government and we needed to do something that restricted “muh liberties,” then I would do it, within reason. Not to be a dick about it, but if it needs to be done, I won’t be taking this LOLbertarian nonsense seriously.

Secondly, making those arguments concedes the absurd point that the Joffrey Trudeau’s of the World actually give a shit about public health, and not just shuttling off profits to their buddies through bailouts or vaccine mandates. Well that and lecturing the peasants on how bigoted and backwards they are.

All that revolutionary potential totally squandered by these grifting clowns.

Ekos’s Graves says his polling shows that Canadians who support the convoy have “an authoritarian, populist outlook” and could be “the strongest force in the Canadian political landscape” because they are energized and motivated to vote.

This was fake news tweeted out by this koshervative.

Your natural reaction might be to scoff at the people doing anti-governmental protests as “authoritarian populists,” but it’s actually true. Remember, our parasite class thinks that lying us into the Middle East, and then murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people is totally fine, because state sponsored mass murder isn’t “authoritarian,” or something.

In reality, these (((people))) have an agenda, and will happily and maliciously promote LOLbertarianism when it serves their interests. They will also be parodies of Bolshevik “authoritarians,” when it serves their interests. But fewer and fewer people are falling into the LOLbertarian gay’op, and most people just want someone to go to Ottawa and deal with the bad people for them. That sentiment, and not “muh vaxx segregation,” is what scares these people.

“Albertans see themselves as the people who pay for everyone else in Canada,” said Peter Smith, a researcher for the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, a non-profit organization that examines hate crimes and hate groups.

Peter Smith?

I wrote about this weirdo before. Imagine taking him seriously.

In the most serious charges related to the convoy movement, four men from southern Alberta involved in a border blockade were arrested in February and accused of conspiring to kill police officers. They remain in custody awaiting trial.

And yet something tells me that Pierre Poilievre is not going to be supporting these men, who may well be getting gay’op’d by the courts. It’s theoretically possible that they really did talk about killing cops, and were legitimate threats to do so, but it’s more likely that this is another Gretchen Whitmer style entrapment.

Of course, this being a real political issue, Puppet Poilievre is nowhere to be seen.

Before wrapping this up, I wanted to take another look at the pathetic excuse of a human being Anna Mehler Paperny, also known as the dude who wrote this tripe. Above is from his blog. And the picture here speaks a thousand words.

He also wrote a non-fiction book chronicling his own messed up brain. Well not entirely, since at no point does he say “holy shit, I was LARPing like I was a wahman, WTF bro?” 

Penguin Random House:

Award-winning journalist Anna Mehler Paperny’s stunning memoir chronicles with courageous honesty and uncommon eloquence her experience of depression and her quest to explore what we know and don’t know about this disease that afflicts almost a fifth of the population–providing an invaluable guide to a system struggling to find solutions. As fascinating as it is heartrending, as outrageously funny as it is serious, it is a must-read for anyone impacted by depression–and that’s pretty much everybody.

Look, these people are clowns. But if you don’t like them, don’t get angry at them, get angry at the Koshervatives whose job it is to lose to these people.

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